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What Mistakes We Do While Packing?

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What Mistakes We Do While Packing?

Monday January 07, 2019,

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Most people love travelling, but consider packing to be a hectic and stressful task. Travellers do not enjoy packing at all, and they wish if someone can do packing for them. If you are also among one of those passengers, then after reading this you will come across about the common mistakes committed by us while packing our travelling stuff.

Following are the most common mistakes we make while packing:

Do not take advantage of every possible space

Online research can really help you if you are clueless about how that can be done. Read articles and watch videos through online available resources, as the solution to every problem can be found on the internet within a few minutes. Rolling your clothes takes lesser space as compared to folding them. Socks and shoes can be stuffed with small items like charger, lotions, and hands-free.

Traveller's car parked in parking lot.
Traveller's car parked in parking lot.

Not doing properly pack a complete outfit

The biggest mistake committed by many people is while packing clothes for their trip. People keep on packing the clothes in a single piece rather than to pair them as a complete outfit. This result in the packing of too many unnecessary things. It is very important to make sure that every piece of clothing like jeans and top pairing has been done. Select neutrals and monochromes, and pair them with skirts, leggings, and pants. This really helps you to pack only those clothes that really need during your travel

Packing a huge amount of money or any expensive stuff

Try to never pack the money in your luggage. Always place it in your carry-on luggage but avoid taking a huge amount of cash with you, especially in case you have a credit card. Don't carry anything expensive things in your luggage to avoid any loss in the form of theft.

Packing more than four pairs of shoes

Two pairs of shoes are more than enough during your travel. Do not pack unnecessary shoes, as it makes the heavy luggage.

Putting electronics on your luggage

Electronics can easily get damaged during travel, so there must be a big no to put electronics on your luggage. Luggage handlers are not too gentle sometimes and prefers to toss the bag while transferring from one to another plane. You should place all electronics things in your carry-on baggage.

Not securing your liquid containers properly

You need to properly secure your liquid containers. The air pressure can cause the lid to leak inside your bag. Use cling wraps under the lid before placing them in your bag. You should not bring many bottles to contain the liquid as some airports strictly do not allow to carry liquid containers.

Forgetting to check the weather before departure

One of the first and foremost things required before packing and taking flight is to check the weather of your travelling place. It really helps you with packing if your clothes according to the weather condition of your destination.

A Sign board for traveller
A Sign board for traveller

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Even if you have packed your bag within the weight and size limit from your airline, be prepared that you may need to check it in case the plane is full or the aircraft is smaller in size than expected. If this happens to be the case with you, make sure to have all your vital travelling documents and medicines to be with you rather than carry-on luggage you gate-check.

Do not forget to paste a luggage tag on your carry-on; the bags that undergo gate-checked are mishandled occasionally like the regular check bags. You can easily find your missing language if you have put your contact information on the bag.

So, keep those little but important points in your mind before travelling and do not forget to avail our cheap Luton airport parking deals in advance and save more money.