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TOP UI Design Trends to Look for in the Year 2020

UI trends are not just fulfilling users’ aesthetic requirements but also offer them a great level of usability.

UI trends are not just fulfilling users’ aesthetic requirements but also offer them a great level of usability.

The user interface of your website and app put the first impression of your brand in the mind of users. Perhaps, you may lose some users if they don’t like the UI when they take a quick look. So, it is a very important aspect and first step of user experience even before they begin with you. To enhance user engagement, you certainly need to follow the most recent design trends of UI.

UI trends are not just fulfilling users’ aesthetic requirements but also offer them a great level of usability. Therefore, if you keep up with the latest trends wisely, you will have happier users as a user interface of your website or app affect the users’ mood, helps build trust for businesses and a good UI makes an app simple to use. Below, we have discussed some popular UI design trends and which are followed by top web design companies.

Seamless Interface

Seamless interfaces mean you can visit a complete website through a page, in this interface the main page includes all the pages and it allows you to go from page to page without any transitions. So, the visitors are not required to leave the main page.

Seamless interfaces are amazing; however, the functionality is pretty tough to employ. When you use WordPress, the best thing to focus is on optimizing your page loading times effectively. If somehow, you successfully minimize the load time, you can offer awesome browsing experience just as a single page browsing.

Geometric Layers

Grid-based layouts are pretty popular nowadays. In these layouts, simple geometric shapes are used for the visual presentation of your responsive website designing content and easy navigation. You can use grids as per your needs; you can also use broken and uneven grids.

Geometric layers are basically made of simple grid design. They also include boxes and rectangles, and more complex shapes, like polygons, triangles, circles, and more. This design aims to showcase shapes, and geometric layers can be used to separate sections or highlight content.

Bold Color Gradients

Using safe color palettes in the UI designs are in the trend. However, the best thing to use a bold color gradient. This is true that bold colors on your websites bring user's attention easily, and good combination of colors can help you make your website look more vibrant and impressive.


Micro-interactions are the best way to use when you desire to highlight how certain features of your website work. They make your websites look wonderful, elegant, and unlike other kinds of animations, they will not interfere with the functionality, performance, and speed of your website. They are generally used for situations where you need to highlight a call to action and to confirm something on your website like a submit button.

From Static Content to Video Design

Since, most of us know and understand that a striking icon or logo says a thousand words about the brand itself, so, when we talk about the user interface development, it is certainly a great tool to grab the users’ attention.

However, in the graphic design industry, after 3D-models- full-screen video content is in the trend to effectively represent the visual appeal. There are a great number of advantages of videos; however, the biggest one is it amazingly helps engage customers. Videos are powerful, effective, more attractively, and significantly improves the users’ experience.

Uses of Cards in Web and Mobile Apps

Perhaps you are familiar with the cards (Facebook and Pinterest were trailblazers), however, it is something new for many designers. As per Google, the cards give a glimpse about something and it may include photos, text, or links related to that subject. Moreover, various sizes of cards can be used as per the topic.

The cards look amazing and comparatively attractive, eye-catching and allow to present huge sets of information in one tiny space. Users can have a glance at the information quickly and decide whether they want to go ahead or not. The cards are perfect for all platforms including smaller-screen devices to desktops.

Sound Design

As the name suggests, this design includes soothing, cute sounds that users enjoy when they come to your website. The sound UI design helps make the user experience awesomely pleasant and joyful.

Similar to other industries, in software development also trends in UI design keep changing and upgrading time to time. However, experts of custom web design companies choose the one which they found more useful, effective and powerful. Mobile app developers also need to carefully select the new UI design trends they want offer their users.

Using Attractive Animations

Everyone knows that animations are an imperative part of UI designing. So the developers must use interactive and attractive animations to personify images and fonts. It is expected that micro-animations will gain popularity in the upcoming months. They are the reason behind the formation of the main elements that the users see in the app. Custom animations and visuals are still an important part of UI/UX designing as they are adequate for creating a warm and user-friendly environment.

The creativity due to animations also attracts the customers to have a look at what the company can offer. In the case of mobile apps also, interactive animations are responsible for user attraction and app growth.

3D Graphics

With low popularity in 2018, 3D graphics will gain popularity in 2019. Although 3D elements load slowly, they are eye-catchy and attractive. No customer wants to wait for the page to be load, due to this 3D graphics rank last in our list.

The major advantage of using 3D graphics is that 3D designs look more realistic and interactive. Integrating 3D graphics in web and mobile interfaces require experts’ skills. 3D graphics make the website more impressive and these elements also create a feeling of depth. Augmented Reality has changed the scenario of 3D designing. With the popularity of AR, 3D graphics took a huge leap forward in the industry.

