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20 Best Help Desk Software Tools

20 Best Help Desk Software Tools

Wednesday January 15, 2020,

14 min Read

20 Best Help Desk Software Tools for 2020

Reuters predicts that the helpdesk software market will reach a staggering USD 11 billion by 2023.


You shouldn’t be because “Customers of all ages are moving away from using the phone to using self-service”, reports Forrester.

Customers are more inclined towards communicating with chatbots, communities, virtual agents, live chat, and other web or mobile points of self-service rather than pick up a phone and be connected to someone in a call center.

With a decrease in phone volume and observing a subsequent growth in digital channels, companies today have no option but to invest in a knowledge management system that has been streamlined to meet the requirements of the modern customer.

The core concept behind this is to influence communities and broaden the impact of curated content. This is what help desk systems have been designed to achieve.

Moreover, some of the best helpdesk software is developed with built-in architecture to support analytics. These analytics assist you to run checks on your overall customer service ratings and other KPIs. You get to track KPIs like resolution time, response time, underperforming agents, ticket volume, and recurring issues.

Top 20 Helpdesk Software

With so many players in the paid and free helpdesk software segment, selecting the application that is suitable for your business may be a difficult choice to make.

So, take a look at the best help desk software, their unique features that can help you decide if it is a good fit for your business.

1. ProProfs Help Desk:

proprofs help desk software

A cloud-based customer service platform, the ProProfs Help Desk software, has been the recipient of the Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards by Finances Online in 2019.

Businesses who are looking to reduce their customer ticket numbers, then the ProProfs help desk software is the one to go for.

With features that help you:

  • Seamlessly integrated with any website or mobile platform to a swift resolution of customer concerns via a live chat functionality
  • Manage customer-facing inboxes issues in a simplified fashion conveniently with shared inbox
  • Classify emails via labels, internal notes, and priorities
  • Respond to customers in a more timely manner 
  • Provide faster resolutions to customer issues and questions.
  • Minimize ticket support requests by up to 80% with knowledge base integration

Other noteworthy features that make this standout tool are its smart reports and survey functionalities.

With all of these features put together, the outcome is a superior CX and enhanced customer satisfaction, undoubtedly making ProProfs one of the best help desk ticketing software this year.

Available on a free trial, their paid plans start from $15/month, if billed annually.

2. HelpCrunch:

HelpCrunch software

Unquestionably one of the top help desk software, after ProProfs Help Desk, is HelpCrunch. The help desk system can be categorized as more of a smart and innovative customer communication channel. The focus is not only on the conversion of leads to customers to drive sales and retaining current customers, but also managing the entire lifecycle of the customer.

Here is what makes it a unique platform:

  • Can boost sales through intelligent customer interactions and driving brand loyalty
  • Leverage multi-channel communication system that can be operated via web and mobile apps through live chat, ticketing, email marketing, and help desk automation
  • Access in-depth data to get a broader and detailed image of your customer and their activities through robust analytics and reporting insights

Try the software on a free trial and then move on to a premium package that starts from $ 49/month that includes live chat and emails.

3. HelpSumo:

HelpSumo softwae

As a SaaS-based tool, HelpSumo is considered to be one of the best help desk software for small businesses. However, in recent times, more and more medium and large scale businesses across industries have been known to adopt HelpSumo’s help desk system.

The key functionalities that it offers are:

  • A unique a self-service portal and service-level agreement (SLA) policy management feature is built-in the application
  • Standard functions like email ticketing permit users to respond and resolve multiple emails at once with triaging and mass action functions
  • Allowed to create a custom-designed knowledge base and FAQ section

There isn’t a free trial available, but the ‘Baby Plan’ starts at $19/month, which is applicable on a per-agent basis.

4. Teamwork Desk:

Teamwork Desk software

If looking for a help desk software that is quite streamlined and intuitive, then you should certainly opt for Teamwork Desk. One of the best IT help desk software, it strikes a great combination of being a ticket management and customer self-service platform.

Check out its top features:

  • Support teams can handle customer emails in a shared environment and collaborate to resolve queries quickly
  • Productivity and performance greatly enhance with a simplified ticketing system for agents
  • The platform also acts as a marketing tool with possibilities of superior engagement levels between business and customers

You can try the platform for free for a limited period. You will then have to choose a per ticket plan at USD 0.10 per ticket or on a per-agent basis at $7/month.

5. Bitrix 24:

Bitrix24 software

Bitrix 24 is a complete suite with tools that offers a unified platform for management, collaboration, and communication between customers and businesses.

