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Top 10 Best Mental Health Websites In 2020

Top 10 Best Mental Health Websites In 2020

Wednesday April 01, 2020,

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Mental health is all about the emotional well being of a person. It is about how a person behaves and reacts to situations and if the person is able to tackle stress. It can be a great habit, to gain as much awareness about mental health as much as possible. And, to do that here is a list of websites about mental health that comprehensively cover several aspects pertaining to mental and emotional well being.

These websites about mental health cover everything from raising awareness about mental health to several tips and tricks for maintaining good mental health.

Top 10 Best Mental Health Websites

Here is the list of best mental health sites:

1. Psych Central

Psych Central is one of the oldest websites about mental health. The award winning website has been around ever since 1995 and has touched the lives of many. As is quite evident from the name the blog keenly focuses on the psych of a person.

It contains vast information on topics such as addictions, anxiety, mental health disorders and several other related topics. The best part is the website is maintained by experienced mental health professionals. When visiting this website you can be rest assured that the information would be 100% genuine and authentic.

The website has already been applauded and captured by the likes of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME and many other esteemed media platforms across the globe.

2. Head To Health

Is a website that has tons and tons of information on how you can achieve great mental health. You can also refer this site to anyone who is in mental stress.

It is one of those websites about mental health that is very intuitive thereby focusing on the human aspect. Here, even if you are unaware of how to talk about your mental health, you could start by conversing with a chatbot who would direct you on the right path.

Next, you can call their 24*7 lifeline support that is forever there to listen to you and help you with the crisis.

3. Headspace

If you are finding it hard to focus on your life-goals all because you are stressed, then you should definitely check Headspace out. It contains hundreds of articles and blogs about mental health.

It covers tons of topics on various meditation techniques, how to get a peaceful and fulfilling sleep and how to tackle stress. 

While the mental health website offers you free resources for sometime, you can opt for a premium subscription as well.

4. Verywell mind

Verywell mind is one website that you should consult to gain deep knowledge about mental health and awareness. It has a myriad of content pieces curated by physicians and experienced healthcare professionals - doctors, social workers, therapists and physicians.

The mental health website doesn’t just talk deeply about disorders but even has engaging content on a variety of self improvement tricks and psychology.

5. Calm Sage

A peaceful mind in a high paced world can be achieved only if you’ve inculcated the right habits in your lifestyle. And, Calm Sage is one of those websites about mental health which posts actionable tips and tricks through which a person can attain a state of great mental well being.

Calm Sage contains a variety of aspects of mental health by delivering engaging blogs about anxiety, mental health, depression and many more related topics. There are not just blogs but a variety of formats through which the website delivers content. Apart from mental health blogs, the websites frequently publish videos, podcasts and interesting content formats to spread awareness.   

Moreover, Calm Sage frequently posts user stories which make this website about mental health even more relatable.

6. 7 Cups

Stress can go to an extent when it can take a critical toll on your mental health as well. It is imperative that you have someone to talk to and vent that stress out. And, when we say someone, we mean someone who is wise and empathetic enough. 7 cups is one of those websites about mental health which has caring listeners who are always there for offering emotional support.

It has over 300,000 trained listeners and over 180 therapists who have already helped over 25 million people.

7. Developing Good habits

As mentioned earlier in the blog, if you have incorporated good habits in your lifestyle, you have a higher probability of not going through stress in life. That’s because then you’ll be able to differentiate between what’s wrong and what’s right. You’ll be able to take steps that’ll make your life simple and simplicity in a way does remove stress. That’s exactly what Developing Good Habits focuses on.

Developing Good Habits helps you take up good habits that can improve your health, increase your mental and physical fitness.

8. Happiful

Key to overall happiness is mental peace, something that can be attained is everything in your life is sorted.

Whatever it is that is causing your mental stress, you can find an answer to it on Happiful. From how to deal with relationships in your life to smart hacks of staying happy, the website covers practical content on all topics related to mental health.

Plus, this mental health site also touches upon points like culture which break societal barriers regarding certain topics.

9. The Mighty

Last but not the least, The Mighty is a website that gives you enormous amounts of support through quality content on health related challenges. It has community support which provides valuable input on mental health related topics on a daily basis.

You can post your thoughts and ask questions based on which compassionate readers will reply back. These topics could cover aspects like issues concerning mental health.

We know how uncomforting things can get when one has a tremendous amount of mental stress and the above websites about mental health will for sure be able to give you correct perspective and a way to deal with them.

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