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Top Companies to Hire MEAN Stack Developers for Your Project

Get benefitted from these MEAN stack development companies list where they effectively make use of MongoDB, Express, AngularJs & Node Js to its full potential.

Top Companies to Hire MEAN Stack Developers for Your Project

Monday June 24, 2019,

4 min Read

“Smart Businesses Thrive Well with Smarter Technologies”

In today’s fast-paced world, every business constantly thriving hard to build sophisticated mobile and web applications in a fast and reliable way. If you are looking to enhance your business or build a robust business website then adapting to innovative technologies like hiring a mean stack developer may be your best bet.

Over the years, web developers tactfully transformed to ‘stack’ technologies, which is a series of technologies or web languages that are used to effectively create any web or mobile application. To get started for your business either you can look into various mean stack development companies or hire a mean stack developer to build a user-friendly, excellent quality app to the end-user.

What is MEAN stack Technology and Why MEAN Stack?

In 2013, Valeri one of the Kernel Tools engineer coined a new technology term known as MEAN stack. MEAN stack is a set of Javascript technologies which is the abbreviation of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS.

Many web development companies started using MEAN stack services for their web development projects because it's open-source, easy and use universal Javascript language.

Let us briefly look into the working order of the MEAN stack technologies.

Top Companies that Provide Mean Stack Development Services

Choosing from several companies which offer Mean stack services might be overwhelming for anyone. To save your research time, we have done the groundwork for you and came up with the best of the lot. Here are the top 5 companies which provide excellent Mean stack development services along with additional services and resources that support any business requirements.

1. Contus

Established in 2008, Contus is one of the best Mean stack development services provider company which has its headquartered in Chennai and other regional locations in the USA. Contus is a Digital transformation company with a mission to transform any Enterprise level businesses by providing SMAC solution (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud).

Contus offers a real-time solution to any businesses. It has seamlessly delivered complex IoT and AR solutions to global clients. With 300+ engineers exceptionally skilled in core technologies, developed 100+ web & mobile products serving 60+ happy customers worldwide. Contus offers a dedicated mean stack development team and has helped many global giants.

2. Apphitect

Architect offers reliable and highly skilled Mean stack developers and the company is located in UAE. Apphitect is a top mobile app company providing best-in-class customization services and delivered 600+ apps successfully with 1000+ happy clients across the world.

Apphitect provided an end-to-end solution right from designing and development to testing and deployment with top-notch technologies. It is one of the best Mean stack developing company that has served various business verticals like Healthcare, Mobile, Banking sector, e-commerce, advertising  and other business services.

3. PixelCrayons

PixelCrayons started their business venture in 2004 with a team of experts for developing high-quality web applications. Developing a mobile or a web application may be a daunting task if the right technology is not implemented at the right time.

Thus mean stack development company like PixelCrayons has established itself as one of the pioneers in offering mean stack services to the customers. PixelCrayons has delivered several hundreds of projects in 38+ countries worldwide.

4. ValueCoders

Value Coders offer IT outsourcing services with data analytical tools, data mining that is combined with implementing advanced technology. With agile infrastructure and cloud services, Value Coders helps to serve various business verticals.

Value coders are in the business for 13+ years and worked for various start-ups to enterprises. They provide high storage efficiency with CentOS operating system which provides a simple and straightforward outsourcing experience to the end-users.

5. Brainvire

Brainvire provides end-end solutions and services in IT consulting and outsourcing worldwide. It offers the right blend of technology, skilled professional and methodology to the clients. Brainview is one of the leading mean stack development companies which commits to provide a high-quality offering to the organizations.

BrainVire provides mobile app development, eCommerce services and full stack development services as per the client's requirements. Headquartered in the USA, it serves many industries including Healthcare, mobile & app development, Education, Finance, Retail, Realestate to name a few.


Thus these are the best of the lot companies which offer Mean stack development services. Streamline your application with the mean stack development which is certainly the future of programming. This list is carefully curated based on several metrics like the client’s positive feedback, project delivery time, overall company review and so much more. World’s renowned and leading business giants like Google, Walmart, Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn already reaping the benefits of Mean Stack and NodeJS which provides them a smoother workflow experience.