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Top 5 Ways To Reinvent Your E-commerce Business Through Website And Mobile App Development

Easy & Reliable E-commerce Website

Top 5 Ways To Reinvent Your E-commerce Business Through Website And Mobile App Development

Monday April 29, 2019,

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Growing your E-commerce Company in today’s digital environment takes more than balancing the art and science of growth along with market trends.

The overall worldview of E-commerce app development has swung from sites to portable applications. Contract the expert administrations of an advanced site to the web-based business commercial center with sites that release your image and actuate traffic to the online store.     

Web-based business site is there to satisfy your requirements for advancement and user-friendliness. You can guarantee yourself of a superior specialty than that without the equivalent, It is certainty and not a fiction that with an online character added to your range.

Increasing Online Sales

Product sales can be increased with mobile commerce as well as from web store with proper promotions. Many consumers are shopping with mobile devices as we all using mobile for day to day functioning. A new survey of consumers reveals important data that underlines the importance of getting search, for mobile and voice assistants right.

The question posed to consumers was:

“Are you generally satisfied with the search results you get when you search on a retailer’s mobile site or mobile app?”

-> 95% of consumers were likely to leave a retail site as per the survey reported that too because of the poor search results.

Effectively Handling Complaints

The best way to manage customer complaints is to reduce the occurrence of it by managing all their requirements with quality products. Reach out to your customer before they reach you. Give them a chance to be heard. This can be achieved by conducting real-time survey!

·        Respond & Act fast 

·        Apologizes and Response

·        Use technology to keep on top of Safety issues 

·        Provide exceptional Customer service

·        Always ask for Feedback 

Easy and Reliable Payment Gateways Integration

As we know a payment gateway is a tool for e-commerce mobile app development  that holds the success of your online store. If people like what you have to offer online, they want to buy it with proper payment integration to your e-commerce business unless you’re accepting cash on delivery.

-> The key to go with Payment Gateway is to make payment processing effective and secure.

E-commerce vs. M-commerce vs. Social Commerce

It is a noteworthy fact that sales on mobile devices like in smart phones and tablets has an explosion which you should keep in mind for your online sales strategy. But data are not so good for Social Commerce, which is not such a frequent shopping option. Use of computers to make purchases remains stable, although we expect it to decrease. 

Social Commerce can be used as a complement to a strategy based on other factors for product suggestions and for the sale of top products or products in stock.

Mobile app users are the answer to the success of your e-commerce app development company. Now another question may arise, How can M-Commerce Apps Lower their Cart Abandonment Rate?

After all, half of the battle of competing with Competitors is really about owning who you are and finding your niche from Mobile device. As the smart phone becomes the main promotional and responsive marketing strategy for online retailing. Here the opportunity comes to figure out how to keep consumers engaged and devoted to their purchases.

Here are some recommendations to keep consumer from abandoning their carts:

·        Optimize your site for mobile

·        Many happy returns

·        Get personal

·        Reassure

·        Add some urgency

·        Offer full disclosure

Consider the example of Dollar Shave Club, which did a great job of finding and controlling a niche. It sounds so simple: buy cheap razors online and have them delivered to your door. Dollar Shave Club saw that there was an opportunity to capitalize on that niche, and they owned it.

Mobile E-commerce is Poised for Further Growth

Worldwide, E-commerce Mobile App Development  growth is primarily being driven by consumers using their mobile devices, phones, and tablets, to acquire goods and services. A 23.2 percent increase over the previous year that has reached e-commerce sales $2.3 trillion in 2017.

Source: https://www.statista.com/outlook/243/100/ecommerce/worldwide

  • E-commerce market revenue amounts to US$2,027,945m in 2019
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 8.9%, resulting in a market volume of US$2,854,203m by 2023.
  • User penetration is 51.0% in 2019 and is expected to hit 58.5% by 2023.

At the end what matter is an E-Commerce website that helps to promote your product online that can be tailor-made in such a way that the exact needs and specifications of your enterprise are put across. There are plenty of software packages in a shopping cart, and the service facilitators are found using these in order to serve their client’s purpose. If we talk about customization e-commerce, nothing other than expert mobile app development company proficiency can really serve your purpose.