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Best & Top 10 Android App Development Companies In USA

By Mounika Devi|2nd Apr 2019
Find the Top 10 Android App Development Companies in USA. These companies offer customized Android app development services with a design-first approach. Transform business ideas into real-world digital solutions with the help of these business leaders. They ensure a profitable digital strategy.
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Android App Development Companies In USA

Finding a Top Android app developers who can implement your vision and bring it to fruition can be a difficult task. There are several developers in the USA market and not everyone is equipped with the skills required for high efficiency and performance. Very few companies can move on to being the Top Android App Development Company In USA as the industry is highly competitive and requires relentless innovation.

To be one among the best, the company has to have motivation, experienced professionals, expertise in various technologies and consistent performance over the years. I have identified the best companies to rely on for transforming your business vision. The drive to better one’s own performance has given these companies an edge over the competition.

List of Top 10 Android App Development Companies.

This is the Best Android App Development Company in USA. It has proven with consistent results and expertise that it is the best in the field. Navtech has been in business since 2012 and has grown steadily over time. It boasts a team of domain experts who have vast experience in building a variety of Android applications.

Navtech prioritises client satisfaction and the experience of its customers. Doing so has ensured delivery of good results over the years.

Experience - 6+ years

Location(s) - Hyderabad (India), Redmond (USA)

Employees - 50+

This firm has been delivering results in the field of software development for well over a decade and has created a niche space for itself. Tvisha has adapted to the world of Android app development.

Its experienced professionals use cutting-edge technology to constantly drive innovation and improve performance.

Experience - 16+ years

Location(s) - Hyderabad (India), New Jersey (USA)

Employees - 70+

This firm stands out with its focus on mobile first. It provides customised app solutions to its clients and has cross-disciplinary product teams working in alignment with these goals. Its employees boast domain expertise as strategists, designers and engineers. Fuzz Productions has excellent reputation as an Android App Development Company in USA.

Experience - 18+ years

Location(s) - Brooklyn (USA)

Employees - 200+

This is another trustworthy firm that has proven its expertise as a mobile strategist. It is committed to building lean and fast Android solutions for its clients. It does so by recruiting from top institutions and providing opportunities for employee growth. It has partnered with top firms like National Geographic, Fox Sports and GE before.

Experience - 10+ years

Location(s) - Charlottesville (USA)

Employees - 300+

Since its inception in 2010, Space-O has worked on over 3000 applications. It has a design-led-engineering approach. It recruits from top design institutes and these experts lead designs that are later engineered. Space-O is well suited to address a variety of business requirements. It extends its Android app development services to wearables as well.

Experience - 8+ years

Location(s) - Ahmedabad (India), Scottsdale (USA), Charlottestown (Canada)

Employees - 250+

Transformation of ideas into products through applications and responsive websites is a speciality of all Top Mobile App Development Companies. This company attempts to do so while simultaneously bringing up to pace with the global software revolution by channeling the skills of a growing software developer force in the country. Cheesecake Labs collaborates with its partners to build Android apps using full-stack solutions.

Experience - 4+ years

Location(s) - Florianopolis (Brazil)

Employees - 40+

This firm puts its clients customers on the forefront. It drives business by creating and expanding business opportunities for its clients. As a design and development company, it focuses on developing innovative mobile solutions for its clients. It has several Fortune 500 success stories and has powered some groundbreaking startups as well. Paypal, Bank of America and Stanford University are some its key clients.

Experience - 10+ years

Location(s) - Bangalore (India), Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Indianapolis (USA)

Employees - 40+

This is an emerging name in the Android App Development Company industry. It offers custom Android App Development Services to small and large businesses alike. It allows businesses to harness the real power of the Android platform through its customised solutions.

Its team of experts have experience building apps for various industries. Focus is placed on driving customer growth and retaining the user base.

Experience - 2+ years

Location(s) - Ahmedabad (India), Brooklyn (USA), Hamilton (Canada)

Employees - 10-49

It recognises the importance and market power that Android has on account of being open source. Therefore, it has capitalized on developing Android apps for companies. RipenApps has partnered with over a 100 brands till now.

It offers end-to-end services in digitizing businesses. This is followed by integrated maintenance and service later.

Experience - 5+ years

Location(s) - Noida (India), City of Ontario (USA), Unterschleibheim (Germany), Dubai (UAE)

Employees - 60+

This company works with large enterprises, startups and nonprofits to implement innovative business solutions. Their team of experts transform the digital strategy of businesses to derive more value.

This Android App Development Company In USA helps create bigger opportunities and better ecosystems for companies.

Experience - 4+ years

Location(s) - NYC (USA), Singapore

Employees - 10-49


Knowing possible options is only the beginning of the tricky business of choosing the right business partner. Android app development is a nascent field in terms of other industries, however to stay at the top in the IT industry, companies need to learn, innovate and grow constantly. A firm’s good reputation at the moment does not guarantee results as changes are fast and disruptive in the field.

Choose a partner who can work in alignment with your business goals and will truly help your business grow.

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