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Top 10 Best Startup Ideas that Benefit On-Demand App Development

Top 10 Best Startup Ideas that Benefit On-Demand App Development

Friday June 28, 2019,

6 min Read

Top 10 Best Startup Ideas that Benefit On-Demand App Development

The year 2018 alone saw an increase of 23.3% in online business sales when compared to the previous year. It's huge but certainly isn’t a new trend as there is an average growth rate of 25.6% in sales from the last three years. This shows that on-demand mobile apps are thriving.

E-commerce is an industry that is continuously changing. It's constantly shaping the way people in every corner of the world purchase goods. These factors will make the future of e-commerce dependent on apps.

In the coming years,  a lot of things are expected to change in e-commerce, and entrepreneurs have to understand what the future of e-commerce will look like.

Besides these, incredible customer service can be served and in addition, apps give entrepreneurs complete control over the business. There are many on-demand services available for entrepreneurs to start and thrive. 

Uber for Laundry - Easily Scalable and Low Labor Costs

On-demand laundry app for a washing business with a team of skilled workers would result in better customer reach. This gives virtual visibility for the business and helps to be proactive. 

Those days have vanished when customers preferred waiting outside laundry stores to get their clothes washed. Customers prefer a simpler approach to get things done. On-demand laundry apps are the best for these growing requirements.

So, as the latest trends demand online laundry services, similar businesses can tap into the potential market with a custom mobile app. Uber for laundry service app can assist people to schedule the pick-up time, define preferences, get notified, and much more.

Uber For Courier - On-Time and Dependable at All Times

Courier or delivery/pick-up services no more follow traditional ways of doing business. Previously it was done manually, including entering of data for every single package and others, customers found it time-consuming. With Uber for courier apps, customers can save time with online tracking facilities, tracking IDs, delivery notifications, and other custom services. 

For better business management, developing a mobile app for courier service would be the best idea. It eliminates dependence on inaccurate goods management, tracking system, and other functionalities.

Uber for Courier App Development

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Uber For Movers - Relocate with Professional Moving Services

Packing and moving are one of the most difficult services as it takes a lot of time and manpower to move valuable goods. Hiring a professional will not guarantee the best service. Customers depend or seek for reliable on-demand movers offering complete transparency in their services.

Global service seekers will find it helpful if they are offered with an on-demand app for moving. Hence, creating Uber for movers for the target specific market is a good investment

Uber For Plumbers - Get a Track of a Plumber at Suitable Time

Having an app like Uber for Plumbers will enable plumbing service companies or individuals to gain high revenue by providing on-demand services

Plumbing companies can locate more customers and respond quickly to urgent requests. Less paperwork and accurate tracking on customer service will make plumbing businesses rake huge revenues.

Uber for Plumbers App

Uber For Beauty Salon - Name Yours Among Other Brands


Overbooking and under-booking are the main hassles for spa and salon owners. They have to handle multiple tasks like taking calls, discussing customer requirements, and book appointments. Customers also find it difficult to obtain a suitable time slot to book spa services as per their desire. 

Technology-driven app management will tailor owners to create a complete list of customers and book appointments easily. Apps aid management to streamline the work and connect customers with the services.

Uber For Massage - Flexible Work Schedule and to Maximize Your Profits


People seek quality massaging services. Through an Uber for massage app, the user can request a massage or spa service from professionals.

Users can choose massage therapists as per their choice and pay on an hourly basis for the service. Customers prefer the luxury to sit in their homes and enjoy massaging & spa services. To get started, entrepreneurs need to find the best software service provider for developing an app for massage services.

Uber For Tutors - Successful Part-Time Basis and Supplementing Regular Income

Students always show curiosity about everything that they learn. They often return from school with numerous questions in their minds with no one to help them solve it. Many factors such as parents occupied with office work, teacher unavailability, and more have made learning challenging.

A Tutoring app is a platform that helps students connect with tutors nearby. On-demand education would clearly improve and provide better services with apps.

Uber for tutors App

On-demand Uber like tutor app lets tutors connect with students. The dedicated students' app, tutor app, and a web panel would help you enter and manage your business with ease.

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Uber for Babysitters - Make as Much Money as Schedule Permits


It would be better for working parents to have someone to take care of their child when they juggle their responsibilities. Creating an on-demand app for babysitters would certainly be a profitable business. 

Many startups offer trusted & experienced babysitters on an hourly basis. With proper background verification for service providers, you can get started with the on-demand babysitter app in no-time., 

Uber For Doctors - Explore the Market and Execute the Right Plan

Uber for Doctors App

With changing lifestyle, food habits, stressful work schedule, one cannot keep track of their health and wellness issues have become a common sight these days. Many times there are emergencies which cannot be addressed due to lack of doctors.

An on-demand app for doctors on the phone is a definite boon. Users can download the app and place a request for a doctor. They can choose from different specialists based on their health conditions. Doctors will arrive whenever the need arises. 

Uber For Mechanics - Grow Your Business By Increasing Customer Base


A car breakdown in the middle of the road is the most frustrating thing for people. Searching for a mechanic nearby is a tough job. Uber for mechanics app would be the ideal solution offering reliable repairing, anytime, anywhere. With the app, users can place a request for mechanic service by choosing the nearby service provider. 

Mechanics will visit the spot with tools needed to fix the issue. Building an Uber for mechanics app is ideal as many features can be integrated into it.  Additionally, the integration of SOS and repair related features will make it extremely useful. As it’s seen, now every other person has a vehicle, there would be a definite need for repair on demand.

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End Line

No matter what is sold, users need an easy path to reach the service. And mobile apps can help with that. Entrepreneurs can communicate with customers, fix appointments, clear payments and do business with just a few clicks of a button.