The features that make it a standout platform are:

  • A quick set up process with a simple registration and start sharing files, projects, messages, tasks, and contacts
  • A unique ‘Activity Stream’ allows all support team members to keep track of tasks, effectively
  • Social network, CRM, document tasks and projects management, calendar and planning, sales team and HR management are some of the key solutions offered

A ‘free trial’ is available for one of the best help desk ticketing systems, which you can later upgrade to a premium plan starting from $39/month.

6. Front App:

front help desk software

If your email inbox is becoming an issue, then Front App is probably one of the best help desk software that you can use to manage it efficiently.

The key functionalities that it offers are:

  • Gather all internal and external communication, such as sales and support emails, SMS, chat, and notifications from Twitter and Facebook Messenger into a consolidated inbox
  • Improves the support team’s internal co-operation through a single inbox experience
  • The application can be integrated with third-party platforms like Github to Salesforce

You can begin with the ‘free trial’ and progress to the paid plans starting from $19/month.

7. C-Desk:

cdesk help desk software

Popularly known as one of the best help desk ticketing software, C-Desk is a free web-based platform best suited to managing all types of service requests.

Here is what makes it a unique platform:

  • It functions well as a multi-location software working as a customer support management solution
  • A vast range of tools and features like the customer care module are available to service customer requests
  • Its online service offerings include a mail flow system, taskbar notifier, discussion forum, and C-chat that enables real-time communication with customers

C-Desk is a free helpdesk software. That means startups can try this system as it won’t cost a dime.

8. Revelation:

revelation help desk software

A wide array of options for ticketing solutions is now available to small to large-sized businesses with the Revelation Helpdesk software.  

Here are some of its top features:

  • Now tracking, managing and solving customers issues are conveniently streamlined with the best help desk ticketing system
  • Their ‘Self-Service Interface’ offers an experience that is personalized for the end-users
  • Access ‘Quick Notes’ via a drop-down and open any ticket within the Revelation system

The ‘Core’ plan is free, which can serve up to 3 licenses. Paid plans start from $19/month if billed annually.

9. Groove:

groove help desk software

Groove is the best sales engagement platform for Gmail and Salesforce users, which is being used by 40,000 sales representatives worldwide.

Check out its top features:

  • The platform was developed specifically to cater to the needs of inbound and outbound sales teams
  • Sales reps can use the software to build on their pipeline, engage your accounts, boost your revenue and sell smarter
  • Access is available for in-depth insights and analytics that helps in improving productivity and overall sales processes

You need to request for direct quotes from authorized vendors to be able to use this platform.

10. Atera:

atera help desk software

One of the best IT help desk software, Atera combines a suite of services like remote control, PSA, and RMM in one hub.

The key functionalities that it offers are:

  • The platform with its remote monitoring and management features makes it perfect for start-ups and SMBs
  • Features such as full automation, scripting, patch management, and analytics make the software more user-friendly
  • It has a full-blown billing tool for users

The ‘Pro’ plan is available at $79/month on a per technician basis. You can additionally avail of the ‘free trial’ offer before you upgrade to a paid plan.

11. Agiloft Service Desk:

agiloft help desk software

Agiloft Service Desk compiles various components that integrate into a unified system that assists in the processing of records and provides a dashboard for complete workflow control.  

Here is what makes it a unique platform:

  • Relevant information is displayed in a user-friendly and graphical interface that allows for quick responses to customer issues
  • You can use the Agile SOX compliance automates, enforces and documents IT processes with an in-built audio trail
  • Ensure that customers have valid support contracts before receiving service with Agile’s Contract Management System

You can opt to start with a ‘free trial’ and then upgrade to the ‘Professional’ plan at $45 per license per month.

12. Happyfox:

happyfox help desk software

Happyfox is one of the best help desk software that is cloud-based and offers a sturdy ticket management system for customer service agents.

The features that make it a standout platform are:

  • Using this solution needs no in-depth technical know-how making it ideal for small businesses requiring helpdesk technologies
  • Tickets can be initiated in some ways, for example, directly from the system, via email or through social media mentions
  • The software enables users to collaborate on projects such as round-robin assignments, ticket assignment to staff and escalation performance based on an SLA

There is no ‘free trial’ on offer. Paid plans start from $39 per staff per month.

13. TeamSupport:

teamsupport help desk software

When performing a help desk software comparison, TeamSupport comes to the forefront. That’s because it comes with a complete customer support suite that streamlines the relationships between all departments, communicates and collaborates more effectively, manages clients and resources to provide a swift response to customer issues.

