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How This Online E- Learning Maths Platform Is Most Promising EdTech Startup

How E-Learning Is Creating A New Wave In The Educational Industry. This online e-learning platform has emerged intending to help students in Mathematics.

How This Online E- Learning Maths Platform Is Most Promising EdTech Startup

Wednesday June 03, 2020,

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The changes already sweep the world, be it COVID19, or digitalisation of almost all sectors. The most impacted sector is Education Industry.E - Learning was conceptualised with the purpose to provide ease of learning. In advent, TruMath - Key to Learn Mathematics with easy learning methods and practices has evolved, and it has revolutionised the terms of remote learning and making Mathematics easy to all the students. 

E-Learning platform - TruMath has driven students Maths e-learning to the next level. TruMath has transformed E-learning radically and exponentially. 

We have also seen that during the era of digital marketing, the education industry has also seen a considerable amount of transition. There is immense potential in the online education industry that contributes to achieving sustainable growth for the students. 

In the context, one E-Learning platform - TruMath has is driving students Maths e-learning to the next level. TruMath has transformed E-learning radically and exponentially. This platform enables the students to have an easy user interface and pointers to learn the toughest subject on the planet.

TruMath by kartika sharma

Let us have more insights about the Incredible E-Learning Platform - TruMath

Insights About Incredible E-Learning Platform - TruMath

TruMath is a unique online education platform for students across the nation to study Mathematics. With the help of the digitalisation and latest Tech, TruMath has replicated the best possible ‘Offline Study Model’ on the Virtual Platform. The name TruMath strikes into the mind of Sachin, as it brings a true sense of learning Mathematics and it imparts a true sense of imbibing tedious conceptual knowledge to the students in the more effortless and more absorbing form. 

Interactive classes by trumath

Though it has been that the students hate mathematics because most of the methods used in classes are based upon Rote learning which is entirely wrong, the same student acts like a genius when playing a strategic game but gets stuck in maths. The reason Maths requires logical reasoning, and if not explained in a simplified manner, it appears to be a dungeon to the student. To tackle this problem, TruMath has simplified logics and amplified the learning process. It makes a child understand the ‘Art of Problem Solving ‘ in Maths which ensures  that he enjoys the subject and scores well too.

TruMath by kartika sharma


The prime motto is to ensure an easy interface and interactive platform. The company has been providing an App-based education facility to students with an exponentially growing user base since 2017. In a way, TruMath is bridging the gap between ‘Offline Study Model’ and ‘Online Study Model’ by concentrating on individual learning through an online medium using the advantages of offline learning structure. The successful start-up with its base in Jalandhar, Punjab, is delivering the best-in-class Mathematics education to students across India and internationally.  TruMath has both App-based and Web-based models and helps students gain 100% marks in the board exam.

Motto Behind Setting Up TruMath

Sachin Gulati - Mathematics genius experience of over 20 years has evolved with the idea of TruMath. It is an expert online e-learning platform, and was  founded in 2017 After seeing the complications and lack of receptiveness that  maximum students are facing in India due to lack of an appropriate curriculum, he invented an e-learning platform known as TruMath. It aims to overcome the prevailing drawbacks and limitations of the online study and speedily gaining grounds among the learners across India. The main motto was to break the ice between the toughest subject and children.  It has been seen that parents always encourage children only for offline studies. However, the significant difference between online and offline lessons is that it clear the shortcomings with conceptual clarity.  

With this motto, Sachin Gulati plans to provide the best Mathematics education to children with the minimum spend on it. With the flexible approach and direct access to experts, TruMath plans to maximise learning with individual expert help to the children. The startup has gained more than 65,000+ app downloads in the last two years, with more than 7% conversion rate and 100% retention of the user base.

The uniqueness of TruMath is that it is apt for the actual requirements of the Indian students. The curriculum is designed as the textbooks, but it provides a more effortless and receptive version of the tough and lengthy books. The study model of TruMath follows CBSE and ICSE curriculum with well-planned online classroom sessions to give a personalised experience to students. It is amalgamated with all the benefits of the offline classroom as well as an online classroom. With innovative and hi-tech approaches, TruMath has a team of expert teachers. With the rare online courses on Maths, TruMath aims to reach to all corners of India and gather the students who have the zeal to learn Mathematics. The startup also expanded itself in 2019 and started coaching students for the IIT JEE exam, which is Mr Sachin Gulati’s forte. Along with Indian students, the startup is also providing its services to the overseas students based out of Singapore, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Russia studying CBSE curriculum.

About The Founder of TruMath - Sachin Gulati

Sachin Gulati is the Founder of TruMath, a unique and interactive online learning platform. He innovatively developed a TruMath Online E-Learning platform which has a set of expert teachers and tech experts to facilitate Mathematics learning across India. His major foray is in handling content creation, lecture planning, learning structure and application management for TruMath. He, along with his team, also manages the communication and engagement with TruMath students and their parents. It is both directly and indirectly, facilitating the 360 degrees understanding of students in Mathematics and building the conceptual base. Along with this, the team is highly adaptive and also Sachin is also responsible for expansion planning of the startup. Sachin also ensures that each student is grasping the concept and also explains the problems if that is creating hindrance to the progress of the student.

Sachin Gulati - Founder of TruMath

Sachin Gulati - Founder TruMath

Impact of COVID 19 On Education Industry 

Recent pandemic in the world has left everyone on the toe, and here are the views of the founder that how it impacted the educational industry. During this pandemic, when students cannot attend school, they need to learn and practice regularly. TruMath - an innovative e-learning platform provides easy accessibility to the expert Maths teacher with flexible hours of learning.More views from  Sachin on this situation. He believes that education is always revolutionising. COVID 19 has just accelerated the process and transited it to the next level. The transformation to online learning is going to happen sooner than we expect because the same understanding can be achieved by a better teacher without any geographical constraint and at a more suitable time and still an affordable fee structure. He further adds that after the COVID impact, we are in talks with many schools to enact the virtual learning platform -TruMath. It will be hugely beneficial for the students as they can learn from homes, and it also helps them to get individual attention. 

Future Plans of TruMath

With this innovative and rare concept, TruMath looks forward to expanding its base and revolutionising the education industry. In the coming time, the startup aims to outreach to the  1 million students by 2020 and help them excel in Maths through online learning methodology. 

Also, the startup is planning to spread wings to other nations like Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It wants to collaborate with the schools of these nations and educate Maths through remote learning methods. Indeed, e-learning is providing a foolproof platform. Understanding Maths and attaining high marks out of this subject is quite a tedious task that is made easier by TruMath.