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Video Marketing and Its Types

Video Marketing and Its Types

Wednesday January 23, 2019,

5 min Read

Video Content Marketing

Video marketing is an excellent way to build your brand presence and enhance its visibility. When you look closely, each firm is doing their best to do an effective Video Marketing. But the majority of them are not able to generate the desired results.

Video Marketing is easy to understand but is not that easy when it comes to applying the concept in real life, hence it becomes extremely important to pay attention to every other detail.

Within this age of the internet, you do not simply have to promote the brand using visual ads on television, you have to start looking for opportunities available on different Social Media Platforms to promote your content visually.

What is Video Marketing

Basically, video marketing is a forward-facing advertising and marketing strategy that incorporates engaging video in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Video marketing may be used for everything from increased customer interaction to marketing of the brand, products or services. Furthermore, video marketing is best used for presenting the how-to's content, viral and entertaining content, giving customer reviews (products review, movie review, etc), and also live-streaming of events and occasions.

Video Content Marketing

Benefits of video marketing

  • Videos get attention- Certainly, getting your viewer's focus is among the toughest sections of advertising your services and products. Your target audience is probably already tired with the advertising messages and do not wish to see another message that involves marketing. Videos are an innovative way to interact with your customers to get their attention. According to Forbes, more than half of the company owners prefer videos for marketing rather than text. As product videos are likely to be watched as compared to text. Certainly, individuals will willingly provide their attention to videos instead of any other form of marketing.

  • Video has more value- It is a fact that a video is regarded as more precious than a text. A video is more difficult and much more costly to produce, there is no denying in that. Customers will engage more, provide you with their contact information, and also pay the price without any bargaining. Also, your video's high-worth may provide you with a significant increase in organic site traffic.

  • Emotional Connect- The blend of sound and visuals create emotional value for a customer a lot more efficiently than text. The way users react to a video is unmatched when compared to other forms of marketing, which explains its importance in the marketing industry as to why it is an ideal tool to find an audience. Hence, if you want to connect with your audiences, join with them, emotionally connect with them and see the returns.

  • Provides absolute clarity- Videos provide absolute clarity about the products and services, their functions and features. Therefore, in case the product and services that you are dealing with is complex or difficult to understand, tutorials and instructions in the videos will be definitely helpful in understanding the message.

Types of video content marketing campaigns

The various types of video content marketing campaigns that you can use for your brand are-

  • Educational and tutorial video- Most of us enjoy learning new things.Brands can gain popularity if they locate a way to make learning quicker, faster and enjoyable. A Lot of the customers that you want to target looks for new information and wants to gain more knowledge and awareness -- that is where educational videos become really helpful. Tutorial videos offer you a visual demonstration of the subject that you want to learn. For example- What is programming by Khan Academy

  • Animation videos- Everybody is knowledgeable about this video type. Animation videos have imaginary animated backgrounds and characters. Any company or firm can make animated videos if they have the required software. But one thing should be definitely kept in mind that animated movies require a lot of creativity and innovation to make the video attractive and to bring the "wow" factor to the video.

  • Interview- User can make interview videos for promoting their brand, there is not much need to create a big content or having a story line or plot-lines for interview videos but it is necessary to have a story line when the parties in the video are playing fictional characters like- "Titu Talks" by Bhuvan Bam. You just have to invite a guest, prepare a list of questions and share it with the targeted audience.

  • Personalized videos- The world today is all about personalization. What attracts individuals towards a brand, is when companies offer a personal touch and make their audience feel unique. Personalized videos are entertaining, enjoyable and fun to watch. These videos can benefit a lot to the brands if they are made correctly and show the right type of content.

  • Review video- Reviews are one of the most popular type of video marketing. Review of products and services helps a lot when you are trying to increase your brand awareness by showing the customers how your products work and services function. People will get an idea of your product features and its functionality. You should definitely consider this type of video marketing if your product is an electronic device.

  • Customer feedback- People generally take feedback from other customers for the product they are going to buy or the services they are about to take. Hence it becomes important to provide them with necessary feedback from the customers who use our products so that they can make an effective decision.

Video Marketing can really help your business grow if done effectively. Hence, you should definitely consider it for your product or service.

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