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Thursday May 02, 2019,

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Would you like to learn about strategies and tricks to save money and to live your condition as a student away from home with greater serenity? Your answer can only be yes unless you have more well-off parents who can easily support all the expenses that arise from your choice of going to live alone. We know well that the life of a university student who lives outside his own city is not simple, neither from the logistical-organizational point of view nor from the economic point of view.

The university tuition, books, lodging, bills, grocery shopping, metro passes and if possible some pizza with friends make it almost impossible to reach the end of the month with money in your pocket.

Here are some useful tips to save at home without giving up living.

Save on accommodation

The most significant expense for a student who studies outside his own city, or who chooses to go on his own, is rent. Our advice is to share accommodation with another student. Maybe cohabitation is not a solution that excites you particularly, but if you choose the roommate well you will appreciate the presence of some money in your wallet at the end of the month.

Alternatively, you could also evaluate the institutions run by the people which are decidedly more convenient than renting an apartment.

Save on bills

If you do not include utilities in your monthly rent and you have to sign electricity, water and gas contracts on your behalf, we advise you to carefully analyze the offers of the various suppliers; they are not all the same and above all, each one adapts to different needs. 

The same goes for internet connection: remember that there are special rates for students, which could save you a few euros at the end of the month.

How to save on spending

The expenses that mostly affect a student's low monthly budget include food. Due to lack of time, inexperience or the lack of desire to cook in the kitchen, young people tend to make rather gross mistakes during the fateful moment of ' shopping at the supermarket '.

The first step from which to start is the list, which consists of the day-to-day appointment of the basic necessities that are missing in the pantry. 

Attention, we have said 'of first necessity' therefore we refer to vegetables, salt, oil, milk, water and so on. Therefore, try to avoid pinning the so-called superfluous foods, which you would buy only because you are driven by irrepressible and sudden gluttony. The second step is the identification of the most convenient sales points; usually, small shops 'under the house', as practical and logistically more comfortable, have higher prices than supermarkets. Small stores can be good for emergencies, for example when you forgot to buy milk and don't want to go back to the center. For important shopping, we recommend shopping centers and supermarkets. When you arrive at the supermarket, holding your beautiful list of essential things, it's time to compare. For the same product, whether it is a pack of spaghetti or a bottle of oil, prices can vary.

Savings packages are also among the tricks to save on spending

However, before launching yourself onto the shelf and filling the cart with dozens of ' savings packs ', check that the deadlines are not too close. As for non-packaged products, you must instead check the prices per kilo or per liter, depending on the type. In the beginning, the calculations could be complex, but with a little habit you will be able to do good business; among other things, we all know that packaging has a cost and that buying loose products is more convenient.

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