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Top ERP Trends of 2019 to Help you out in your Business

Top ERP Trends of 2019 to Help you out in your Business

Monday March 04, 2019,

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2018 has been an amazing year for ERP software vendors, developers, and its users. Businesses also realised that it can streamline their accounting process, reduce costs, and can improve their decision-making process. It has become a necessity for businesses in all types and sizes.

The emergence of cloud deployment and artificial intelligence are other reasons for the rapid increase in demand for ERP software system implementation. Businesses are also integrating ERP with other enterprise tools such as HRMS, CRM, online stores, etc.. Following are some of the top ERP trends, that will help you make better use of Enterprise Resource Planning software solution:

Improved Mobile Accessibility

Earlier, ERP’s mobile accessibility wasn’t given much importance, even by most mobile-centric businesses. But now, because of the employees using their own smartphones to access their work tasks, the ERP mobile-centric has become crucial. Developers are trying to make mobile ERP more secure against hacks, viruses and other vulnerabilities. On the other hand, businesses are focusing on implementing BYOD policies to make mobile ERP usage safe and secure. Mobile accessibility is proving to be a hot topic in 2019, and both vendors and clients are focusing on making ERP much safer and easy-to-use on mobile devices.

Importance of Security Measures

With the advancement in technology, data security breaches have also become a major problem at a professional level. Businesses are getting much aware of reliability and security mechanisms of the ERP software. In 2019, organizations would be looking for improved security mechanisms, which can protect their business data but do not affect usability and accessibility. The reasons are, functionality and speed are equally important.

Uniqueness of Features

Research shows that more than half of the ERP customers go for the features as compared to user experience or price. This year, special features and functionalities will be given more importance during ERP software implementations. There are plenty of ERP tools in the market, with competitive pricing and easy to find good bargaining. But most of the tools lack special features that most of the business owners need. Well, if you are one of those people who is looking forward to purchasing ERP software in 2019, then look at how closely ERP’s features align with your enterprise requirements.

Real-Time Response Capability

We have witnessed a drastic change in ERP architectures over the past few years. Now they also support real-time responses to give you a clear insight about how your business is performing. New ERP software utilise in-memory computing and analytical processing that allows them to generate reports based on data captured at real-time. Such smart features will transform the way traditional ERP systems use to execute processes, thus empowering businesses with real-time insights to generate successful forecasting and planning.

Expanding Human Capabilities

As Business Intelligence becomes more important, more ERP systems with intelligent solutions manifest to provide deep and real-time data of core business operations. The idea is to assist organizations in improving their operational efficiencies, sales, and productivity. Advanced analytical and business intelligence features added to the new ERP software to form the integral parts of the systems. This, in turn, is encouraging organizations to find reliable ERP tools that not only capture information but also help them to make meaningful sense of the data and expand human capabilities.