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Top 8 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Providers in the Crypto-Universe

Top 8 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Providers in the Crypto-Universe

Monday December 23, 2019,

6 min Read

8 White Label Ceypto Exchange Platforms

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform that acts as a connecting link between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies. Traders can exchange crypto coins for another depending on the present market value of those assets. A cryptocurrency exchange provides a great many benefits. The few that stand out are:


Cryptocurrency exchange users are provided with wallet addresses and are not required to verify themselves. Therefore, they can maintain their anonymity. Also, a user can generate a new wallet address whenever required. This keeps their identity private until they wish to disclose it.

Operational 24/7 

Time does not stand as a barrier for cryptocurrency exchange. An exchange is operational 24 hours, every day of the week. This allows users to exchange instantly without having to wait for the exchange to be operational.


The decentralized nature of a cryptocurrency exchange makes transactions very different from traditional financial institutions. Not only are transactions immune to manipulation, but they are also instant due to the lack of middlemen involved.

Expert Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Companies can help you build a robust platform with the above benefits and more. With the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, there is a high demand for cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Let’s look at the top 8 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Providers.

1) Blockchain App Factory

Headquarters: USA & India

Blockchain App Factory is a blockchain-based service provider that offers a range of services. It specializes in cryptocurrency exchange development. Their expert team is well-qualified in customizing and developing high-end exchange platforms to suit business requirements. They have professional market researchers who understand the trends and implement them in their development services.

The cryptocurrency exchange features they provide are Leverage Trading, Margin Trading, Order Sharing, Integrated Referral Program, Matching Engine, Multicurrency Wallet, Mobile Application, Payment Gateway Integration, API Integration, Multi-language support, Admin Backend Panel, SEO/SEM Enabled.

Services Offered:  ICO Marketing & Development, Cryptocurrency Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, Cryptocurrency ATM Software Development, Proof of Concept (POC) Development, Blockchain IoT Development, Smart Contracts Development, Supply Chain Development, Private Blockchain Development, Exchange Listing Services, MLM Software Development, and Hashgraph Development, and more.

2) CES

Headquarters: United States

CES which expands to ‘Cryptocurrency Exchange Script’ is a development company that gained recognition in a short period of time due to the first-class results they guarantee. Comprised of genius blockchain enthusiasts, their team works diligently to innovate and build robust cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Their specialization in cryptocurrency exchanges allows them to produce the highest quality of services. They have proved their efficiency by handling various global clients and delivering on time. 

Services Offered (Exchange-specific): Whitelabel Exchange Script, Brandable Whitepaper, Setup in your private cloud, Bitcoin Node Integration, Ethereum Node Integration, Ripple Node Integration, Litecoin, Node Integration, Bitcoin Cash Node Integration, Buy orders based on conditions, Sell orders based on conditions, Trade between users, API Integration, Trade Matching Engine, KYC & AML API Integration, Multi cryptocurrency Support, Multisignature Wallet, Highly Customized UI/UX, Multi-Language Support, Anti-Phishing Code, Smart Contract, Payment Gateway Integration, SEO/SEM Enabled, and more.

3) Infinite Block Tech

Headquarters: USA, UK & India

Infinite Block Tech is a leading Virtual Currency exchange development company that excels in building cryptocurrency exchange platforms that enable users to trade efficiently and securely. They are pioneer in developing platforms that are customizable and scalable. They prioritize security and ensure that they don’t compromise on innovation. 

Apart from building cryptocurrency exchanges, this development company has helped numerous enterprises raise funds through ICOs and STOs. They offer Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) and help upgrade a venture and protect data with the highest form of Security hash functions.

Services Offered: Token Development, Listing Services, STO Development, STO Marketing, STO Exchange, ETO Development, Cryptocurrency Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, Exchange Listing Services, Cryptocurrency MLM Software, Cryptocurrency ATM Software, Blockchain Development, Blockchain Consulting, Blockchain IoT, and more.

4) Changenow.io

Headquarters: Netherlands

ChangeNow is a globalised cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers a reliable platform that ensures safer, quicker, efficient transactions and trades around the globe. Their platforms does not hold any funds and allows free access without having to create an account. 

5) Openxell

Headquarters: United States & India

OpenXcell is a software and mobile app development company that delivers innovative solutions and has slowly expanded to providing blockchain-based services too. They offer top-notch cryptocurrency exchange services with their long-time experience in the field of blockchain. They follow a customer-oriented service model and work with innovation and creativity. 

Services Offered: Smart Contracts Development, Smart Contract, Smart Contract Audit, Private Blockchains, Supply Chain Blockchain, Ethereum, Exchanges, Hyperledger, Solidity, Wallet Development, and more.

6) Antier Solutions

Headquarters: UK, USA & India

Antier Solutions is an IT company providing blockchain-based development services and offer world-class cryptocurrency exchange development. With a team of 100+ blockchain developers, they promise result-oriented solutions to enhance clients’ businesses. They have been delivering services for over 14 years. They develop highly secure, scalable, and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platforms. 

Services Offered: Bitcoin exchange platform development, Decentralized application development, Online cryptocurrency wallet development, Bitcoin ATM software development, ICO development services & Peatio-based exchange development.

7) Tokyo Techie

Headquarters: India & USA

Tokyo Techie is a reputed Blockchain Development company in India that offers expert cryptocurrency development services in addition to numerous other blockchain-based services. Despite being a relatively new development company, they have created a name for themselves by striving to provide innovative solutions for businesses through blockchain technology and mobile app development.

Services Offered:  Cryptocurrency Development, ICO, Bitcoin wallet development, Cryptocurrency trading Platform Development, Web Development, Digital Marketing Services, Mobile Application Development, Blockchain Services, Wallet Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Framework Development.

8) Skalex

Headquarters: Germany

Skalex is another big blockchain development player that specializes in developing Blockchain Applications, Smart Contracts, and Cryptocurrency Exchange Software for enterprises. Their experienced team has studied and involved themselves in blockchain technology since its very inception, giving them an edge over many other development companies. They have worked with global companies to provide the best-of-the-best services and ensure that blockchain is implemented to its fullest potential.   

Services Offered: ICO Platform Development, STO Platform Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development.

The world of cryptocurrencies is one with numerous possibilities and potential to bring in great revenue. Developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform is easier than before with the assistance that is available online. Engage in this lucrative industry with guidance from any of these Top 8 White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Providers and you’re sure to be off to a good start.