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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2018

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2018

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

3 min Read

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform that lets you trade cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrencies) in exchange for other digital and fiat currencies or other assets. Crypto exchanges are gaining popularity these days because of the whole blockchain evolution. These can be of centralized and decentralized types. These exchanges usually charge a fee from their users either for each transaction or in a one-time payment.

If you are looking for the right cryptocurrency exchange to trade your tokens or buy new ones, we have some options for you. In this blog, you will learn about the top crypto exchanges where you can trade tokens.

But first, let’s know about the type of crypto exchanges.

There are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges:

Fiat Exchanges: These are exchange platforms where you can buy new tokens using fiat money such as dollars or pounds through a credit/debit card, cash or bank transfer.

Pure cryptocurrency (altcoin) exchanges are the ones where you can trade a cryptocurrency for another. They do not accept fiat currencies.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2018

Coinbase - Fiat Exchange for Beginners

Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto exchanges out there. It is especially useful for beginners as it allows trading using fiat currencies, credit card and bank account in certain locations. The platform interface is quite easy to use and it supports a number of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH and a few new tokens as well.


Luno is a global crypto exchange that provides services in a number of countries including Malaysia, Nigeria, Indonesia and South Africa. Users from the listed countries can buy new tokens via local bank transfer and investors from other European countries can purchase and trade via SEPA transfer.


It is a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange that lets you trade for as low as 0.05% fee per transaction. The site can be accessed and used by crypto buyers in many countries. It supports a wide range of coins and tokens.


Bitrex is a popular altcoin exchange platform that supports trading of a number of coins including all of the top cryptocurrencies.


Tagged as one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy cryptocurrencies, Coinmama lets you buy with credit or debit card. In addition, you can spend as much as you want and buy any of the top coins here.

Coinolix - A Global Crypto Exchange

Coinolix is a newer yet equally powerful global cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports trading of a range of crypto currencies and ERC20 tokens. It is a high-performance token trading engine that comes with an intuitive interface which is very easy to use, even for beginners. The user funds are managed and processed through a secure cold storage which is not online.


It is another popular fiat based exchange platform where you can buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for cash. It acts as escrow for bitcoin trading.


Kraken is a globally used pure cryptocurrency exchange which is also one of the oldest and a trustworthy place to trade crypto tokens.


Changelly is a different kind of exchange where you have to request for purchase and the platform will ask you to send the exchange money for the new tokens, which is a faster and real-time process.


Cryptopia is a small exchange platform that is recommended for the trading of smaller and cheaper coins that are not found on other major exchanges listed above.

As you see, the different crypto exchanges suit the needs of different buyers. While some exchanges are limited by boundaries, many others are global. If you have only fiat currencies to trade, it is beneficial to go with a fiat-based cryptocurrency exchange, otherwise a pure exchange can get you the best trading opportunities out there.