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Time and cost to develop an online examination portal

Time and cost to develop an online examination portal

Tuesday July 28, 2020,

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Education is the most flourishing industry nowadays and businesses are finding it the most lucrative sector to invest upon and gain high benefits.

With the high growth in revenue of the education institutions, they started devising a few techy methods to stay ahead of the crowd.

The mobile application development company brought online examination as an exciting marketing technique for students, which is beneficial too for students to assess their performance before the exams and reduce the pressure in real exams.

Evidentially consistent development in R&D has managed to accentuate the significance and adaptability of online examination in the current educational system.

It automates the old conventional method of conducting examinations through Web Based Online Examination with supreme transparency.

Furthermore, It encompasses the "separation of teaching and evaluating" and automation management, and executes effectively campus network software and hardware resources to achieve maximum effectiveness for teaching, research, and management services.

What are Advantages of online examination portal?

A major advantage of using online examination platforms is a transparent detailed analysis of student on his performance based on knowledge or learning analytics in graphical and tabulated format.

It also allows customization by the admin of the exam according to his own needs eradicates the monotonous manual work load.

Evidentially it has revolutionized the outdated pattern of education and provided a user-friendly, multi-featured and absolutely flexible online examination platform with high reliability, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness.

Apart from these basic advantages here are some further major advantages by education app development company, let's light them up:

  • Security and confidentiality
  • Accessibility and Flexibility
  • Cost saving
  • Time management
  • Statistical analysis

Security and confidentiality

The standard, security, and confidentiality of a scheduled exam are well addressed using online examination portal with no fraction of compromise.

The access to the content of the database of the exam is only possible for authorized personnel that allows you a secure environment for the test. The questions can be easily mixed to the system's database and randomly drawn from it.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Now the students need not a long commute to the examination center due to the gradual adoption of online examination platform by institutions.

Furthermore, Examiners need not bother about the tedious process of marking exams, manual omissions, and time limits.

They are also offered with an opportunity to customize exam in multiple exams on multiple subjects with 24/7 availability for students convenience.

There are numerous web development companies which can offer the reliable and cost effective solutions.

Cost saving

The cost of conducting online examination is less costly than the conventional pen paper based exam pattern due to the upsurged cost of paper, distribution expenses and man labor for monitoring of examinations.

Usually, administrators favor the transition from conventional paper-based examination pattern to online assessment to earthen unwieldy and inefficient distribution of assignments.

This is the only reason why there is a huge demand to hire app developer in education industry as well.

Time management

Online examination portal enables online examination system that proved to be less time consuming due to the use of widespread and standard availability of computers and internet.

It comprehensively mitigates the tedious formalities and monotonous process of creating question paper, evaluation of answer sheets, registration of students, declaration of results, etc.

Furthermore, the distribution of the examinations doesn't take much time and all examination are automated so the result are declared instantaneously.

Statistical analysis

The principal advantage of contacting web development company for software is from the statistical point of view, where compared database can be easily stored for future analysis.

It implies that once admin or students are done with their comparative data analysis, these comparative databases remain available for future evaluation, inferences, and reports.

Objectives of Online Examination Portal

The prime objective behind online examination portal is the effective, comprehensive, and unfeigned evaluation of the students through an automated system which deduces expeditious and authentic results with no waste of time.

It's a complete end to end solution by the mobile application development companies accumulate all aspects of online examinations system with less manpower to handle examinations.

In the current scenario of the multi-pronged and modified approach of the educational system, it becomes significant for all educational institutions to exercise full control over the progress of their students.

So in most of the training centers and the scholastic institution, it assists in conducting uninterrupted exams with ease and efficiency.

The time and cost of development entirely depends over the functionality and scope of the software where functionality work upon the features, an educational app development company include in a seemed software.

Further, the cost variates depending over other factors as well such as demographics and scale of the implementation.

Roughly speaking, it starts from $5000 and goes up as per the details. Here are some essential components of online exam portal development.

Salient Features of online examination portal

Online examination portal smoothness the process of evaluation of individual performance in different perspectives with a seamless process which eradicates the monotonous workload.

It becomes more reliable and simple with the integration of multiple functionalities in a one single web application.

Additionally, it is a blend of six modules which encompasses the Admin module, Content Management module, Student module, Security module. Examination module, and Exam evaluation.

  1. Admin Module
  2. Student Module
  3. Content Management Module
  4. Examination Management Module
  5. Exam Evaluation Module
  6. Security Module

1. Admin Module

Admin Module includes a dashboard providing real-time status like active, pending and suspended in every proposed group.

It also allows to create a new subject with additional questions for the examination and assign it to a particular group.

Admin can also set the duration of newly added examination by specifying whether it is a practice exam or final exam with time stipulation of its availability.

Once you hire app developer, he can make you understand the differences between the modules and functionality.

Furthermore, admin becomes empowered to add, remove, enroll students manually and to give the admin rights to other individuals for the management and monitoring of the entire examination application.

2. Student Module

The student module interface exhibits the functionalities which are enabled by the admin and the format of examination for students.

Furthermore, it shows the best performance of the student, total points earned till the date with a fair record of the given examinations, and position secured among the other students.

The student benefits with a piece of brief information about scheduled exams for the day and graph-based performance record.

3. Content Management Module

It plays a foremost role in efficiently managing a multitude of questions in the database by either importing or exporting a file with question bank and adding questions manually with the subjects which those questions are associated.

It also allows the selection of question type, a number of questions, marking schemes, difficulty level and voluntarily hint. Additionally, the admin can also assign different questions for different groups of students.

4. Examination Management Module

Examination Management Module deals with assigning the name of examination, the setting duration for an exam, mode of examination, passing marks and instructions that need to be followed during examination by the students or a particular group of students.

The admin enables or disables features like a paid exam, displaying answer sheet post-exam, negative marking, instant results, random options, random questions and number of maximum attempt and for the user side features like saving answers, reviewing answers and its final submission.

5. Exam Evaluation Module

It generates the final result of the students' examination depending upon the student performance. Students become able to view his scorecard with his performance so that they can implement planned modifications in the preparation of examinations.

6. Security Module

Every time when a password is set using a mutator/settor method, password hashing is done on every individual record.


The recommended approach for the adopting a software and getting it developed is to not run behind the cost.

The education app development companies suggests the iterative approach for the software , which is meant to start with turning on the component only which are of use and the demanded by your business.

This not only reduces the cost but also increase the feasibility of adapting the software. There are two approaches here, one is to outsource the work or purchase the readymade software and other is to hire app developer. Both are lucrative depending upon the scale and nature of business.