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What do Best Digital Marketing Agencies say about SEO?

What do Best Digital Marketing Agencies say about SEO?

Thursday April 25, 2019,

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You see all those websites that are always on top when you punch in keywords related to your business. It is not something that happens in one day. If you are a business owner or a marketing manager in the age of the internet, you may have probably already used Digital Marketing as a promotional tool on the internet. Then, you are probably well versed with the words Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO.

Most of the businesses in the services industry like healthcare and education, source 60 - 65% of traffic from search. That itself is enough to indicate the importance of SEO. Moreover, considering the customer buying process that we have been following, "googling" is the most common way of getting information.

If you are in a new city or are planning to travel, then probably you will search for a place to stay. Similarly, in Healthcare, patients do so many times by entering relevant keywords. Many of them even go down to compare prices. With customers being digitally savvy and getting into the nitty-gritty of things, one thing has become clear. Your website needs to have good amount of information and should rank at least on the first page. This is important if you even want to be considered to fall under the category of best businesses.

Here are some basics of Search Engine Optimization that you must know:

1. On Page SEO: Whatever you do in the back-end of your website affects the way it looks. Similarly, when you optimize web pages in order to rank higher, your search engine starts looking different. Working upon SEO means working upon Title Tags, Meta Tags and OG Tags with the right keywords to ensure higher ranking.

2. Off Page SEO: In marketing it has been rightly said “When somebody else talks about your business, it gives you more credibility.” That is what off page SEO does for you. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. While on page SEO makes customers like what is on your website, off page SEO is what directs potential customers to your website.

Now that you know these basics, here is the ultimate to-do list that HashTAGit, a Leading SEO Company based in Gurgaon wants you to follow to drive organic traffic to your website:

1. Whatever slows down your site should be removed: The speed of your page is a critical factor. The higher the time it takes for your site to load, the lower is the traffic on your site. It should be all user friendly, desktop friendly, mobile friendly and off course speed friendly.

2. Link with other websites: Submit content on authoritative because it validates you. When credibility of the content that you have been putting out there increases, so does your chances of getting potential customers.

3. Be people centric: If you think stuffing your website with a whole lot of keywords is the right way to get your website ranking then you are wrong. Write content that is engaging and helpful and win those brownie points for your website.

4. Write unique descriptions for every page: There is a lot of power in a well-crafted meta description. It is the first thing that people see about your website. Never use copied content as that will only lead to you getting penalized by google.

5. Use the right keywords in images: Our good old friend Google has dedicated an entire section to images. This shows how concerned google is about these things. Use the right keywords in your images, but at all costs, avoid keyword stuffing.

Coming back to our question, Does SEO Matter? Most people wonder before they put in a lot of their time and efforts on it, but if done right, ethical and organic SEO is effective. Opt only for white hat SEO techniques if you wish to plan long-term goals.

SEO is an effective tool for improving business. The services industry is getting more benefits from SEO. If a Top SEO company in India helps you get it right, you get the benefits of increased traffic. This could end up giving you more conversions, leads and boost sales.