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Restaurant Feedback Apps that will Boost Customer Experience

A well designed restaurant feedback app captures core customer insights and offers vital clues related to customer experience. For restaurants, it is always critical to have positive feedback for building brand reputation, increase customer retention, and loyalty.

Restaurant Feedback Apps that will Boost Customer Experience

Thursday May 16, 2019,

4 min Read

Maintaining a restaurant is not as easy as it sounds! The restaurant owners needs to keep a close eye on a multitude of factors for stable and sustainable business growth. Keeping the customers satisfied all the time is vital to ensure customer retention and engagement. Customer feedback app captures feedback and offers a measure of customer satisfaction.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon quotes

We see customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

The quotation clearly emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction for a successful business.

Many restaurants fail to make up decent profits, even after the best efforts from its managers and employees. It is here the customer feedback plays a significant role in the improvement and success of the business. A well designed restaurant feedback app captures core customer insights and offers vital clues related to customer experience. For restaurants, it is always critical to have positive feedback for building brand reputation, increase customer retention, and loyalty.

In this article, we ought to provide you with the 5 best customer restaurant feedback apps for your business.

1) piHappiness


piHappiness is a pioneer when it comes to offering affordable customer feedback solutions. The restaurant feedback system helps uncover gaps between customer needs and offerings of the restaurant. The user-friendly interface helps one glide smoothly over the tasks and manage everything with precision.

The restaurant feedback system offers multiple modes to capture feedback and believes in utilizing the power of data for maximum impact. Some of them include open text, single and multi questionnaire, open text, emoticons, NPS, etc. By granting authorized location-based access, the feedback app safeguards customer data and eliminates data theft vulnerabilities.

piHappiness gives many advantages to the restaurant owners with its wide variety of features. The feedback software captures uninterrupted customer feedback and helps analyze trends and amplify customer loyalty. The feedback data gives actionable insights related to the quality of food, staff behavior, ambience etc and helps restaurant owners offer exceptional customer service. Built-in reports and advanced analytics facilitates easy interpretation of feedback data at a glance. With attractive, affordable pricing plans and world-class customer support services, piHappiness provides the quality services round the clock.



Podium is the customer feedback software that aggregates online reviews from more than 20 online sites. Podium offers a comprehensive view of customers over the internet and offers businesses with a consolidated feedback solution. There are no hidden costs involved and Podium is designed for small and medium businesses.

The feedback app uses Google, Facebook, and Yelp to gather reviews. Further, the restaurant feedback system lets its employees send a text message to any customer and ask to leave a review. The dashboard allows businesses to directly respond to the review left by the customer.

Fella Feeds

Fella feeds

Fella feeds restaurant feedback system helps improve the quality and service of your restaurant business. Customers can accumulate points through referrals and recurring visits. With its exciting integrated customer referral and loyalty program, the customers can receive offers and rewards which they can avail with points.  

Fella feeds the restaurant feedback system can also be integrated with the Android app to give insights about the user experience and assist in real-time decision making. Further, fella feeds offer more than 100+ customizable templates for social media marketing as per the occasion and festivals.

Go Survey

Go Survey

Go survey app lets you collect restaurant customer feedback both online and offline. In instances, when there is no internet, the app safely stores the data until the availability of the internet. The gathered feedback reports offer a glance at critical customer satisfaction insights. With Auto-Reply e-mail feature, GO Survey allows sending of acknowledgment E-mail after the customer submits the feedback.



Survtapp restaurant feedback app features simply designed feedback forms encourages customers to leave the feedback. There is a wide range of question types to choose from that include open text, dates, images, audio, numeric, QR code and NPS to capture feedback. Drag and drop editor makes building questions a fun and interactive experience.

The feedback software also offers CRM integration and accounts for seamless transfer of contacts using REST API. Deploy multiple devices with Survtapp account and capture guest experience at various feedback points in the hotel/restaurant.