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Which social network structure to opt for?

To address all of the field, the social strategy must be based on generalist networks, but also other more specialized.

Which social network structure to opt for?

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

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You have a lot of information, you understand the good practices, you distinguish them from the bad ones, maybe you are sometimes recognized in one or the other ones, but I hope that you discovered others and understood how structure your action. 

You also measure the magnitude of the task, the devil is in the details ...

It turns out that the precellence is there too. You will find, below and before concluding, other networks, not a supposedly exhaustive list, but one that aims to make you think, by becoming aware of the network structure to be built by each.

A solid structure is composed of the most general networks, but can not ignore the most specialized networks, the aim being to cover all of its universe.


With 500 million members, the world's largest professional network


Social network for French professionals, including 65 million members


For those of you who have never heard of it, Facebook is an online social network that allows its users to publish images, photos, videos, files of any kind, share messages, reach and create groups ... By the end of 2017, Facebook had 1.4 billion active users every day.


Diaspora is an open, ad-free, decentralized social network with similar features to Facebook's


Twitter is a social microblogging network. It allows a user to send free messages of 140 characters originally, 280 since November 2017 (can be accompanied by photos and / or moving images) called tweets, on the Internet, by instant messaging or SMS


Challenger Twitter, Mastodon is a free social networking server. Decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, the monopolization of your communications by a single company is avoided. Everyone can run Mastodon and participate in the social network seamlessly

Google Plus 

The social network 

The Google+ app on Android 

The Google+ app on iPhone / iPad 


Microblogging platform allowing the user to post text, images, videos, links and sounds on the Tumblelog.


Social network dedicated to sharing photos and videos


Social Network in the same spirit as Pinterest


Social Network Storage and Photo Sharing


Social platform dedicated to photography


Originally a photo filter application, is now positioned as a social platform with a photo stream


Social network dedicated to videos. Possibility to create your own chain, paradise of what is called the YouTubers


Dailymotion is a French video site, which is positioned as the main competitor of YouTube, possibility of creation of its channel


Vimeo is intended for sharing and viewing videos made by users


Allows live streaming of content on social networks from your phone, which your audience can view for 24 hours


Social network dedicated to slideshows. A place of exchange and continuous training


Practice for Curation, a Community Content Discovery Site


Content Discovery Service, the promise is to find the best of the Web


Allows you to view news from its favorite news sources. Can be used as curation tool for news, according to your interests. Available on smartphone and tablet


First professional platform for youth employment and entrepreneurship


Social Network for Financial Professionals


Social Network Engineers


Social Network of Sales Professionals


Social network oriented job search


Social network exclusively for French doctors


Professional network of construction, construction and real estate


Live performance social network, for artists and troupes

LawLink The 

First Legal World Social Network (English)


For digital professionals to exchange, recruit and look for work in the digital sector

Network Pro Health

Social Network of Students and Health Professionals

Research Gate 

Professional Network for Scientists and Researchers


Social network for wine growers, oenologists, winemakers


First social solidarity network for the guidance of 14-25 year olds


Social Network for Writers, Experts and Thinkers


Alumni network

If you had to remember "only one thing"

There are places and moments in your field of activity, whether physical or virtual, where not being present is a "fault" from the point of view of the marketing of itself. 

Certainly, in real life no one has the gift of ubiquity and you can not be present at all the fairs, conferences, meetings you would like to attend and where it would be good to ensure a presence.

Regarding social networks, I will not pretend that the possibility of the gift of ubiquity is total, but however, be present on the social networks and places most seen in your area of ​​activity is easier . 

It is therefore strongly advised, beyond the generalist networks, to methodically index the specialized social networks (if any).

As well as the places of interaction of the experts and influence's of your field, as well to learn as to be seen and, as far as possible, participate and put your mark on it.

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