Developments That Are Converting the Future Of UX

Conversational UX

Programs having no visible interface or instructions to remember are growing in the marketplace at a speedy tempo. Customers can in reality chat or talk with them just as they do with their circle of relatives or buddies. Conversational UX will carry a huge exchange within the manner of human interaction with gadgets. Natural language recognition is growing and in upcoming years, frictionless computing may be a brand-new truth. OK Google, Call Harry. Hey Siri, what are the traffic updates? Alexa, play Linkin Park songs. Tech leader’s Apple, Amazon, and Google have already delivered conversational interfaces within the market.

 The destiny of human interplay with gadgets can be Screenless. So, developers may not be designing visible interfaces extra often, rather, the improvement of conversational UX will be major concern. There are a few belongings you ought to preserve in mind for your conversational designs.

•                   start with an introduction about your conversational layout

•                   make it clear that the issue on the alternative facet is a bot

•                   confirm proper answer before moving directly to the subsequent question

Attractive Designing Tools

Earlier developers used to hack layout equipment for developing designs on your web. They included new technology with illustrator and photoshop to create mock-ups, flows, and wireframes. Businesses have now realized the significance of interactive and attractive UX. Now they're investing in it to generate business profits. Diverse web designing tools with updated features had been brought within the market.

Presently, the ruler of the designing market is a comic strip, a device advanced for targeted interface designing. As it gives a strong set of plugins and functions for growing the UX interface, it has turn out to be to top desire for most of the designers.

Adobe launched its new UI/UX designing tool referred to as XD to give a tough opposition to sketch. It has a function of prototyping additives and gives windows compatibility. However, Figma is a brand-new device that runs on an internet browser and allows real-time collaboration is likewise gaining popularity and will offer new scopes for UX designing inside the destiny.

The prototyping is constantly evolving. A brand-new plugin referred to as craft has been launched by way of invasion for both Sketch and Photoshop. It facilitates customers in developing web designs with sync styles, real statistics, and prototypes. Facebook has its personal prototyping device Origami Studio and on the other hand, Framer is continuously rolling out updates to make designing better and flexible.

Mobile Devices are Future

Luke Wroblewski recommended that the website needs to be advanced for the mobile device first. The number of mobile customers is growing at a speedy pace, this means that mobile technology is immortal. Due to the increase in mobile telephone users, the use of the internet is also increasing. The reports inform that there is a relatively number of mobile customers than computer users. Smartphones have modified our manner of accessing information and speaking with each other. But nonetheless, mobile UX is horrific and no longer easy.

Incorporated Designing

If you are making plans to create designs, then you need to understand that technology is increasing at a rapid pace and mobile phones are becoming smarter, effective, and integrated. Apps are starting to respond while keeping the consumer's desires and choices. Input a restaurant and the app will suggest to you what to order in few taps with your likes. Want to trip around the city, your phone will assist you with the in-app map feature.

The integration of statistics and services is likewise growing. Now you do not ought to open a selected app to perform a challenge, alternatively, you could use voice instructions to perform various obligations. Apps that cannot combine with every other look like broken users enjoy. We will effortlessly interact with the home equipment and devices of our homes, workplaces, and car as well as the usage of mobile devices. To provide better user experience, those apps also communicate and share useful information with each other.

Developing A Library

The Airbnb layout language machine is a group of components described by way of shared principles and patterns.


Retaining and growing a powerful layout gadget requires huge funding. Airbnb crew recognized the paradoxes in its product and then created its first layout device for the products. Designers created multiple designs and laid out the displays side-by using-facet to find out wherein the experiences have been breaking.

Green sample libraries help in supplying annotations, descriptions, and contextual info. Pattern libraries act as a centralized hub for all of the features of the user interface. Those libraries additionally show the sample and code changes in addition to additionally permits the users to feature real-time records into patterns. Like another product, designing additionally needs preservation and updates to prevail. Huge companies like salesforce and Google actually have a committed group of designers for improving their layout systems often.

UX for Virtual Reality

Now with the non-stop emergence of the technology, UX isn't best restrained to mobile displays or computing devices. Virtual Reality is a new and thrilling design mission, which has been within the marketplace for a while. But because of headsets like Oculus Rift, VR has turn out to be greater on hand and interesting. Designing for a flat display screen is a lot simpler than designing for two-dimensional displays. But it isn't always possible to translate 2-d design concepts into 3-dimensional layout environments.

Rapid and Easy Designing

Once a positive factor of the layout is created, there is no need to start from the start each time you develop a brand new web app. With AI, it will be smooth for the software to keep all the required facts itself, making it possible for the software to create perfect UX designs spontaneously. AI libraries stores the components and tools used for interaction, which can be accessed on every occasion wanted.


These are some major and important factors that will help you in keeping your website ahead in the competition. The UI trend of application development will be growing continuously with the coming updates and technologies. Some of the old trends of 2019 like artificial intelligence, gradients, and visuals will remain popular in 2020 but they will also be replaced with the upcoming technologies in the future.