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    Top 10 Trusted .Net Development Companies

    By Supriya Rathi|5th Jun 2019
    Top 10 .Net Development Companies
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    Microsoft .Net is a technology framework that businesses today rely on to develop reliable, quality and scalable apps for desktop, web and mobile platforms. With .Net framework, you can develop a broad range of applications ranging from Inventory & warehouse applications, accounting applications, CRMs to Websites, XML web services, and mobile applications. This Microsoft programming language, along with the extensive API set, enables you to build business solutions that cater to all your specifications.

    There is a extensive list of .Net development companies and they work from offshore, onshore and near-shore locations. They offer a varied range of .Net services like web development, end-to-end development solutions, custom application development, desktop application development, Enterprise mobility solution or platform OS migration.

    However, choosing a skilled and reliable .Net development company, who can assist you in creating a significant software application and deliver a high ROI, can be a challenging task. To help you select a reliable .Net development partner here is a list of the top 10 .Net development companies who offer brilliant .Net development services across the world. We curated the list by taking the account of ratings from a wide variety of sources like GoodFirms, Crunchbase, Extract and Clutch.

    1. Cyber Infrastructure Inc

    Cyber Infrastructure Inc. is a leading company of digital business solution that has gradually scaled the ladders to reach amongst the top .Net development companies.

    Founded : 2003

    Avg. Hourly rate : $25 - $49 / hr

    Employees : 250 - 999

    Website : cisin.com


    Along with .Net development, Cyber Infrastructure offers a plethora of services like software development, mobile app development, full-stack development, enterprise mobility solutions, cloud computing services, and IoT application development.

    About the company: Cyber Infrastructure Inc. a CMMI Level 3 certified company offers a wide range of digital business solutions to its clients. With a team of qualified .Net developers, it ensures the best solution to the client at the most affordable rate. With 12+ years of web experience, the company has immense expertise in designing as well as development. It encompasses a high-performing developers team that include website and mobile app developers, graphic designer, PHP coders, .Net programming experts, iOS & Android application developer and a lot more. It leverages its experience for the unique Information Technology needs of the client. The company has received ISO 9001:2015 Certification for its superior quality management system.

    2. Clarion Technologies

    With dedicated .Net developers, Clarion Technologies offers end-to-end .Net development solutions to meet the needs of its clients regardless of size, location, and industry verticals.

    Founded : 2000

    Avg. Hourly rate : $25 - $49 / hr

    Employees : 250-999

    Website : www.clariontech.com


    Talented and reliable team members of Clarion Technologies are experts in the development and maintenance of a wide array of technologies including .Net, PHP, Front-end, Docker, Android, cloud, Mobility, software testing and a lot more.

    About the company: Clarion Technologies, a CMMI Level 3 certified IT service firm specialized in delivering solutions for SME’s across the world. Clarion has developed around 500+ .Net projects in the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East till date. It has won some significant awards including Top software developers by Clutch, Top software Development Company by GoodFirms, Reliable Company by Extract and Top Custom Software Development Company by appfutura. Clarion provides dedicated development resources in web development, CMS, Application Maintenance, E-commerce, Mobility, Quality Assurance, Rich Internet Applications, Information Security, and cloud.

    3. Algoworks

    Algoworks, a leading .Net development company with expertise in a wide array of technologies related to .Net platform.

    Founded : 2006

    Avg. Hourly rate : $25- $49 / hr

    Employees : 50 - 249

    Website : www.algoworks.com


    Algoworks specialized in primary technologies including Mobile app development, web, Salesforce, ECM, Cloud, Business Intelligence, .Net and Front-end/scripting

    About the company: Algoworks is a global software development company and recognized as one of the best technology firms by SiliconIndia and Deloitte. It offers services in CMS (Content Management Solutions), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SPE (Software Product Engineering). It optimizes its software processes with its DevOps services. The company comprises a wide range of technology specialists under one roof. The Manifest awarded it as the top mobile app developer for the year 2018.

    4. Diceus

    The .Net development team from Diceus can build complex multifunctional software that can aid the client businesses to grow fast.

    Founded: 2001

    Avg. Hourly rate : $25 - $49 / hr

    Employees : 50 - 249

    Website : diceus.com


    Diceus is experts in technologies like .Net, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Cloud and Angular JS.

    About the Company: Diceus is an outsourcing enterprise who can build software in the latest Microsoft technologies. It is equipped with a technology stack that combines entire parts of enterprise product development. This full-service software development company specializes in building complex mobile and web solutions. It possesses extensive experience in building as well as maintaining large solutions. Being expertise in e-commerce solutions and marketing that, Diceus offers end-to-end solutions for all web-oriented necessities. Top developers by Clutch, Top Software Development Company by GoodFirms, Top Web Development Company by ITFirms and Top Software Developers by Top Agency are some of the notable awards for the company.

    5. Daxima

    With the ability to develop code in multiple languages like Asp.Net, C#, and VB.Net, Daxima supports its client to leverage the complete power of .Net Framework.

