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Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies In India And USA

Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies In India And USA

Monday June 17, 2019,

9 min Read


Over the years, Blockchain technology has transformed the way financial transactions happen by the organizations. Blockchain is an ingenious invention that gives the best way to record and transfer data that is auditable, transparent, resistant and safe to outages.


As per the above chart, it very well may be perceived how blockchain technology had soared in the previous years and seems to grow exponentially in the coming years.

With its growing popularity developing and consistently growing interest, blockchain applications have now entered the standard market. This has, accordingly, resulted in the growing interest for best blockchain development companies. These are the organizations who recognize that blockchain innovation holds huge potential that may support them & their customers grow and also stay updated.  

However, when you select what blockchain organization to hire, it's always a tough task. Initially, you need to discover an organization that would take into account the prerequisites of your business. At that point, blockchain-related inquiries would begin counting: What programming language and platform to pick? Which of the modifications are significant and which can be discretionary? What's of the most astounding need for your blockchain solution — multifunctionality, scale, or speed?

I am a highly experienced blockchain developer, and has been working as a developer in a top software company for about 15+ years. With my experience and knowledge, I am now in a position to help ISVs, enterprises and business owners about some of the top blockchain organizations. With my extensive research and expertise, I am sure that this checklist will definitely help you in taking the right decision.

This particular list is prepared based on some decision making factors like services being offered and the contractual models, ability to access the services provided and the core areas of expertise. Remember, you cannot compromise on these aforementioned aspects in order to take a right decision.

To make your task easier, I have mentioned the Top 10 blockchain development firms in U.S. and India. My research is based on the ratings and reviews provided on Clutch and GoodFirms platforms. The other parameters that I have taken into consideration are:

  • Number of employees in the company
  • Years in the market
  • Charges of the services
  • Understanding and experience of the market standards & business development
  • Reference by media, customers and other organizations

Let’s Start…

  1. PixelCrayons ( Has maintained the top position since 5+ years)
  2. SoluLab Inc ( Ranked higher in the top companies list)
  3. ArcTouch ( Expensive but provides quality solutions)
  4. Sofocle Technologies (Maintained the same position)
  5. ABES Lab (Moved one position down since last year)
  6. Cyber Infrastructure Inc (Same position)
  7. Ftechiz Solutions (Relatively costly)
  8. Technoloader (Same position)
  9. Prolitus (Same position)
  10. Kamtor (Same position)

Let’s now understand the services and working process provided by these organizations one by one:

Rank 1: PixelCrayons: An award-winning blockchain development firm based in India


Founded in 2004 in India, PixelCrayons set its benchmark in the competitive industry within a few years of its inception. Their talented and efficient team of experienced professionals is dedicated to provide a variety of blockchain development solutions to their global clients. You may hire blockchain developer from this company since they have a great expertise in the areas of initial coin offering, smart contracts, bitcoin,  cryptocurrencies, hyperledger, IoT and ethereum in blockchain.

This organization is also known for providing valuable advice to startups, businesses and ISVs who are looking to achieve something big in the tech industry. Their team of blockchain marketers, blockchain developers, consultants and designers know how to make use of the effective tools to help their clients work in a decentralized environment.

Transparency, trust,efficiency and resilience are some of the major USPs of blockchain based applications that are widely appreciated and loved by all the clients globally. The blockchain developers know exactly how to create the various types of Cryptocurrency Wallets which are used for storing, transacting, and recording in demand transformative currency.

The company has enlisted big clients like Vodafone, Puma, Warner Bros, Adobe, etc. in its kitty. One thing that makes this organization stand different from the others is their level of adapting new technologies instantly and they make sure to deliver all the customer projects right on time. Not only blockchain, this agency also provides web development solutions for the other technologies like Ecommerce applications, Artificial Intelligence, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, etc.

 Rank 2: SoluLab Inc: A blockchain development agency in US


SoluLab is a renowned software firm with blockchain experts. It is known for quality blockchain applications development, enterprise cryptocurrency platforms, money transfer and loyalty programs. The organization takes into account medicinal services, retail, Ecommerce and high-tech organizations. The top blockchain development organization must get a profound knowledge and this is actually what SoluLab has figured out how to do over these years in various business verticals.

