Top Reasons why PR techniques are your best option when marketing online courses

Rameez Ramzan
5th Jun 2019
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To say that today Public Relations can make you gain a million dollars might be pointing too high (at least at the beginning). This concept has been replaced by the figure of marketing and more recently, the advantages of Publicity.

But I can assure you that if you use its tools properly, the PR can position any type of business that could end up providing that number or more. After all, it is possible to apply the principles of promotion to any initiative.

However, for this occasion, I won't be talking about resorting to the eternal promise of selling "groundbreaking and revolutionary" products and gadgets. The content and the "how-to" articles regarding this last perspective are extensive, but the reality is that they mention strategies meant for a more advanced stage of the entrepreneurship, and not for the rising offers. Instead, we'll tackle a much more durable resource: online courses.

That's right. Media Coverage and PR are no longer exclusive methods that exponentially increase the benefits of an already successful corporate figure (like Apple or Amazon); instead, you can rethink to catapult your knowledge capsules (training) to become a new reference for that market.

Just what you need, am I right?

You may ask yourself: "But, what is the reason I should rely so heavily on PR?"

That is the answer you will discover in today's article, where I will explain to you the main components that make this practice the # 1 resource to gain credibility and exposure in influential media.

1. PRs as a marketing complement

Although society increasingly moves away from the traditional, the Media Coverage and PR - as we suggested previously- remains one of the fundamental pillars of marketing, especially regarding social networks.

According to data provided by GoodNoon PR, at least 85% of entrepreneurs and clients that hire their services aim to sell a new product line, launch a platform or App to the market. That means that the field of online courses has a lot of potentials to exploit.

The advantage of professionals and agencies is that they are 100% dedicated to creating direct links with figures and platforms (means) of authority.

This last profile ranges from online publishers to social media influencers or bloggers; in short, people with credibility and popularity on the Internet, able to determine the opinion of the audience - what brings us to the next point.

2. Exposing your offer

How can you get people to notice you?

There are many areas to manage through Public Relations, but strategic collaborations are one of the most practical because they report incredible economic results in a short time, as is the case of relating your offer with valuable material.

In this regard, leaders in the field such as Neil Patel consider that generating quality content is the first step to get money with your product (in this case, the online course.) You must have a website or a blog that attracts readers through articles, good images, videos, etc.

When creating good material, two things happen: first, that you attract more users to your website who want to learn what you teach them; Second, other brands (complementary, not competition) will fall in love with how you present the information and might want you to advertise their product through these knowledge capsules.

3. Campaigning

Many times, investing in commercials on platforms or carrying out typical marketing actions is not enough. But fortunately, Media Coverage and PR offers other ways to gain visibility.

A good example is a recent campaign carried out by the Disney company in the promotion of the new film "Aladdin." The company has opted to reach people directly with samples related to the film, such as exhibitions of private collections.

In your case, you can still carry out this type of strategy, only on a much smaller scale. Search to relate your courses to a relevant topic (perhaps a piece of recent news).

A good option is to count on the help of communication agencies, which as we mentioned above, possess a comprehensive knowledge of all the available tools and with the capacity to offer their clients trend actions, such as the following...

Top PR trends in 2019

Voice strategy

In addition to generating valuable, searchable, shareable, relevant and consistent content; Optimized with backlinks and search words aligned to reach audiences search (during the shopping trip - awareness, consideration, and action). It is now expected that 50% of online searches will be through voice, according to Forbes.

Therefore, PR actions are an excellent guide in the creation of content with the search words appropriate to how audiences seek for products, solutions, or services provided by specific brands.

Reliable and credible leadership

In the face of a scenario in which institutions have lost the confidence of audiences, the experts - entrepreneurs who position themselves as such - have an opportunity to become thought leaders and gain the trust and credibility of interested users.

The reason is that they have the unique and specific experiences, stories, ideas, and data with which they offer audiences just what they are looking for to solve a problem or make a purchase decision.

In this sense, the content of thought leadership will be vital to show you as a reliable expert and build authentic connections.

Planning before the crisis

You will have to be much more aware of the importance of anticipating crises with communication planning for likely changes that helps to take care of your now good reputation - what they do, what they say and what others are saying about you or your training - responding quickly and adequately.

The role of PR techniques will be essential to build a good reputation online / offline, detect potential crises, help plan and take every opportunity to strengthen your brand and create a shield or "iron dome" that allows you to defend yourself whenever you need.

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Rameez Ramzan
Rameez Ramzan is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Cubix, a Washington based renowned mobile app development company. He specializes in link building, content marketing, and site audits to help sites perform better. In his leisure time, he likes to read blogs related to Content Marketing and by the way, he is also a big fan of Neil Patel.

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