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The Best (Free!) Apps for GRE Quantitative and Verbal Practice!

Want an unbelievable, unbeatable score? Use these stunning GRE Apps!

raja kondapalli
7th Jun 2019
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The world is changing in more ways than we can count. It was only a matter of time before this influenced the way we study as well! Competitive exams like the GRE, TOEFL, SAT and more are gaining in relevance as the world gets smaller and people look to other countries for opportunities.

Gone are the days of studying from long, wordy books. Say hello to Mobile Apps! Studying for the GRE exam can now be done anywhere, anytime! With the right GRE Prep App on your phone, you can make learning a constant part of your day. Say goodbye to travelling everyday to get to your coaching class, only to be too tired to focus on the lesson!

With these handy apps you can start your preparation and achieve your target score in GRE at your convenience!

Let's take a look at the best GRE Apps available to take your preparation to the next level and help you improve your score (for free!)

1. GRE® Test Prep by Galvanize:

This is, hands down one of my favourites! Actually, considering it is one of the most downloaded GRE Prep App's on the PlayStore and on the App Store - it's safe to say this is everybody's favourite!

Did we mention it was created by an alumna of Stanford University?

The unique features it comes with - access to GRE webinars, GRE Sample tests, a GRE score predictor, preparedness level indicator, 'study with friends' option, Explore Universities - are the reason people love this App.

You can find out how much you have to go before you’re ready to tackle the GRE Math and Verbal reasoning sections individually.

In addition to those fun features, this app provides hundreds of GRE Math and Verbal practice questions with crystal clear explanations for each. People pay big bucks for this kind of prep and you're getting it for free here!

2.English Vocabulary Builder for GRE® & all exams

If you want a good GRE score, you have to do well on the GRE Verbal Reasoning section. A large portion of your performance will depend on your GRE vocabulary. In fact, this is the part most students struggle with!

But, with the English Vocabulary Builder - your job will become so much easier! How? It is a gamified app which makes learning words FUN and easy! You'll be awarded game money whenever you master words. Unlock new words by mastering sets! You can even bookmark the words that struggled with for further reference.

This Vocabulary App consists of 1800+ GRE words complete with a pictorial explanation, advanced synonyms, antonyms, usage and etymology.

With pictorial representation and real-life examples long term retention of the words is possible.

In fact, many users reviewed this app as being "the most addictive vocab app".

3.GRE® Practice Test 2019 Edition

Yet another popular app, this one is well known for its user-friendly interface. It covers both sections of the GRE i.e., Math and Verbal. It allows you to track and analyse your performance after every attempt. Knowing where you stand in comparison to where you want to get will help you progress faster!

Like all other Apps, this App will help you prepare for the GRE the right way.

4.Barron's 1100 for GRE

If you've done any research on the GRE, you would most definitely have come across the word 'Barrons'. The Barron's word-list is considered by many to be the gold standard as far as GRE word-lists are concerned.

It makes sense then that this would be one of the best apps to master words. This app lets you learn you learn words with flashcards and quizzes. The Barron's app has 1100 high-frequency words that help in preparing for both GRE and TOEFL exams. This app is easy to use and learn quickly.

5.GRE Prep & Practice by Magoosh:

No list is complete without this App! This app comes with video lectures and practice tests. Get the detailed explanations for every question you answer. You can also try the full length tests with this app.

In addition, it allows you to review your GRE preparation on the go and you'll find that this score will help you a lot too!

Whether you choose to download just one app or all five, we can promise it will change your world - and your GRE score.

Go forth, start downloading and prepare yourself for all the acceptance letters you'll receive from universities when they see your scores!

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