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The 3 best dating and chat applications

Today we use Internet for every single purpose: starting from e-commerce ending with entertainment and socializing.

The 3 best dating and chat applications

Wednesday June 03, 2020,

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Today we use Internet for every single purpose: starting from e-commerce ending with entertainment and socializing. There are a great variety of dating sites which help to run love lives of singles from all over the world. As smartphones are our handy assistants, it’s no wonder that dating websites have been gradually driven out by dating apps.

Find below our top three applications — not forgetting about our own website ukrainianrealbrides.com.


One of the most popular app among youth, it was developed and released in 2012. From the first year of its existence the number of profiles has been rapidly increasing. Just imagine: the app passed the half a billion mark in 2014 after only two years of operating.

Tinder works under iOS and Android and uses “swipes”. What does it mean? You create a profile filled with personal info such as photo, education, location, job and company. So do other users do. If you like someone’s photo, you swipe right his/her photo. It means you’re interested in a chosen person and don’t mind further messaging and dating. If another person swipes you in return, you're allowed to start a dialogue and arrange a personal meeting. 

Tinder’s convenience and usability made it the best dating application for casual dating. It shouldn’t be supposed for building a long-term relationship. Most people use it for a one-night stand or having fun. 


This app has become a logical extension of a self-titled website. Match, unlike Tinder, encourages building serious relations with serious people. Customers can create detailed profiles to find the most proper match. Free users have limited features. If you want to enjoy the full services of the platform, you should buy an annual subscription. It prevents Match app from frivolous users. The audience is much smaller than Tinder’s one but it’s still one of the most successful dating apps. 


This is one more online dating service which was developed in 2006. But the app was released in 2010. The main idea of Badoo according to its creator, Andrey Andreev — make people happier and let them meet new friends or a love-partner for free. Badoo services have a lot of in common with Tinder: swiping, searching interesting people near you and others. 

Badoo is a social network with features of dating apps. Its audience has reached more than 330 million customers from all over the globe. The biggest popularity of the app is in Latin America, Spain, Italy, France and other European countries. 

Best For Long-Standing Relationship


Of course, the list of applications for online dating extends beyond the above-mentioned examples. To choose the best apps or dating sites is a tough challenge. First, taking into account the amount of dating platforms’ users, there is a high risk to be scammed. You never know true intentions and traits of a person who hides behind an eye-catching profile photo. Second, all these apps are considered as a game for casual dating or one-night hands. There are reviews of millions of customers who had the only face-to-face date and then split up with a potential partner. 

Thus, if you’re looking for a person for creating a long-standing relationship, we strongly recommend you to hire a professional matchmaker. This kind of service will save your time and money. The only aim of a matchmaker is to help you find the most appropriate life partner. Whether you’re looking for a Slavic bride and want to try dating or you’re looking for a local girl, a professional matchmaker will work for your success.