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Top 5 Tennis Club Management Software

Most of the tennis clubs across the globe are using tennis academy management software to save their time and money. Here is the list of top 5 tennis club management software.

Top 5 Tennis Club Management Software

Monday February 17, 2020,

4 min Read

If you own a tennis club, then it might be a trickier job for you to manage players, coaches, club members, and other operations. When you are running a tennis club, you must be a tennis freak who’s not getting enough time to play tennis. But, with tennis club management software, you can spend more time enjoying your passion for tennis and less time managing your club operations.

Most of the tennis clubs across the globe are using tennis academy management software to save their time and money.

What is Tennis Club Management Software?

Tennis club management software is more an administrative tool than a management software, as it streamlines club operations. The admin workload of a tennis academy plummets with this software management tool. All in all tennis coaching management software is a complete suite to manage the tennis coaching academy. Academy owners can keep a bird-eye view on the overall club operations and manage their tasks more efficiently.

It includes all the features required to smoothly operate a tennis academy such as payment system, match schedule, tournament handling, video analysis, booking system, communication channels, member database, etc.

Tennis club management software include functionalities like:

  • Online booking of courts for tournament
  • Instant, easy and secure payment methods
  • Event scheduling with calendar
  • Automated communication channels
  • Comprehensive contact database
  • Event insights, analytics, and financial reports

How to Select the Best Tennis Club Management Software?

Many tennis club management software is available in the market to choose from. Among multiple software options, each catering to a specific niche, getting suitable management software for your tennis club is not as easy as it sounds. Define your objectives and exact needs in context with club management software and opt for the one that fits well with all your requirements.

You can compare all the available options but when selecting a tennis management software, must consider all these points:

  • Any kind of payment required for the setup, support, maintenance of the software
  • The complexity of the system and easy-to-learn model
  • Essential features and advanced features
  • Required integration with platforms like WordPress or more
  • Security and privacy of the system

Amidst several options in the market, to help you with software comparison, we have listed the top 5 tennis management software.


ACES tennis coaching management software is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use software application. This management tool can help the club owners to manage their tennis organization efficiently. It is an abbreviated form of the Athlete Coach Evaluation System. It includes features like easy scheduling, match analysis, players’ monthly reports. It costs around $9.99/month for 3 active users. ACES avail free support for their clients and 14 days free trial of the software.


TennisNXT is an all in one management tool that helps tennis club owners to eliminate the efforts required to manage administrative tasks. In a tennis academy, there is a lot of paperwork to manage along with multiple Word and Excel sheets. It is time-consuming to do so manually, TennisNXT reduces the workload to save your time and money so that you can focus better to boost the productivity of your club.

It includes features like:

  • Player and Coach management
  • Video analysis
  • Notice board
  • Court booking
  • Match assessment


AppointmentPlus is a complete tennis court scheduling software. It can be integrated with the program you are already using via an open API. It includes features like staff calendar, waitlist, appointment management, and more. It costs around $49 per month. AppointmentPlus software comes with free support services but it costs $10/month for extended support.


ClubManager software is developed to manage a club of nearly 10,000 members. This tennis club management software allows up to 30 memberships benefits such as produce draws for knockouts and round robins, POS for merchandise sales, print member cards and more. Its one-time site license fee is $195 along with free support and free trial.


TennisBookings.com is a basic web-based tennis club management software. It includes many powerful features for tennis court management such as scheduling, automated report generation, self-booking for players, wait-list and reminders about tournaments. The software cost is $5/month/court with an annual charge of $300 along with free support and free trial.

If you are running a tennis business and facing many issues to effortlessly manage the club operation, you need to opt for tennis management software.