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Tips for Choosing the Best Magento 2 Extensions for Your eCommerce Store in 2020

Tips for Choosing the Best Magento 2 Extensions for Your eCommerce Store in 2020

Wednesday April 08, 2020,

10 min Read

Magento 2 Extensions

There are thousands of Magento extensions easily available in the Magento marketplace. Whenever you log in to Magento connect, you will see newly released Magento 2 extensions every week and even a day.

 It is estimated that more than 6,000 of free and premium Magento 2 extensions are available in the Magento marketplace only just for you to fulfill your business requirements. When you are in need of Magento extensions, it becomes difficult to decide how to choose the best Magento 2 extensions for your Magento online eCommerce website or store.

Well, here in this article, we will tell you about the best tips and tricks that can help you in choosing the best Magento 2 extensions based on the needs and requirements of your eCommerce website more effectively. 

The following step by step guides or best tips and tricks will solve your problem and help you to make the right decision on choosing the perfect Magento extension for your online eCommerce store.  Let's get started!

Make Your Purpose Clearly

Magento offers thousands of awesome features and functionality for your eCommerce website by default. It helps you build an amazing eCommerce store to run your online business on its platform. When it comes to Magento extensions, they help you to make your eCommerce store even more attractive and impressive by providing the supporting features that are best suitable for your specific business requirements effectively. 

So, it is not compulsory to install Magento extensions as they cost you as well. If your business has specific requirements then you can choose them based on your business needs. There are few extensions that are truly needed for any Magento eCommerce store to run their business in the most successful way. For example, Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field extensions, Ajax  Add-to-Cart, Customers Also viewed and Also Bought, Auto Cancel Order, Add Multiple Products to Cart, etc.

Magento extensions allow you to run your business significantly faster than before and improve the performance of your website. There are thousands of Magento extensions and each extension is designed to fulfill specific business requirements so you can choose them based on your business requirements effectively.

Before purchasing any Magento extension for your Magento eCommerce store, it is very important to know the specific needs and requirements for choosing Magento extensions and understand whether it fulfills your needs or not. If yes, you can proceed to install and if not then check another extension or ask for Certified Magento Developers to get your job done in the most professional way.

Check for other Copy Providers

It is experienced that more than 60% of customers are likely to purchase the extension that comes at a low cost as per the demand and supply regulation. The lower price they see, the more customers are expected to purchase them without checking the in-depth coding quality of the extensions. We know that pricing is a basic and important thing when it comes to choosing and purchasing products online. 

People often tend to purchase the products that come at a lost cost as compared to another service provider. But they forget to check all important factors including quality, a large number of features, refund period, support services, upgrade policy, etc. In fact, when you see any product, they look the same in features but different in prices. 

There are thousands of copy providers in the eCommerce world because no one likes to put great efforts into developing their own extensions. So, it is very important to check well all the features and functionality without compromising the quality and quantity and pricing before making any purchase decision. 

We recommend you buy Magento extensions from the leading Magento development company to get the perfect solutions for your Magento eCommerce store in the most powerful way. Now we will tell you about the best tips that will help you to make your purchase decision after knowing the idea of purpose and copy provider.

Following are the best tips that can help you understand how to choose the best Magento 2 extensions for your eCommerce store. Let's explore them!

Self-Experience the Extension

It is practically checked that many service providers used to display all features of extensions so they look all alike. So, it's good if you check them personally in order to understand the quantity and quality of extensions. We suggest you take time and check both backend and frontend demo perfectly and ensure whether it is running smoothly, frontend design, easy configuration and customization, etc.

Also, check whether they suit your needs because many features just look good but don't address the requirements completely. Taking a demo before installing any extension is the perfect idea that lets you decide which extensions work best for you based on the needs and requirements of your business effectively.


This way, you can easily choose the best features of extensions by experiencing both the frontend and backend demo before purchasing the extensions. Keep in mind that the best extension is that perfectly best fit with your business needs and requirements or else it will be a waste of your time, efforts, and money as well. So, choose wisely before making your purchase decision.

