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Six Great Business Software Options While Starting a Business

There are numerous business software that aid businesses in more than one way. Let's talk about some of the most imperative software options that you must consider while starting a business.

Six Great Business Software Options While Starting a Business

Wednesday September 25, 2019,

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Entering the business world and establishing the brand in the global marketplace as well as among the audience is not a mere walk in the park. It requires years of dedication, hard work, and the right blend of strategies to steer a business towards the zenith of productivity. 


In this competitive business scenario, where every other venture is treading an extra mile to reach the forefront of the global marketplace, it becomes quite daunting to prepare unique strategies. Starting a business and being an entrepreneur is not a small decision; it comes with significant responsibilities and countless sacrifices. From managing the accounts to handling the clients, there are plenty of aspects that need to be taken care of while starting a business. 


There are an infinite amount of tasks that need to be accomplished in order to meet the end of the organization. Whether it is managing the human capital of the business or gauging the customer satisfaction rate, every element of a business creates a significant difference in achieving the end goal. These tasks can be extremely strenuous if not fulfilled with appropriate strategies. 


During the traditional business era, every other business task required human resources that would eventually hamper efficiency and productivity. Thankfully, with the advent of technology and the inclusion of the digital era, businesses are now able to automate their business proceedings with the help of software. 


There are numerous business software that aid businesses in more than one way. Let's talk about some of the most imperative software options that you must consider while starting a business. 


Customer Feedback Software

The customer is always at the forefront of any business’s priority. A business cannot relish its optimal benefits without satisfying their targeted audience. Customer satisfaction survey tool comes handy to get feedback from the customers that eventually help in improving the business proceedings accordingly. 

piHappiness is a popular and top-rated customer feedback app that allows businesses to create customized feedback forms for their customers. It also provides real-time analytics reports that help in shaping marketing strategies instantly. This customer feedback system lets your customer rate you and provide valuable compliments and suggestions to improve. The customer feedback is appropriately aligned on the dashboard in real-time with separate filters of category and sub-category. 


Human Capital Management

Employees are the key to business productivity and in order to manage the human capital of an organization. The company needs to gauge the performance of each employee that meets the end goal. piHMS People is a renowned human capital management system suitable for businesses of all sizes, structures, and objectives. 

The primary features of the software are attendance management, leave management, time tracker, employee self-service, task distribution, form customization, etc. and many more. piHMS People also comes with a live feed for the workplace that notifies employees regarding the changes in the management and other relevant information. It helps in efficiently managing the human resource and making necessary changes in the system to optimize the productivity of the employees. 


Recruitment Management System 

In order to steer the business towards the avenue of productivity, it is important to hire talents that are capable of handling their job efficiently. Recruiting the right candidates is the first step toward business success. piRMS is an automated recruitment management system that helps in locating the appropriate candidate for different job profiles. 

It tracks candidates from various platforms such as job portals, vendors' websites, employee referrals, and assess their capabilities in different categories. The transparent and organized system of piRMS has made the recruiting procedure a lot easier for businesses worldwide. 


Customer Relationship Management

Sales and marketing are two of the essential elements of a business. A robust customer relationship management software helps the sales and marketing team to attain, store, scrutinize, and rightly use customer data for different purposes. 

piCRM is a well know CRM software in Dubai that helps in managing leads, accounts, and business opportunities. The major highlight of this software is the better conversion rate, higher closing rate, efficient rep performance, and productive forecasting. piCRM has a credible position in the global marketplace as a reliable sales force management system. The significant objective of Lead Today is to provide business with better insights on customer management with its prominent features.


Visitor Management System

When you start a business, it's important to keep track of your visitors formally. This not only helps in ascertaining the number and types of visitors in your organization but also creates a sense of credibility for the business. piLOBI is a potent visitor management system that helps in acquiring smart and secure visitor management. 

It is used by a majority of corporate companies across the globe. piLOBI is capable of enhancing security and creating a lasting impression on your visitors with its customized cloud-based visitor management solution. This credible software has established itself as trendsetting visitor management software by digitizing the traditional ways of managing visitors. piLOBI has a self-service kiosk for visitors that streamlines the check-in process. 


Employee Tele Billing System

Bills and invoices can be frustrating. Managing the bills and categorizing them correctly can be a daunting task. Technology has been a blessing for the business realm, as there are apps and software that automates the entire billing process. Employee tele-billing is one of the crucial aspects of the organization. 

piETBS is a popular employee tele billing system that automates the entire tele billing for the organization. All you have to do is upload local service provider bills into the system, and piETBS will do the rest of the job. Additionally, piETBS calculates company costs after the billing process. 



Over the past few decades, the business realm has significantly transformed for better. Whether it is acquiring improvised strategies or going digital, every little change in the global marketplace has given a positive contribution to business success. 


The above mentioned were some of the great software you would need while starting a business. Whether it is ascertaining your customer's satisfaction rate or employee's productivity level, piHappiness understands surveys and feedback's play an important role in a business. Reach out to us in order to gain more insights on the same from our proficient experts, today.  

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