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Trends to watch out for iOS App Development in 2020

Trends to watch out for iOS App Development in 2020

Wednesday January 01, 2020,

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Talking about technology then, it has never failed to impress us. With time advancement is on its way to create massive disruption in trends of iOS app development. Also, you can't ignore that mobile app development company are generating more revenue from smart devices and expected to increase by $ 580 billion by 2020.

For Mobile App Development, both users and developers are responsible for the evolutions. Also, we can't deny that these trends have made our lives simplified in different ways. No doubt the mobile app development company will remodel itself in the upcoming year. With these various businesses are getting new opportunities with an active user base. There is business who are looking to build mobile application and are seeking advantages which will help them to appear shinier and shape their business based on the current market.

Let's understand which Mobile app Development trends will rule in 2020.

  • Integrated ATS

Apple assures to give full app security by adding embed features. In iOS app development, developers mainly have focused on preventing hackers with invalidating user's data. With the release of the new version of iOS 13, developers are now have become authorized to integrate with ATS Application.

  • Integrated of AR and VR

iOS has also played a vital role in the virtual world where integration with AR and VR technology used globally. The developers mainly focused on enhancing user trust and experience by offering them a real-time application. Today, businesses in different sectors give real-world expertise in applications.

  • Swift 5 Standalone Framework

iOS app development company has mainly focused on how to do business works with the release of Swift 5. Also, iOS 13 has added features and standalone framework developed for productivity. The tool built to increase compatible with Linux develops an easy upgrade for new Swift 5 for app development.

  • IoT and Wearables Era

Today,iPhone and iOS app developers are in high popularity that help in cultivating and focus on various technologies. These wearables and IoT technologies create apps with setting a substantial facet of technology enhancement. For example: If you forgot to lock your door while going out so instead of returning home, you need installing an IoT app on your smartphone and a lock system with an active internet. Whereas, wearables can track a user's fitness and shows your health reports on your device. 

  • Enterprise Development

This is one of the critical development that developers need while developing an iOS application. EMM and APM are two primary components used in enterprise mobile application. APM( Application Performance Management) is a suitable tool for testing apps. Whereas EMM(Enterprise Mobile Management) helps companies to enable safely mobile devices that help in mobile computing to organize a business as it will give the best experience with highly improved security and other productivity.

  • The rise in Machine Learning and AI

Manufacturing and medical sectors have shown a significant impact after implementing machine learning and AI. They could get high precision and capacity by capturing real-time events. Moreover, integration between two will be helpful in crucial activities such as mobile app development.

  • Entry in Big Data

Big Data helps your organization to harness data and use it to identify an opportunity. Big Data uses technologies such as Cloud-based analytics, Hadoop and more to bring significant advantages. It helps in faster and better decision making based on what you require. Help with creating new products and meet customers.


Mobile app development trends will undoubtedly grow with market trends. What you can do is to watch out the trend and apply it to your industry. For newbies, it might be challenging to use these technologies, but with the help of industry, expert one can always find ways to develop mobile app development trend.