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Top 5 Warehouse Management Systems for Retail Business

Top 5 Warehouse Management Systems for Retail Business

Wednesday January 08, 2020,

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Handling day-to-day warehouse operations such as inventory, shipping, sorting, and storing is a hard nut to crack if you are not equipped with a customized, functional, and recognized warehouse management system (WMS). The modern competitive market is filled with a large number of software programs, boasting of top retailing and warehousing solutions, from big and small software companies. It is hard to pick any specific one without a candid and unbiased comparison. It is known that the WMS is a software program or process that allows retailing people and organizations control and manage warehouse operations, like inventory management; picking processes and auditing; warehouse design; order fulfillment management, labor management, tracking capability; backups and integration; analytics and reporting, etc.

VineRetail WMS

In this content, I am reviewing and comparing top 5 cloud-based Warehouse Management Software (WMS) systems that will help all brands, retailers, sellers, 3PLs (Third Party Logistics Companies), marketplaces and brand distributors choose the most pertinent and functional product, suiting direct warehouse management needs.

Vin eRetail Warehouse Management System by Vinculum Group

Prime highlights:

·        Client Portal to view and access client-related information

·        Create and maintain contracts to billing information for each client

·        Manage multiple clients and multiple warehouse flows

·        Simplify day-to-day warehouse operations using a mobile app

·        Simplify the process of kitting management

Free demo on request: Yes

Customer support: Yes

Vin eRetail WMS is a SaaS-based software program, ideally designed for retailing business players, for seamless integration of warehouse & fulfillment processes with sales channels with no hassles.

NetSuite WMS by NetSuite

Prime highlights:

·        Mobile RF barcode scanning.

·        Returns authorization receipt

·        Mobile receiving, picking, and cycle counting.

·        Real-time data, task and order management

·        Barcode tracking, billing, and inventory management

·        Shipping management, workforce and load management

·        Warehouse map and purchasing

Free trial facility: No

Customer support: Yes

NetSuite WMS by NetSuite is a SaaS-based software program with third-party plugins. It also comes with a guarantee. It also helps in streamlining warehouse and manufacturing operations. Moreover, NetSuite is a product of Oracle.

HighJump WMS by HighJump


· It is a cloud-based system.

·        ERP Integrations.

·        Labor management

·        Omni channel fulfillment

·        Order picking functionality

·        Supports multi-client operations.

·        Yard Management

Free trial facility: No

Customer support: Yes

HighJump is a SaaS-based software program that offers buyers real time solutions for warehouse management matching changing market needs.

Astro WMS by Consafe Logistics


·        Supports integration with ERP systems.

·        Easy to plug in the functionality as per your requirement.

·        Voice picking and real-time overview

·        Resource planning and yard management

Free trial facility: No (You can request a demo)

Customer support: Yes

Astro WMS by European brand Consafe Logistics develops warehousing solutions and it useful for customers who expect the ultimate delivery experience every time.

Fishbowl Inventory WMS by Utah-based Software Company


·        Integration with QuickBooks

·        Reporting, sales and purchasing

·        Order management

·        Multiple locations

·        Multi-Currency

·        Shipping, time and labor

Free trial facility: No (You can request a demo)

Customer support: Yes

Fishbowl Inventory WMS is suitable for any sized organization. Interestingly, this software easily integrates with accounting software program QuickBooks.