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How To Turn Trending Topics Into Incredible Blog Posts

How To Turn Trending Topics Into Incredible Blog Posts

Friday July 31, 2020,

3 min Read

Successful blogging is every blogger’s aspiration but not all bloggers can come up with concrete ideas and succeed. The first and foremost rule you ought to follow in blogging is having an audience. You cannot write about topics that people don’t even care about to search for. You won’t make it on the SERPs.

The second rule you need to follow is conversing with your audience as a successful blogger Mike Butcher rightly said, 

“Blogging is a conversation, not a code”. 

No matter how swiftly you up to your digital marketing and advertising game, if your content doesn’t serve the purpose, it will go all in vain.

There are plenty of trending ideas right now with you, but how do we turn these into incredible blog posts? This is what we’re going to learn in this article. So, let’s get started without any more fluff stuff. 

Reviews-Based Blog Post

People nowadays are equipped with a lot of work and therefore restrain from conducting thorough research before buying items, traveling, or opting for a stay. Here’s where you can be of help to them.

Write great honest reviews by conducting thorough research and make sure to include the pros and cons of the same to serve your reader with a takeaway at the end of your blog. You can include links in your blog posts and earn a commission every time a purchase is made through that link by working as an affiliate.

Here is an example of how I write review post at Blogging Filter on various tools that can help bloggers accelerate their revenue.

Case Study

Entrepreneurs and businesses are always in search of case studies to know more about the successful campaigns that were implemented by other large scale businesses. 

Large companies follow a certain strategy to receive that kind of turnover. Small businesses would then be gifted with the takeaways you have provided by diving into the campaign’s strategy. You can also make case studies on another person’s life and provide an inspirational essence to it.

‘How-to’ Guide

Guidance is so important in one's life and so is it on the web. There are tons of topics in which you can make a step-by-step tutorial to guide your readers. Honestly, these pieces are the best avenue for you as you’re adding value to your readers’ lives by providing relevant and useful content and you’re also making them stay on your site for a long time.

I always try to write an in-depth article to include all the steps.

Moreover, bloggers who write articles of 2,000+ words are far more likely to have strong results, according to stats. These guides are sure to cross the mark as no stone is left unturned, covering every minute detail.

Fictional Short Stories

Who doesn’t love and admire fictional short stories? This is probably the best and the most profitable for those not having a knack for writing about products or life-related subjects. In this niche, you’re not required to make a 500-page novel to make money. 

You just need to be passionate about writing and showcasing your creative side. Jot down the plot and theme of your stories, make your characters say and do things, and you’ll soon have someone willing to purchase your writing.


Profitable and successful blogging requires hard work. However, it is always a fun and profitable way to convert your hobby into a serious money-making business. You’re surrounded by tons of trending topics but to channelize it properly you need to come up with fantastic ways to connect with your audience.