    Founded : 2003

    Avg. Hourly rate : $100- $149 / hr

    Employees : 50 - 249

    Website : www.daxima.com


    Daxima’s team of experts is experienced in technologies like .Net development, iOS development Services, Hybrid mobile development, SQL, C#, and Front-end UI/UX development.

    About the company: Daxima, a Software development company has been in developing software solutions for 14 years. It works with clients across the world to understand their business requirements and build compelling software products. This award-winning, agile development firm offers software solutions for a wide variety of industries including Financial Management, Blockchain, Hybrid Cloud VPN Alternatives, Transportation, AI, and communications. The Clutch has awarded this company as Top software developers and Top App developers.

    6. Eleks

    With 1400+ specialists, Eleks offers the flexible .Net Framework as well as other technology development support to help the clients deliver their most complex software needs.

    Founded : 1991

    Avg. Hourly rate : $25- $49 / hr

    Employees : 1,000 – 9,999

    Website : eleks.com

    Software developers of Eleks are experienced in a wide range of technologies, including .Net, Java, Front end, mobile, big data, databases, and DevOps. 

    About the Company: Eleks, a software engineering consultancy has been working for 26 years as a software innovation agency to Fortune 500 companies, enterprises and technology innovators. It builds software products that help the client transform their businesses, offering ideas to boost their revenues and save resourcing cost by 50%. Eleks helps the clients to focus on their core business by taking care of their requirements at any stage of the SDLC.

    7. Elinext

    With .Net technology framework, Elinext has built modern interactive apps and gained expertise that aids the client cut down on total software development time.

    Founded : 1997

    Avg. Hourly rate : $25- $49 / hr

    Employees : 50 - 249

    Website : www.elinext.com

    The services of Elinext cover enterprise app development, custom software development, QA consulting, web development, embedded programming, CRM and ERP solutions. 

    About the company: Elinext has put together ten years of experience in offering product development services and solutions to support medium as well as large scale enterprises across the globe. It is an expert in IT consulting business and custom software development with strong attention on delivering complete software development services from requirement development to product support. The key domain of Elinext includes enterprise software, BI & Big data, e-commerce, and IoT. Moreover, it takes the lead on the database, front-end and back-end development for the web applications. By showing its long-term commitments to quality and security, Elinext has confirmed its both ISO 27001 & 9001 certifications managed by PECB.

    8. Iflexion

    Iflexion, the leading .Net development company offers full cycle and reliable .Net development services by leveraging its expertise in the building of high-performance software and applications for the cloud, mobile, and web.

    Founded : 1999

    Avg. Hourly rate: $25- $49 / hr

    Employees : 50 - 249

    Website : www.iflexion.com


    Iflexion offers services in a vast array of technologies including .Net, Rails, PHP, Java, iOS, Python, Android, front-end, back-end, cloud and a lot more.

    About the company: Iflexion, an IT solutions firm serves clients from small businesses to Fortune big companies across the world. It possesses solid experience in delivering advanced web & mobile solutions in wide areas like enterprise & web portals, omnichannel e-commerce, enterprise content, enterprise mobility, business process automation, digital learning, and digital content distribution. It has delivered 1500+ in 30 countries. .Net developers of Iflexion are experienced with the skills to develop apps and programming items for cloud, web and versatile. The Clutch has ranked this company as one among the top .Net developers in Austin.

    9. inVeritaSoft

    inVeritaSoft is a custom software development firm with a focus on building high-quality web and mobile apps in .Net technology framework.

    Founded: 2015

    Avg. Hourly rate : $25- $49 / hr

    Employees : 50 - 249

    Website : inveritasoft.com

    Along with robust .Net solutions, inVeritaSoft covers technologies like Java, JavaScript, Android, iOS and Node.js 

    About the company: inVeritaSoft is a software development company, which is specialized in delivering full-cycle, offshore, and custom software development services. It offers services in rapidly evolving technologies to the clients as turnkey solutions for their businesses. It works hard to exceed client expectation thereby ensuring a long-lasting partnership. Clients have rated this company 4.8 out of 5 on Clutch.

    10. Fingent

    The .Net application development of Fingent encompasses a scope of administration, including custom web architecture, site outlining, web-based business online arrangements, web advancements, etc. for clients across the world.

    Founded : 2003

    Avg. Hourly rate : $25- $49 / hr

    Employees: 50 - 249

    Website: http://www.fingent.com

    Fingent works with numerous technologies including Microsoft, Android, iOS, Open source, Odoo, and SAP to deliver highly customized and integrated solutions to ensure the digital transformation. 

    About the company: Fingent is a leading custom software development as well as a technology consulting company that strive to solve complex business challenges via web & mobile solutions. It concentrates on brilliance in administration and works towards delivering amazing IT administrations to customers. .Net developers in Fingent are experienced in Microsoft technologies as such; they can develop and deploy excellent enterprise solutions. Besides the awards of Clutch and GoodFirms, Business of Apps awarded the company as App development Leaders.

    The top 10 .Net development companies listed above are the frontrunners in the software outsourcing and application development category globally. Each company has been recognized for its .Net development services. They have been the mainstays behind most of the popular as well as successful businesses today.