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Procedure for Sole Proprietorship Registration in India

Sole Proprietorship Registration is an online registration process. It is done with a motive to open up a bank account on the name of business and start a small business in India.

Procedure for Sole Proprietorship Registration in India

Monday June 24, 2019,

3 min Read

Sole proprietorship registration is an internet registration process. it's miles performed with a cause to open up a financial institution account at the name of enterprise and start a small commercial enterprise in India. starting a sole proprietorship business in India is an easy manner with very much less compliances and costing.

This sort of registration is needed for the character who wishes to begin his personal commercial enterprise in India and is looking for a few easy methods for starting his business. therefore, in this example person is suggested to gain any of the underneath given registration to make his enterprise feature frivolously and legally:

  • Registration as SME
  • Shop and established order Registration
  • GST Registration

Rules and policies play an essential role in growth and improvement of doing a commercial enterprise in nation. In India, Sole Proprietorship Registration is executed beneath the MSME Act or GST Act, shops and establishment registration underneath the kingdom Act.

What Type of Business Activity Proffered to Sole Proprietorship Registration?


The form of proprietorship business is preferably suited to businesses like retail, whole-sale, where the nature of the business is simple, financial risk is nominal or least, no need to take enormous debts and the product market is small.


The Business with minimal capital requirements and little or almost no levels of risk are suitable for being run as sole proprietorships. Now, the proprietorship business may require to register itself under tax laws such as GST registration.

What are the features of Sole Proprietorship Registration Firm in India?

Sole Proprietorship is an individualized company. here are some of the main features of sole proprietorship company in India:

  • man or woman’s capital:to start a sole proprietorship firm the capital is of sole proprietor only which can be both from his own sources or taken as a mortgage from the banks.
  • Individualized ownership: on this company a unmarried character owns entire of the commercial enterprise and all of the selection making electricity stays in his fingers best. all of the risk or the income associated with the corporation is associated with the proprietor of the business enterprise.
  • much less prison formalities: forming a sole proprietorship firm does now not require any high quantity of legal formalities for its operation, formation and closure.
  • limitless liability: it may depend as the largest downside of sole proprietorship business that in any case of loss, the non-public property of the owner can be connected.
  • single individual’s control: the entire manage is in the hand of the important body. The proprietor makes use of his own talents enjoy and intelligence to function, grow and maintain the enterprise.

What are the Services offered by Sole Proprietorship Registration?

With all kinds of business enterprise registration. right here is the listing of services supplied by them for sole proprietorship registration:

  • MSME Registration
  • GST Registration
  • cutting-edge financial institution Account commencing
  • save And establishment Act License
  • felony advice, Updates and criminal Documentation for the Registration method.


Sole proprietorship is a Single handed firm wherein proprietor of the enterprise has the complete choice making power and is accountable for the income and loss of the company. it is first-rate acceptable for the person that wants to begin his own business without any outer interference.