Look for Available Support

Another important factor is to check for available free support for purchasing a particular extension from the service provider in the most effective way. It helps you to take support from experienced developers in case you get any problems with the paid extension. 

There are various service providers that guarantee you to offer free support for at least three months and the rest service providers give you free support for a minimum six month after purchasing the extension from them. Apart from them, there are other service providers that don't provide any free support and you will have to pay for the support for your services. While some of them provide free support for paid or premium Magento 2 extensions only. So, we recommend you to look for the available free support before purchasing any extensions for your eCommerce store.

Check Out Product “Change Log”

By checking product “change log”, you will get an idea to know what is the life-cycle of products and see how it is designed and focused on the quality and what new improvements are included like bug fixes, coding-quality, newly added features, frontend and backend demo, updates, etc. 

It is very important to check the last updated date of particular extensions and verify whether it supports the latest Magento version completely and lastly check if it is designed based on the current demand of the eCommerce industry and customers’ requirements effectively. 

Checking all these things helps you determine how frequently the extensions are upgraded to the latest version in order to get the latest security patches and updates. After checking the product's changelog, you can decide whether it suits your current needs and requirements or not, if yes, you can go to the next step, and if not, check out another extension.

Check Money-Back Guarantee

It is another important factor that should be checked before purchasing any Magento extension for your eCommerce store so you can get your money back in case you aren't satisfied with their products or services. So, if any service provider doesn't provide a money-back guarantee, it's good not make a purchase decision.


In fact, not only you but also everyone won't like to purchase the extensions from such service providers. Everyone looks for the quality and plenty of awesome new features with the latest improvements and functionality enhancements and money-back guarantee for purchasing specific products. We suggest you go through the terms and conditions and policy well before installing any extension into your online Magento store.

Check Out Reviews

It is another important factor that helps you in choosing the best Magento 2 extensions in the right way. Review plays an important role in making an online purchase whether it is about buying products online or Magento extensions, they always help you make the right decision in the right way. 

It is a great idea to check the rating and reviews of every single product to experience what others think about the product that you are going to buy. You can easily check ratings and read reviews on Website, Google, Magento connect, and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Always pay attention to the quality, plenty of features, free support, customer policy, and various other improvements respectively. If you find the extension works fine for you, check reviews carefully and go to the next step of purchasing if everything goes well based on your needs and requirements of your business.

Check Out History of Service Providers 

Checking the history of the service provider can help you better understand service providers like how long they are into this business, how their products are, whether they are top-rated, what are their customers, how many projects they have accomplished, etc. It is very important to check and know about the information in terms of quality, ratings, a number of clients, and completed projects successfully. We know well that their thousands of Magento competitors available in the global market provide free and paid Magento extensions to worldwide customers so it is necessary to check whether their service is genuine or not. You can check such information by browsing their website including product reviews, company history, clientele, contact details, and other social media platforms effectively.

Try to Contact Service Provider

It is another important way to personally experience the service provider including their products & services. It is a good idea to create and submit a ticket to the support team in order to check how quickly they respond to your emails or tickets.

It helps you determine how they reply to your ticket enables you to know whether they are targeting sales only or replying in the way you like including who they are, what they do and what they can't and help you further with your queries or not honestly. 

Communicating with the service provider helps you determine the nature of the company in dealing with new customers and clients and encourage them to make a purchase decision after all. So, we suggest you communicate first with them in order to know how they serve you in terms of queries and products & services before purchasing them.

Final Thoughts

Thus, you can easily choose the best Magento 2 extensions for your eCommerce website that perfectly fit with your business needs and requirements by following the above tips and tricks on how to choose the best Magento extensions effectively.

There are many other tips and tricks but I assure you that by following the above tips, you can decide and get an idea how to choose the best Magento extensions to get the perfect solutions for your eCommerce website for the year 2020.