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Top 10 Best Architects in India 2020

Top 10 Best Architects in India 2020

Monday July 27, 2020,

5 min Read

As India witnessed the rise of dispensable income in urban communities, the growth of luxury homes, themed villas and customised interiors have taken a sharp upswing and so the need for not just qualified architects but also reputed ones. More so in a nation like India, the constant demand for creative architects, consulting engineers coupled with technical expertise paved way for a new market, Interior Design.

A handful of designers have already created a brand for them with their niche finesse and are considered premium in the market place.

This Article brings you Top 10 Best Architects in India, 2020

1.     Hafeez Contractor:

After graduating from the University of Mumbai he went on to pursue Master’s degree from Colombia university and he never looked back since then. He now has a chapter on his name in 8th standard NCERT text book.

The government of India awarded him Padma Bhushan for his exemplary contribution to mega commercial and residential projects like DY Patil stadium, Hiranandani Gardens, Infosys Mysore campus and the 3rd tallest residential building in the world, 23 Marina.

2. Brinda Somaya

She being a member of committee of environmental impact assessment of new construction projects and new industrial estates under the ministry of Environment and Forests’, Brinda Somaya has earned reputation as a visionary architect with her notable projects like TCS Indore & the Kensington club in Nasik.

She is a graduate in BA from Mumbai University and holds MA degree form Smith College, Northampton.

3.  Morphogenesis - Manit Rastogi and Sonali Rastogi

Manit Rastogi and Sonali Rastogi’s designs are drawn from climatic specifications and socio-cultural contexts driven by meticulous research-oriented approach to policy, planning, design & technology.

Each of their design focusses on the principle of SOUL — Sustainability, Optimisation, Uniqueness and Liveability. As matter of fact, Morphogenesis brings in global perspective to architectural design in Indian context.

4.  B.V Joshi

The recipient of the most prestigious prize in architecture, Pritzker Architecture Prize, Mr. B.V Joshi is a pioneer in Indian architectural design.

His style is inspired from historic Indian monuments, and the works of European and American architects. He has always procreated an architectural masterpieces that are serious, never flashy or a follower of trends. His best works include IM-Bangalore, IIM Udaipur & NIFT New Delhi.

5.  Raj Rewal

A distinguished architect whose works are a true depiction of nature, is a leading designer in India. He completed a degree in architecture in New Delhi and moved to London in 1955.

He focussed on residential, housing, public and institutional buildings and most of his work is characterized by a concern for climate sensitivity, humane architecture and the promotion of craftsmanship and technologies.

His top works are Asiad Village, Parliament Library, Hall of Nations & STC Building, New Delhi.

6.  Shashi Prabhu

Shashi Prabhu is one of the top Indian architects has designed Sports Complexes, Hospitals, Club Houses and Infrastructure projects throughout the country.

His company Shashi Prabhu & Associates is headquartered in Mumbai and was founded in 1967 and since then the company has delivered many outstanding projects like Wankhede Stadium, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Indira Gandhi indoor stadium, new Delhi, Balewadi stadium Pune, Bank of India office ,Mumbai and a lot more educational institutions and cultural structures.

7.  Christopher Charles Benninger

The American-Indian architect and planner, Mr. Christopher Charles Benninger resigned from his tenured post at Harvard and shifted to Ahmedabad in 1971.

His work in urban design, city management & town planning are much out of his intelligent urbanism and so he was recognised as one of the top ten architects in India by Construction World Magazine.

His mega projects include College of engineering – Pune, IIT Hyderabad, Mahindra united world college of India & Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies.

8. Rahul Mehrotra

He is the Professor of Urban Design and Planning and Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard graduate school of design (GSD) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Known for his activism behind the declaration of urban precincts as conservation areas in Mumbai, Rahul has materialised projects ranging from recycling urban land and master planning in Mumbai to the design of art spaces, boutiques, weekend houses, factories, social institutes and office buildings across India.

9.  Rajiv Saini

Rajiv being a computer science graduate, his dream to be one of the best architects in India drove him pursue diploma in architecture and went on to design Devigarh Hotel, Udaipur The Marriot Hotel (Goa), Resto-bars like Senso (New Delhi), Rain And Velvet (Mumbai),Fashion Store ‘Carma’ (New Delhi).

His designs very specific and focuses on refining design ideas to come up with a unique solution that is architecturally coherent and socially relevant.

10. Serie Architects - Kapil Gupta and Christopher Lee

Known for their organizational intelligence, elegance and contextual engagement, Christopher Lee and Kapil Gupta have been leading Serie Architects since 2006 handling diverse set of projects, from residential and commercial to hotels and schools.

Their breath-taking designs include School of Design & Environment, Jameel Arts Centre, Oasis Terraces, Science Park Drive, Qualia, One Pearl Bank & Shrimand Rajchandra Ashram Satsang Hall.