Here are some of its top features:

  • Your business can operate as a single unit specifically when addressing customer issues
  • The software connects seamlessly with third-party applications like MailChimp, Zoho Reports, Dropbox, and many other apps
  • The helpdesk system is ideal for all types of industries with its scalable features like best-in-class reporting, advanced customer self-service portals, screen recordings, live chat, ticket management, and ticket automation

You can use the ‘free trial’ to begin with and then progress to premium packages that start from $50/month.

14. HubSpot Service Hub:

HubSpot help desk software

HubSpot Service Hub, in combination with its CRM, Marketing, and Sales tools, offers a complete and comprehensive range of smart tools that allow users to guide and interact with their customers.

The key functionalities that it offers are:

  • The software is one of the top free helpdesk software that provides a full front solution for your business with crucial features like ticketing, conversational bots, live chat, canned snippets, etc.
  • It offers a unified platform where different teams can access customer records
  • The Service Hub works effectively to convert average customers into active promoters for your business

A lot of free tools are accessible under the ‘free for life’ plan. To be able to use more advanced features, you need to opt for a premium package with monthly plans starting from $50/month.

15. LiveAgent:

liveagent help desk software

LiveAgent is developed to be a simple and intuitive helpdesk platform that combines multiple channels into a single and compact package.

The features that make it a standout platform are:

  • The application is easy to use, learn and employ and masterfully integrates with social media channels like Twitter and Facebook
  • Its live chat and email support tools come with powerful elements like POP3 accounts, statuses, gamification, contact forms, and file sharing
  • The software has top-class security features making it a popular choice for businesses

You can opt for the ‘free trial’ version and then choose the paid plans that start from $15/month.

16. Dell KACE:

dellkace help desk software

The Dell KACE software is simple to use an appliance-based help desk solution that can be custom-designed basis the needs of the organization.

Check out its top features:

  • The system has the provision to automate repetitive tasks and offers incident management for system or user issues
  • The service desk can manage and maintain multiple support queues and rules to govern the flow of tickets
  • It generates detailed reports to track help desk performance, responsiveness and resolution timeframes

17. Freshdesk:

freshdesk help desk software

Freshdesk is a top help desk software that has been developed to cater to the requirements of both small, medium, and large scale businesses through its unique multi-channel support system.

The key functionalities that it offers are:

  • Automation tools enable the software to streamline the operation to enhance performance through gamification
  • Its quality ticketing module allows its users to convert the individual transaction into a ticket and tag tickets according to properties and requirements
  • Efficiently delegate tickets to the respective teams via the built-in Service Level Agreement management module

‘Free trial’ is available, followed by their ‘Sprout’ plan that is free for life. You can upgrade to ‘Blossom’ at the cost of $15/month.

18. JIRA Service Desk:

Jira service desk software

Designed to provide the best IT help desk software in the form of end-to-end services to the customer through strategic approaches that align with their business needs.

Here is what makes it a unique platform:

  • The software has built-in features to tackle basic to complete ITIL-compliant service management
  • Employees can make use of their intelligent self-service tools to respond to customer queries
  • Ticket routing, severity one notifications are streamlined by automation

Try out the software for free and then select a paid plan according to your business needs. Plans start from $10/month.

19. HESK:

hesk help desk software

HESK is free helpdesk software that comes with an integrated knowledge base and simple and easy to use.

The features that make it a standout platform are:

  • Hesk helpdesk solution is designed to track organize and resolve customer issues daily
  • Their integrated knowledge base minimizes customer support tickets by 86%
  • The set-up process is easy and can be up and running in a few minutes

HESK license starts at $39.95/month, and advances license is available at USD 199.95 on an annual basis.

20. Samanage:

samanage help desk software

Samanage is an award-winning, cloud-based IT service desk and asset management software that deploys immediately, and practically anywhere.

Here are some of its top features:

  • A multi-tenant platform, it automatically collects all IT asset configuration data
  • Its comprehensive reporting and alert features empowered by IT are available on a single dashboard
  • Users can submit online requests and gain instant access to asset configuration which drives faster resolution of concerns

Try the software with their trial version and then request a quote from the vendor for enterprise plans.

Wrapping Up

Today, the cost of manually handling a helpdesk ticket has been pegged at USD 22. By automating the process by selecting the best help desk software, 22% of total service desk tickets were resolved at practically no cost.

And as Sitecore reports, for every $1 you invest in customer experience via help desks and similar platforms, you can reap a return on investment of $3.

The goal is to be able to run a more efficient ship. Hence, it does not matter which brand of helpdesk tool that you choose to go with because “you are only as good as your tools.”