 Rank 3: ArcTouch: A cryptocurrency solution provider based in US


Established in the year 2008, ArcTouch is a renowned blockchain development organization which has accomplished indefeasible accomplishments in the business. It has helped different organizations change the manner in which their business processes function. Their major services are related with blockchain development domain, including blockchain application development, smart contracts, blockchain consultation & marketing solutions for ICO.

The organization pays all attention towards fulfilling all the financial activities as per the customer’s requirements. The company’s main focus is on blockchain technology and furthermore incorporates some core solutions and manages the business requirements. They change the contract management procedure to a completely mechanized procedure to give simple easy execution.

Rank 4: Sofocle Technologies: A global blockchain development company


Sofocle Technologies is a reputed blockchain development organization based in India that provides all sorts of the crypto coin arrangement & application wallet development services to fulfill the customer requirements. They offer the best solutions to their global customers. They have the ability to achieve the success mark in the industry and pick up generosity along with confidence and trust of the customers. They hold a high potential of working with a wide range of financial sector firms. They believe that blockchain technology can work wonders by fulfilling the longevity and scalability needs of a business sector.

Rank 5: ABES Lab: A leading blockchain development company


This company is a dedicated lab of R & D experts for blockchain applications for a software development company. It offers a full range of services which include design, blockchain consulting, services and applications development, smart contracts, and support and maintenance.

The agency’s experts are able to handle the intricacies of the blockchain projects very well and offer their customers a solution according to their needs. In a nutshell, they can play an important role in transforming your business to achieve great success by making your business processes more effective.

Rank 6: Cyber Infrastructure Inc: A global blockchain development enterprise

cyber infrastructure

This organization’s solutions are designed to take any business to the next level by diminishing the gap between the individual and success that they desire to achieve.

The organization has the right experts to help you with all the technology needs. They have always delivered the fine solutions for a wide-range of global client base.

CIS has emerged as a leading name in providing the most innovative technology solutions and services that always cater to latest technology trends &  globally recognized standards.

Rank 7: Ftechiz Solutions: Enterprise blockchain development company


This organization lets the customers leverage the strength of blockchain for their businesses. They make it highly seamless for their customers to break the old paradigm of centralized Blog Sensus & replace it with the new and distributed blockchain paradigm to power a wide range of applications.

The agency keeps on working for the development of innovative and new technological services by providing a  great balance between technology economic sustainability for the start-ups.

Rank 8: Technoloader: Mobile and Blockchain experts


Technoloader is a leading organization that is known to deliver best blockchain services to all of the customers worldwide.

This organization uses various tools and technologies for operating cryptocurrency. By developing a blockchain platform everywhere, the organization aims at focusing on the financial requirements. According to the customers, this organization provides the best blockchain solution around financial requirements.

 Rank 9: Prolitus: A complete blockchain development service provider


As a reputed blockchain development organization, Prolitus pays attention towards fulfilling all functions and financial operations as per the customer’s needs and requirements. This agency’s core focus is on blockchain solution & also includes some of the core services & manages business specific requirements.

Their major focus is to provide a variety of blockchain services to its customers worldwide Their main focus is to help companies to achieve the objectives with blockchain application development.

Rank 10: Kamtor: Crypto Exchange and Blockchain development company

Kamtor is an US based blockchain app development firm with a great background of developing innovative & result-oriented software applications.

They highly focus on helping businesses & startups turn their dreams and imaginations into a profitable reality by developing a feasible blockchain app development plan & presenting a realistic budget and even then doing their best to stick with the stipulated time frame while delivering the high-quality and top applications to their customers.


With a huge variety of options available, choosing one of the top blockchain app development firms shouldn’t be a problem. Now that I have provided a list of the top blockchain development companies in USA & India, finding the one that best fits your requirements shouldn’t be an issue.  

The major things that you must focus on are the areas of expertise and budget of the organization that you wish to associate with. Not all the organizations in the market will meet up to your expectations; therefore, you must be careful when deciding the technology partner. After all, it has to be really worth every single penny that you plan to spend.

Frankly speaking, if you know exactly what you need, selecting the blockchain app development company will not be an issue at all.