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Top 4 mistakes I did while blogging you should avoid

Top 4 mistakes I did while blogging you should avoid

Thursday October 11, 2018,

5 min Read

Top 4 mistakes I did while blogging
Top 4 mistakes I did while blogging

If you are new to blogging or doing blogging from quite some time now, the below 4 mistakes you should avoid to become a successful blogger.

I started blogging from the year 2007, that time I did not know much about blogging and how it works, what I should do to become a good blogger, what I should not do while blogging. By this time I realized I did few mistakes which I should not have done.

#1- Not Choosing Correct Domain Name For Blog

Before you start blogging, work on your blog domain name, which is very crucial for your blog. Your blog domain name should be relevant to the blog topics on which you are going to write.

For example, I am a technical blogger and wrote articles or tutorials on SharePoint related technologies. So I should have choose a domain name which contains the word SharePoint in it.

But I did a mistake here, I choose my first blog domain name as which I took based on my personal Email Address.

Keywords are really plays a very important role in your domain name. And when I create my other web site which is also related to SharePoint, I choose a keyword in my domain name, like The keyword here is "SharePoint". And this gave me some SEO benefits.

#2- Frequently Changing Hosting Options

The next bigger mistake I did is I changed the hosting options. First when I created the blog, it was developed and hosted using Microsoft .Net technologies platform. The web site runs very well and got popular among users and visitors.

Then I faced some issues regarding hosting providers and decided to move to Blogger platform. And then I moved to blogger and just to let you know that there are no tool available which will migrate your existing blogs from .Net platform to blogger platform.

After I migrated (manually moved) the contents, I faced one major problem is, I got lots of broken URL because the URLs got changed and all went to File not found.

It is not good in SEO points of view, to have such broken links and it took lots of time for new URLs to up and to rank in Google search results.

Lots of popular hosting providers display concepts like everything is unlimited. But in real it is different, my .Net web site are hosted in one of the popular hosting provider in India. Once I got little more visitors, they started saying we can not host your web site in shared hosting, you have to take dedicated server and host your web site. And the price will be 15 times more what you are paying for shared hosting.

So choose a hosting platform carefully. WordPress is one of the popular hosting platform available for blogs or web sites. Now all my web sites are hosted in WordPress.

#3- Creating Multiple Similar Sites and Posting Same Articles in Multiple Web Sites

Another blunder mistake I did is, I created 3/4 new web sites in blogger and I posted the same article in all the web sites with very little modifications. Those web sites are again focused for same "SharePoint" related keywords.

And I feel this is the biggest mistake that I did as a blogger. Google always loves unique content. When I put content in multiple web sites, for Google content becomes duplicate and it reduces the ranking of all the blogs.

I could have maintain just one blog and put content on that blog rather in multiple blogs.

#4- Choosing Quantity over Quality

If you are new to blogging, then remember, your site or blog will popular more if your site will come in search engine results. In Google search or from a SEO point of view, quality content is a must.

I did a mistake of writing very small blogs or articles like 200-300 words. Google consider these posts as thin content blogs and these articles will not help to improve your web site ranking. I was just focusing on the number of articles I am posting.

Rather I could have focus on quality and thick contents. If you will post articles more than 1000 words or more, it will help you to improve your web site ranking.


As I mentioned above, you should not do the above mistakes if you want to be successful in blogging.You domain name, content matters a lot to rank your web site. You will see lots of blogs having less number of articles (may be in hundreds) getting popular compared to blogs which has more numbers of blogs (may be in thousands).

So if you want to start blogging do below things:

  • Choose a domain name in your targeted keywords niche
  • Host your blog in a good hosting providers, you can host your blog in WordPress one of the best hosting platform for bloggers
  • Write quality and thick content
  • Do not post the same content in multiple web sites

Hope you will get a little idea about avoiding some mistakes while blogging.