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9 Tips to Increase Sales for your online business

9 Tips to Increase Sales for your online business

Thursday October 01, 2020,

6 min Read

Businesses are thriving hard to increase their online sales . With competition increasing day by day it’s really important for businesses to think of the ways how they would stand out from their competitors and do things differently that can also help them increase their conversion rates.Here are 9 tips that can help you boost your sales.

1) Build a mobile friendly website:

It’s no more surprise that building a website is important for your business but according to google mobile friendly website is an important factor to rank in google. Most businesses do not pay attention to this point. Technically mobile optimized website does not mean you are going out to build high end website with complex functions. It should be easy to navigate through and user friendly.

2) Focus on the Customers:

It’s important to keep in mind customers are the driving force for your business. So build your strategies around them. Identify your target audience. If you think you can sell your product to anyone you are living in world of dreams. Provide them a complete guide about what your business is, what are you selling out. Give them a complete information about goods. Add a feature of live chat to your website that will help customers to contact you. Try to stay in touch with them. Offer them money back guarantee in case of bad experience.

  • Your first priority should be your existing customers. As they have already purchased your products it’s easier for you to convert them into regular customers for your business. Set up more personalized way of dealing with them not in a forceful manner. Ask them about their feedback about how you can improve more.
  • However it’s also important to generate new sales. In order to attract new customers. Firstly identify them, hit the target audience, run campaigns, promote your business.Below is the complete guideline about how can you increase your sales.

3) Marketing:

As more and more businesses going online, it is creating huge competition Businesses need to pay heed about their marketing strategies.Have a look at your competitor’s strategies and try offering something unique that helps in engaging audience. Build your marketing campaigns around customers’s needs. Work on the SEO of your website. Add videos to engage customers. These marketing strategies can cause an exponential value to your sales.

4) Discounts, Coupons, Promotional Codes:

Promotion can really help in increasing your sales. Giving discounts and coupons can attract the customers and bring conversions to your website.When it comes to online shopping, these coupons and discount can really provide benefit to the customers thus increasing sales you’re your website. Who does not want to take advantage of a good sale?

  • Add sample trail to your website. Try out giving some sample products for free to customers.It will not only build the customer’s perception about your business but also help them in trying new products of your business.
  • Apply promotional codes. We usually see some aphanumeric codes they are basically promotional codes. They can really boost your sales
  • Create packages and deals of your products and offer discount and coupons on them.

5) Optimize and Advertise Through Social Media Profiles:

We live in the age of technology and nobody can deny the power of social media in this era. Social media can play a huge part in promoting your online business. Build social media profile on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and promote your business through it. Your social media profiles should be well optimized and should be relevant to what you are, what you stand for, what your business is about.

After making profile and optimizing it start building it, create audience through it. We know that people are spending a lot of their time on social media.Advertising your business through social media can multiply you sales.

6) Online Payment Methods:

It’s important to diversify your payment methods according to your customer needs. These days customers have more choice in terms of payment and by doing this can help you boost your sales. You should focus on payment gateways and make it flexible according to customer needs. It’s quite certain that payment method that is used by one customer may not be used by the other one. By doing so it will give edge to your website that eventually helps in conversions.

7) Testimonials and Client Review

Building trust and credibility is an important factor that can help you increase your sales. Whenever any customer is going to land on your website and intends to buy something he/she is going to see reviews about your products, service delivery and customer satisfaction. So keep an option on your website about giving reviews. And add the review section on your landing page, product page or review page. It will leave an impact on customer and boost your conversion rates.

8) Put Call to Action:

Call to Action can be an effective tool in converting your visitors into customers. Call to Action can be on product page or even on home page as it guide the visitor to get in contact, sign up the newsletter, join the email list ,fill our the form.Put thought to what you want your visitor to do when they opt for Call To Action. It depends upon the page too, make your instructions clear and easy to help the visitor.

9) Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways that can help you nurture leads and turn them into potential customers. Email marketing is the process of defining your audience creating audience then collecting prospects email and then keeping in touch with them. You can send them emails regarding new products that you have launched, can make them aware of your services and products, tell them about your ongoing discounts, sales or promotional codes.

Final Note:

So here is the list of tips that can help you promoting your business and increasing your sales. But before you start applying it to your business you have to read them carefully, analyze your business, its weaknesses and strengths and then make the list that can overcome your shortcomings. May be you are already doing your marketing well and need some improvement in building a mobile friendly website. So it’s important to evaluate before doing something.