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Top 3 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2019

Knowing these top 3 healthcare trends will help you craft a more comprehensive and interactive patient experience.

Top 3 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2019

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

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Staying aware of these top 3 current healthcare marketing trends and finding ways to leverage them now to expand your brand awareness will be a top priority in 2019 and beyond.

Healthcare Marketing Trends

Top Healthcare Trends which will help you craft a more comprehensive and interactive patient experience.

No industry is expected to change as rapidly over the next decade as the healthcare industry. With new technology such as wearable medical devices and chatbots becoming so widely used and with the continual rise of healthcare consumerism, companies will need to evolve to better meet patients’ changing demands and preferences. Staying aware of the current trends in the industry and finding ways now to leverage them to your benefit will be a top priority.

According to the digital marketing experts at Response Mine Health, here are the top three healthcare marketing trends to look out for in 2019.

Geofencing will become more common.

 As the healthcare landscape becomes more competitive and consumers are more informed of their options, health and wellness providers will need to find creative ways to attract and engage new patients. By leveraging cutting-edge beacon technology, geofencing – the ability to push targeted ads to consumers within a specified geographical area – is quickly become an effective way to market. In this way, those consumers that are already within close proximity to your business are informed of any promotions, sales, giveaway, special events, etc. This reduces the barrier to them traveling to your location (because they are close by) and can be a quick way to catch their attention, in comparison to more traditional marketing methods that are often overlooked.

Chatbots will revolutionize customer service. 

With the evolution of the internet and now mobile devices, patients are accustomed to getting the information they need in an instant. This “convenience” factor is making its way into the healthcare industry. With many health and wellness providers using artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as chatbots to provide immediate patient support through apps or online, providing a quick and seamless patient experience will be more important than ever before. In fact, when surveyed 31% of patients stated that they would choose a healthcare provider, solely based on if they offered online appointment scheduling. Though chatbots cannot handle more complex inquiries or patient requests, using them to quickly address common questions can be an effective tool to ensure that you can attract and can keep new patients.

Online communities will improve health outcomes.

 What can your patients do in between appointments to follow your recommended health regimes? This question has plagued the healthcare community for decades. Giving patients all the information they need at the appointment is only so effective. Instead, by offering apps or hosting online social media groups, health and wellness providers can begin to build communities around their brand.

For example, a patient that was recently diagnosed with diabetes could join an online group moderated by a healthcare professional from your company and get useful tips and recipes on how to manage their health. Likewise, patients can form relationships with others, within the group, who share similar interests or health concerns and get access to relevant information to stay informed. Not only does this keep your patients motivated to follow your medical recommendations, but it also establishes your brand as a highly credible thought leader in the industry.

Understanding these three healthcare trends will be essential in helping you craft a more comprehensive and interactive patient experience. And, with so many options for patients to choose from, having the latest offerings to increase their convenience and ease of access, can be your competitive advantage.

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