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Trends That Will Change Digital Marketing In 2020?

4 Simple Strategies To Optimize for Voice Search

Trends That Will Change Digital Marketing In 2020?

Monday February 17, 2020,

5 min Read

Digital marketing has changed a lot since the days it came into practice. The industry has seen drastic changes this year, and 2020 It will be the next big year. Though you might not like all of them as a marketer, Google is trying hard to make it a better place for users and seem successful as well.


As a professional, you must keep yourself updated with the latest Digital Marketing trends. Let's see what changes digital marketing can see in the coming year.

Voice Search

According to Comscore, 50% of searches will be done by voice search in 2020.

The reason is we have Google Assistant and Alexa to assist us. Google Home and Alexa will eliminate the need for even a screen by offering audio responses.


Now, your website ranking will not even matter because Google will pick the most relevant answer and not the one that stands on number one. If you are reading something about voice search, it's best to learn how you can leverage it for the benefit of your website.


4 Simple Strategies To Optimize for Voice Search

Optimizing for voice search will bring you the new traffic that is shifting to voice search. Also, the number of visitors will increase as voice search becomes more common.

Use Structured Data

Have you heard about metadata? Structured data or schema markup is essentially the metadata trick. It goes utilized because it requires work. But, it will help optimize voice results by providing little details that users try to access through voice search. For example, contact numbers, addresses, calories, etc. can be added with metadata.

Google My Business Listing

When local keywords are used irrespective of location title, Google goes through my business listing. Create your profile with name, contact number, and address. Add correct details and make sure area code is added to the phone number.

Mobile-Friendly Site

Since voice search is mostly done with mobile, your site should be mobile-friendly. Also, focus on responsive website design to make the website easy to navigate for Google crawlers when they try to acquire information.

User Focused Content

Create informative content. Your blog posts must answer the questions and queries of your users. Research the most commonly asked voice search questions and answer them in your blog posts.

Improving Website Traffic From Google Through Voice

There are several ways apart from the strategies mentioned above.

●     Don't forget SEO.

●     Use phrases as keywords. Focus on conversation keywords, as well.

●     Write featured snippets. You don't need to do something special. Try to answer the question you are focusing on in the least possible words.

Complex Yet Beneficial Algorithm Updates

As analyzed by Neil Patel, Google updates 12 algorithms every year, on average. All the updates seemed inappropriate to website owners, but they surely improve user experience. From blocking low-quality content to penalizing sites that use spammy links, it improved the portal for users. Google updates algorithms to improve user experience by offering them content that they will love.


So, it's not about Google; it's about users. Shift your attention to users, and you will see the change happening. Optimize your website for better user experience, and it will rank higher.

Video Content Will Acquire A Higher Position

Technology has made us lazy, and we are getting lazier day by day. From switching to voice search to skip typing, switching to video content to slip reading that much makes sense. Written content is no longer the ultimate future of digital marketing. Video content not only makes it faster but also easy to understand.


If you are sharing a product manual, a video following all the steps practically will make more sense to users.

Artificial Intelligence Will Shape The Future Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in 2020 will be all about Artificial intelligence and automation. From chatbots already working as a support executives, they will become your social media manager too.

Artificial intelligence software can analyze data and user behavior to create content that makes sense. It can schedule content and even post on your social media channels. Learn more about influence marketing at Digital Marketing Classes in Ahmedabad. You can bid smartly in Google ads and other features when you work with AI.

Influence Marketing Will Grow Larger

Influence marketing is undoubtedly not a new concept, but it has acquired a completely different outlook in 2019. 2020 will be all about it.


From big celebrities promoting brands on television, YouTube, Instagram, and currently TikTok influences have revised it better.

It's the time of nano influences whom people feel more connected with. Join Digital Marketing Classroom Courses to get a deeper understanding of this trend.

Switch To Multi-Channel Marketing

You can't achieve the best results with one marketing channel. The time had gone when companies like Dropbox made it to billions with just one channel.


Focus on everything from SEO, PPC, SMM, influence marketing, Artificial intelligence, automation, etc.


The trends are ever-evolving and will go on growing in the coming years as well. If you find it challenging to keep up with all of them, join a Digital Marketing Institute in Ahmedabad. You will get a chance to work on live projects, making it possible for you to gain some practical knowledge.