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8 Signs That she likes you Romantically

It is tough to understand girls at times, isn’t it? Her yes could be a yes, no or even a maybe. She maybe could be a super yes and her no could also mean maybe. 

8 Signs That she likes you Romantically

Friday March 10, 2017,

3 min Read

While you endlessly fail to decode the gap between what she says, what she means and what she wants you to do – Here I help you to decide if she feels for you.

 1. She smiles often

Notice the way she smiles. Women who are romantically interested in you would smile often before you. You couldn’t help but notice the joy and glow on her face merely in your company. If she smiles shyly perhaps you have got her in love.

2. She has told her best friend about you

A woman usually shares everything with their best friends. In case you are befriended with her best friend then talk to her. Gauge what she shares about you, is it positive? Negative? You can figure out a lot merely through what she shares.

3. The teasing game

Men are worse at getting the hints that are accepted. However, check if she acts like a child to make you laugh. Read the sign if she tries to act like a silly girl in front of you. The teasing game is one of the signs that she is interested in you.

4. She shows interest

Whether it is baseball, cricket, poetry or any other interest, is she taking interest in it? Is she trying to make efforts in making knowing your hobbies? In case she does then most probably she is into you.

5. Read her eyes

Eyes don’t lie and that is exactly what you need to see. If the woman is romantically interested in you, you would surely understand through her eyes. You would be able to see the spark when she talk stops you or even about you. Her eyes would retain a spark for you.

6. You own her undivided attention

There must be the hell lot of men swarming for her attention but if she likes you she would definitely choose you over everybody else. She would make sure that you feel important and she would make every possible attempt to give you her attention.

7. She asks

Watch out if she asks too many questions about you. This is a sign which states that she asks you too many questions because she wishes to know you inside out.

8. She puts efforts

Whether it is baking cake on your birthday or helping you with shifting your home, is she always there for you? Can you see her putting efforts in things that would help you out or make you feel special? Well, certainly you got her here.

I wouldn’t say that these are sure shot signs to determine if she likes you or not. However, I would say that in case all these signs are there then my friend, most probably you have got her.


Have I missed any other sign? Why don’t you tell me in the comment section below?

Written by – Pooja Bagul

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