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Top Upcoming Digital Marketing Events In 2020

Upcoming Digital Marketing Events 2020

Top Upcoming Digital Marketing Events In 2020

Friday November 29, 2019,

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Digital marketing events, conferences, and awards work as hubs where many digital marketers from many places gather to recognize and encourage the work by their fellow digital marketers. It is a forum to meet many marketers who have done great work in their domain of interest. It is also an inspiration for entrepreneurs that draws inspiration from others in the industry. Digital marketing company in Gurgaon participate in these events to gain popularity for their brands.

So, to make your brand visible to many, it is ideal that you participate in the digital marketing events India. This would help your business to become more successful.

Having said, this article will brief you about the digital marketing events in India scheduled during the year 2020.

  1. Indian Digital Media Awards (IDMA) – IDMA was established during the year 2009. It is aimed to rejoice teams, practitioners, and organizations who have exceeded landmarks and been able to deliver successful business outcomes with the help of digital as a medium. As of today, IDMA is the most valued award in India and is considered a true symbol of digital excellence. It has esteemed speakers like Jeff Bullas, Donna Moritz, and Jeffrey Dachis for the event. This event has an award count of about 35 and has categories like Mobile, Web, Social Media, Tablets, Search and PPC campaigns, etc. The application fee for this event is about Rs. 7000.
  2. Campaign Digital Crest Awards – This award celebrates digital marketing excellence. The jury of this event likes creative digital campaigns. They choose more creative digital campaigns that deliver on specific marketing objectives. The award for the brand where it is digital’s USP is more measurable for the results that they get. For the year 2020, Campaign Digital Crest Awards has a maximum emphasis on the results that are achieved through digital marketing campaigns like mobile, social, apps, digital, etc. It celebrates its excellence in digital marketing for the tenth year. It has its focus on results having an all-marketer jury. Have your digital campaigns got well along with your customers? If yes, register for this event.
  3. Drivers Of Digital Summit And Awards – The Drivers of Digital Summit and Awards is one of the leading programs in India. It is specifically designed to acknowledge, identify, and reward agencies, individuals, and enterprises who have done an enormous work by transforming the industry with the power of the Digital and Automation process. It is a unique program where they provide a selected platform for agencies, enterprises, and professionals to share various opportunities, key trends, and challenges in the digital industry. They also reward outstanding work in this domain. This award honours campaigns that have showcased great creativity and has managed to create a dent in the industry. This even has about six unique categories of the award. The application cost would be between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 10000.
  4. Indian Marketing Awards – This event would set you with another standard of marketing excellence in India. This event gives an award to recognize the fact that marketing is indeed critical for the holistic growth of a business and plays an important role to sustain the value of the organization. The awards will be given to organizations, teams or individuals who have been extremely successful to implement effective and innovative marketing practices. Also, people who have regard to the circumstances of many industries of marketing programs. Indian Marketing Awards have had distinguished speakers like Pradeep Dwivedi, R S Sodhi, Vinay Singhal, and Sandeep Nagpal who presides over the event. This event has many award categories like brand activation, revitalisation, and extension.
  5. Indian Content Marketing Awards – In the marketing world, content does make sense the way marketers present their brands to customers. Behind every famous and great brand, lies a relevant content that connects the business with the right audience. Content marketing lies in the heart of most of the successful marketing campaigns. Formed during the year 2016, Indian Content Marketing Awards aims to promote and identify talents and expertise who does extremely well to crack breakthrough ideas and concepts to create great campaigns. This award is provided to appreciate many content types that help to create good brand stories. This event provides agencies and brands a great opportunity to exhibit their best work done. The various categories of this event are best digital branded content, best digital branded content video, best content marketing on TV, best content marketing experiential, best integrated branded content, best content marketing on the social media platform, best content marketing on print, best radio led branded content, and so on. 
  6. Big Bang Awards – Yet another top digital marketing event in India, Big Bang Awards celebrates your work that has the highest rank in creativity, digital, health advertising, and media. It goes across seven categories that span TV, print, radio, and new age mobile and digital platforms. The various award categories are creative for digital media, media innovation, media strategy, media research, integrated campaigns, events and brand activation, and health and wellness. This award is slightly different from the fact that it does not stick only to communication and advertising but also includes media, design, and healthcare. It is open to clients around India. It has about 12 award categories with an entry fee of about Rs. 2500.
  7. India Digital Summit – This event covers areas like m-commerce, value added service, payment, and networking, critical issues related to the use and application of many digital channels like mobile, web, social media, etc. It sees its efficient positioning, promotion of brands, placement of brands and products, etc. This summit also initiates innovation that helps to improve the existing standards. 
  8. Content Marketing Summit – This event is specially designed for senior marketers who want to go deeper into content marketing. Content marketing efforts must be recognized at the industry level because we need to understand the great and fantastic work done by the content space. These awards are basically to felicitate upcoming brands, individuals, and brands who raise their bar each year with their skills in content marketing.