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3 tips to maximize your organic Instagram reach

If you want to grow organically on Instagram, you shouldn't lose sight of your topics, interact with your community and bring patience.

3 tips to maximize your organic Instagram reach

Wednesday January 08, 2020,

3 min Read

Build organic reach on Instagram? Many are wondering whether this is still possible, given that the social media platform has throttled its reach by over 50 percent since 2016. The group wants to earn money and encourage users to invest in advertising for themselves and their posts so that they can be seen. 

The background is of course also the ever increasing commercial benefit. But even the close friends sometimes no longer see pictures and videos from their vacation, but you have to be able to do something about it. With the three tips, you will be able to maximize your reach.

# 1 The relevant common thread

When people follow you, they usually do it for a reason: maybe you give fitness tips, share vegan recipes, or show the most beautiful spots in the world on your travels. If you now post content that matches your topic, the platform will consider it relevant because the likelihood of user interaction from users who originally followed you is high. 

Whenever you deviate from this, people click your posts away because they expected something different. Instagram punishes this with a reduction in organic reach. Make sure that you always stay true to your basic theme.

# 2 Constant creators are rewarded

Should I post every day even if I don't have a good picture or video on hand? Or would you prefer the perfect snapshot only once a month?

Go the middle way and see that you make a relevant post two to three times a week and interact daily with the people in your Instagram story. This is how Instagram sees that you are a reliable user who cares about his target group and always delivers high-quality content. Instagram is not a platform on which you build thousands of followers overnight, but takes the time to grow organically. Therefore, you should get used to a fixed rhythm and then keep it.

# 3 Interaction and community building

For Instagram, it doesn't matter how many likes your pictures get. In fact, the platform is actually testing to hide this ad because they want to take focus away from it. Rather, it is about building a real community that appreciates you and with whom you interact: For example, ask your story viewer which post they would like to see next, involve them in channel design and, above all, test new features Instagram makes available to you. This is usually also rewarded with the increase in your range. For example, use the question sticker.

Many users have set up their accounts with automatism (bots) in the past few years, which is why you should not be blinded by high follower numbers. In the meantime, Instagram is punishing this behavior, deleting fake followers and restricting the reach of those who cheat while building. So if you follow these three tips and give your account some time, you will build a community with which you can grow and develop together over the next few years.