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Tips to Quickly Enhance Website Security Without a Huge Budget

Web security is becoming a prime concern for businesses. But, what about small or medium-sized businesses that don’t hold a big IT budget?

Tips to Quickly Enhance Website Security Without a Huge Budget

Friday December 27, 2019,

5 min Read

Tips to Quickly Enhance Website Security Without a Huge Budget

Tips to Quickly Enhance Website Security Without a Huge Budget

As the cybersecurity spending set is exceeding at a faster pace with time, obviously web security is becoming a prime concern for the businesses. But, what about small or medium-sized businesses that don’t hold a big IT budget? Being a top web development firm, we are getting the difficulty of balancing the concerns versus the cost that’s why today, we are here with top easy and quick tips that can aid you in enhancing your website security without even having a huge budget. 

Importance of Security

Before coming to the point, we will discuss why website security is important. Well, securing your website will guide you towards protecting your reputation. Any type of data breach or hack can impact your business reputation, negatively, even if the damage that’s caused is the minor one. 

According to an article, the U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance noticed that about 60 percent of the small brands fail to sustain their business after a cyber-attack, even for 6 months max. 

Additional Comments on Website Security

Talking a little more about website security, let’s just check out the below points. 

  • Blacklisting: When it comes to blacklisting, per week Google blacklists about 75 thousand websites for phishing or malware attacks. After that, the blacklisted sites become invisible in Google searches. And coming back to the floor from that world will take some energy and time as well. 
  • Attacks are Usual: With the constant existence of the Internet, hacking will always respire around us. The sophistication of technology is directly proportional to the hacking methods, as the former increases, the latter is found standing beside it. While looking at the back to the number of attacks, we have found a noticeable rise, though the exact figure is difficult to evaluate as numerous websites have already got infected and are unknown to us. 
  • Hacking is so Random: As most of the specific targeting occurs occasionally, especially for ideological or political reasons, for the most areas, hacking is random. Specific vulnerabilities remain in the target of hackers despite business. When the unpatched holes and vulnerabilities caught up by them in a particular program, system, or plugin then, they just attack. For the businesses who think, who are going to attack them, the answer to their thought is they just attack the system, the ownership doesn’t hold any acknowledgment from their side. 

Tips to Enhance Website Security

Now, coming to the point, we will now startup with top 6 aspects that we feel like every business should follow:

  • Purchase an SSL Certificate: A SSL, Secure Socket Layer is a standard protocol of security that develops an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. Then, this encrypted link is employed for any customer data thrown towards your sites like a credit card number and email addresses. The hackers can’t prevent catch this data that’s lying on an encrypted link. You can get this certificate at an affordable price that would be no more than the peace of mind for your customers and you. 
  • Upgrade Hosting Provider: If your hosting provider is protected, your website will also stay protected. The reason behind is that a perfect web hosting provider offers network monitoring, damage recovery programs, firewalls, anti-malware, and also free SSL certificates. 
  • reCaptcha for Form Submission Verification: employing reCaptcha is not a popular pick always. The reason is simple, the users find it irritating. Even the layman who understand its value and the security it brings along, find them irritating. Using reCaptcha will safeguard your website from about 90% of several sorts of spam and hacking tactics employed on the web. Yes, it will lead to a half-second delay to the users as they are not a robot, but that pause is worth it while considering how many customers you are going to lose due to data breach in its absence. 
  • Checkout Pages on an Isolated Platform: Employing an individual checkout page is simply appending another wall in the security of your realm. Your products will be on one page, which will send the customers onto another secure page to complete the purchase. There exist, third-party vendors, from whom you can get such a service. 
  • Limited Plugins: Plugins can be a burden for the IT security department, but they are useful on the stage. The problem emerges when we use too many and delay in updating them. There are many safe and great plugins that hold great reviews and act as a small threat to security. On the other side, there also stay less secure plugins. So, in spite of unlocking the doors to the probable problems, prefer limiting the number of plugins. Keep them updated by your IT security person and also review them. 
  • Prefer Using a Secret Login Page: A general hacking tactic known as a brute force attack, that’s a sort of intrusion. In this, a hack strikes the login page and attacks with the software that tries various combinations of usernames and passwords. Obviously, this type of attack can become successful if the hacker is aware of the login door. If they fail to find, they can’t bash it down. With WordPress, we can employ a custom login address that assists in hiding the front access, limiting the attacks. 

Wrapping Lines

In the world of the Internet, hackers will always stay. For the same, one should take security as a serious aspect always. Our quick tips above for website security will help you out enhancing the protection that will further help the customers and their data to be protected with your reputation.

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