Wellness Coach Dr. Sampath Goud on 4 Health Topics That Impact Body & Mind the Most

Wellness Coach Dr. Sampath Goud on 4 Health Topics That Impact Body & Mind the Most

Monday June 22, 2020,

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Sampath Goud

Everyone wants to be healthy, but only a very few actually start working towards what it takes to be healthy. Wellness is defined as an active pursuit of becoming aware and making choices towards holistic well-being.

Hyderabad based well-being coach and entrepreneur, Dr Sampath is a proud owner of a wellness brand named Well-beingly through which he offers well-being workshops to business organizations, groups, and individuals. Being a renowned health-wellness coach, he sheds light on certain important areas of wellness every individual should know. His perspective on well-being is towards a more preventive approach.

Being well versed with wellness and having worked with more than 15000 corporate employees and 3000 youth, he knows the major issues that impact people’s well-being. Dr Sampath talks about the major 4 health topics that impact the body and mind the most.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle goes a long way in achieving well-being and success in life. A healthy lifestyle includes balanced nutrition, Physical activity, Meditation, and Rest.

Balanced nutrition is all about what, when, where, and how to eat. Fad diets do the least good in the long run. Take traditional protective foods. Avoid refined carbohydrates, added sugars, processed foods, preserved foods, and carbonated drinks.

Yoga, Pranayama, bodyweight exercises, and weight training are ideal for perfect health while meditation and adequate rest declutter your mind.

Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, and chemicals!

  • Stress

Stress is arguably the most common problem in the world today. Stress is our body's reaction to a demanding or challenging situation. However, not all people may find the same situation as equally stressful. Therefore, how we perceive the situation matters the most. We cannot change the situation, but we can change the way we perceive it. This approach of a change in perception/context can significantly prevent stress. Bringing about a paradigm shift in the context of life is an essential part of the "Conscious Living Program."

  • Depression

Break the barriers! It’s time to stand up to depression stigma and address the elephant in the room. Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide affecting more than 264 million people of all ages. What’s more, over 8 lac people commit suicides across the world every year.

One of the main features of depression is brooding, which makes the person ruminate on the same thoughts over and over. It affects the person’s attention in the present moment and intensifies his/her sadness.

Depression can be handled by being more conscious of the present moment. By fixing the attention on "now" instead of the past or future, the chain of negative thoughts can be interrupted. Awareness in the present moment also empowers us with an ability to control how we respond to our thoughts. We may not control what we think, but we can control how we respond to what we think. It is never too late to overcome the stigma and seek professional help!

  • Loneliness

Don’t fight alone! Loneliness is a state of mind that makes people feel empty, isolated, and unwanted. It is not the same as solitude. While solitude can allow oneself to self-reflect and come out as a better person, loneliness does quite the opposite.

Loneliness poses a serious threat to well-being by increasing the risk of various diseases, along with depression and suicide. It is possible to overcome loneliness by developing quality social relationships along with practicing gratitude and community service.