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Top 5 Best Customer Happiness Software In 2019

Brand interaction can be calculated by using an app that surveys your customer’s happiness. Below we have mentioned the top 5 customer happiness software in 2019

Top 5 Best Customer Happiness Software In 2019

Monday September 09, 2019,

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Growing firms place the utmost importance at their customer’s happiness. Recording, analyzing and working productively to their customer’s satisfaction helps them retain old customers and acquire new ones. Businesses conduct surveys on customer happiness software to evaluate whether customer expectation, business model and execution align. Prioritizing your customer’s needs is healthy for a successful expansion of the business. By gauging customer happiness, a business can find areas that need improvement and work on them. According to a survey, around 70% of growing businesses rate customer success as “very important.”

Customer happiness is a measurement that quantifies the degree to which a customer is contented with a product, service, or experience. It measures how a customer feels about a brand interaction. This can be calculated by using an app that surveys your customer’s happiness.

Below We Have Mentioned The Top 5 Customer Happiness Apps in 2019.


One of the top customer happiness software, piHappiness’ customer happiness software is the fastest way to enable great customer service in companies of all sizes. It offers multi-lingual support and provides help desk, call center and live chats for better customer interaction. piHappiness’ customer happiness app also brings email, phone, chat, and social media under one software. This enables customers to create more interactive relationships with customers.

It supports features like 360-degree feedback, analytics, feedback collection, survey management. Setting new industry standards in elevating customer happiness, piHappiness is quickly becoming the best customer happiness elevation provider. Moreover, the standard rates of subscription of piHappiness’ software are comparatively lower than the other prominent software in the marketplace, but offering the same or more features than other software. piHappiness provides a customer-centric approach that creates meaningful and memorable feedback from customers which helps the firms to deliver their customer's requirements.


Nicereply is an online customer happiness app for calculating Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES) per agent, team or company-wide, helping teams measure and improve the quality of their customer service. Companies can ask their clients questions that they can answer with the one-click survey.  Users are able to customize surveys by adding questions or choosing a survey that fits their needs.

You can easily collect ratings with every interaction, automatically after an event occurs, or manually at any time. It has a survey response rate of 200%. This helps in improving the quality of customer service by getting more feedback. Top features include setting goals, generating reports, tracking KPIs, custom survey URLs, email marketing, mobile survey, data analysis tools, etc. Hundreds of companies like Microsoft, Hubspot, etc., use Nicereply to increase customer satisfaction. Stay on top of customer experience by features like analytics, complaint monitoring, feedback collection, and survey management.


It is considered as one of the best cloud-based live chat customer feedback software. The solution combines messages of clients from different platforms into one. This enables the service center to deal with all the customers at the same time with the same tools, regardless of the channel they use. Tidio automation's take feedback from customers for using the chat box, before the customer leaves the website.

The top features of this solution include agent scheduling, customer experience management, geotargeting, knowledge database, offline forms, etc. You can improve your customer experience with the help of flexible tools such as analytics, complaint monitoring, and feedback collection. Additionally, this product is available with iOS and Android features to keep your customer conversations smooth across all devices.


This customer happiness app is generated with built-in marketing and sales tools. It turns the customer experience into leads and instant sales. Users can create customized surveys and publish them on the marketing or communication channel. When a client responds, it can be analyzed and used for the business strategies to acquire or retain clients. Top features include rater tracking, question library, individual reports, etc. The platform offers 360 Degree Feedback, Analytics, Complaint Monitoring, Feedback Collection, Survey Management.


This cloud-based customer happiness software provides actionable insights to improve customer retention. It quickly collects feedback after every business-client interaction and responds to clients, creating genuine reports. Key features of SmileBack include survey management, sentiment analysis, customer segmentation, and feedback administration. The user-friendly design makes it easier for the clients to provide feedback. It facilitates integration with various third-party applications such as BrightGauge, ConnectSMART, and more to visualize feedback through analytics and increase client retention.