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Why Chandigarh is Becoming Top Outsourcing Hub of India?

Why Chandigarh is Becoming Top Outsourcing Hub of India?

Tuesday March 12, 2019,

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Technology has revolutionized in the modern world. Today, there is a wide range of experienced professionals living in different geographical locations having the ability to work on different projects. With the enhancing need, outsourcing has always been the answer. Outsourcing isn’t a novice idea, it has been there for decades. Dedicated workers are important for the best-in-class experience and this is something that certainly gives you an edge over the competitors. Thankfully, there are a few best regions where you can discover the talented hidden gems. One of the most trusted regions in India. Choosing the right people to work for your IT project no only means good applicants, it means workers who understand your business objectives and strive hard to fulfill the same within the deadline.

Chandigarh, aka ‘The City Beautiful’ is day-by-day emerging as a top outsourcing hub of India. The reason why it is one of the most preferred destinations for companies searching for outsourcing IT work because it offers a great combination of business environment and the availability of skilled people.

Chandigarh is the first planned city made after independence. It not only boasts the best-in-class infrastructure but also is an abode to an efficient administration. The quality of life in ‘The City Beautiful’ is exemplary with picturesque mountains just a few miles away.

Competitive nature of the IT industry

Chandigarh is home to top-notch IT companies in India. Its sister cities – Mohali and Panchkula – are equally contributing to make Chandigarh at par when it comes to providing IT outsourcing services. The competitive flora of the IT Hub has impelled companies to outsource their projects for cost advantage, profit maximization, and process efficiency.

Chandigarh is very close to the states like Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana thus is considered a huge pool of technical resources. The availability of hundreds of thousands of talented and motivated aspirants are always eager to take up the new roles, challenges, and responsibilities in numerous fields and this is one of the biggest rewards that the city beautiful offers.

Chandigarh, being a union territory has earned repute for the best and ultimate IT destination in India. Over the past few years, the city has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of outsourcing various services like custom web development, mobile app development, customer support, graphic designing, animation and many more.

Skills are what separates the rest from the best.

Better work-life balance

In today’s world, people are working in “always on jobs” roles and are promoting this way of life. Every individual gets so engrossed in their job that they have forgotten their original version of themselves that needs to be preserved. But when it comes to Chandigarh, everyone knows how to maintain a work-life balance. The workers pamper themselves by unwinding at a new place. This is because they understand that what the fun is doing a project to lose your relationships, friends or family members. This makes them healthy, productive and happy both at work and outside the working scenario. Separating personal and professional lives is important so that one doesn’t encroach the other.

The hidden benefits

Expertise and access to the technology is something obvious businesses achieve when they outsource their It projects but there are some lesser known benefits like branding. Workers working remotely help you promote your firm’s brand making it popular among customers.

Here is what Chandigarh IT Hub has to offer:

  • Access to skilled expertise

Focussing on high-quality products and services, having a talented pool of skilled workers is important. Giving the tasks to individuals who understand your business perspective and will work dedicatedly on the project makes sense.

  • Start new project/service quickly

Outsourcing service in India makes it possible to start a project within a very short timespan. Handling the same project in-house may take a few weeks or months because there are individuals that need to be trained and you may have to provide the support they might need.

When you are connected to a competent outsource partner, you reduce the risk involved in having the same task done by the in-house team which may not be competent in that particular field.

  • Cut cost and big savings

Pricing flexibility gives businesses the freedom to manage their budget providing them to reap benefits. Quality of work is preferred over price and this is a major reason why there is a low attrition rate. The skilled professionals are dedicated loyal and you will find long term relationships once you connect with the outsourcing team. All the aforementioned benefits come with the bonus advantage of lower and big savings. You always get access to quality services at an inexpensive price.

‘The more knowledge, expertise, and connections you have. The easier it is for you to make a profit at the game of your choice’-Stuart Wilde

Chandigarh, India’s outsourcing hub to rely upon

Earlier only a few cities of India ruled the outsourcing industry, but now Chandigarh is a big name one can invest faith as an outsourcing destination. The city has become extremely popular as a top outsourcing hub of India due to plentiful space, skilled and talented professionals, low cost of living, lower attrition rates and lesser competition relative to other top outsourcing cities of India.

The expertise that you need

The availability of an array of institutes and colleges ensures continuous resource of skilled and efficient manpower.

Another point that is making the city beautiful an extraordinary choice is the low attrition rate as compared to other metro cities. In Chandigarh, longevity & loyalty of the professionals is relatively more. Chandigarh is well dignified in the cost of operations, talent, highly responsive government, abundant talent, extraordinary infrastructure and what not.

Technologically sound

The professionals are technically sound as well as tech-savvy. Experienced individual’s expertise in their field having in-depth knowledge about products and services. This is the reason why many companies rely on India for enterprise mobility solutions, mobile app development, blockchain development and more.

Cost of Living

The well-planned green city has very less pollution and the cost of living is really manageable as compared to other metro cities in India. The city offers umpteen job options to youngsters to help them lead a better and peaceful life.


Cost advantage for the same or better quality of work as compared to bigger cities. Salaries in an IT hub like Bangalore could be as high as 2x of the salary of the same level of technical resource in Chandigarh.


Hundreds and thousands of youngsters are exploring their talent in the field of IT. They are too inspired to float their own start-ups in a year or two.

Chandigarh offers better options for small to medium level companies


In the last couple of years, Chandigarh has achieved a lot of good grounds when it comes to the field of IT. Whether you have a small or medium company, you can earn great if you have the potential and right knowledge. Large companies are offering many options to such companies in Chandigarh and helping then scale heights.


Rightly said, “A goal without a plan is simply a wish”. Employment opportunities are extremely vast in the city which was planned by Le Corbusier. Ranging right from mobile application development companies(IT companies) to media houses, education institutions to banking, there are numerous options available which employs not only the people of Chandigarh but also from many other regions.

Along with ample space, the city provides financial capability and skilled resources as a rising outsourcing hub.


What’s making Chandigarh a stand out option:


Focus on faster adaptability and innovative technologies for diverse business needs and requirements.

One of the largest pool of talented and skilled manpower when it comes to providing outsourcing solutions to India or the world.

  • Best-in-class infrastructure with global standards.
  • 24x7 access and faster turnaround times
  • Extremely focused on quality
  • Endows with better work-life balance


Chandigarh is a globally emerging outsourcing destination in India


Mimicking the gigantic potential of India’s IT and outsourcing agility, Chandigarh emerges as one of the top five Indian cities that have stimulated their existence as the best outsourcing destinations.


Last but not least, which gives Chandigarh an edge over the competition is:


Hunger for Success


In India, most people belong to a middle-class family, and the only goal of the aspirants is to put their talent at par to lead a better life. This legacy is being forwarded from parent to parent and thus, the next generation is always in the search of achieving great things. To get this, professionals are on their toes to take some risks along their way to success.

Dell and Infosys have set up their branch companies in the tricity.


Infrastructure at its best

Chandigarh offers exceptional social infrastructure to attract not only youth but people of all ages. There are top-notch hotels, tourist destinations, gigantic shopping malls, extreme sporting facilities, and plenty of night clubs making the city beautiful the most happening place for the next generation.

Over to you

Choosing the best outsourcing company is a well-thought process that takes time, skill and planning. The benefits are immense and trustworthy. When you hire skilled workers from Chandigarh, they will be working on your project in a wider time zone region for less price and better quality.


While each of the above-mentioned pros in itself can compel a company to get connected with professionals in Chandigarh, this list is certainly far from complete. From top machine learning companies to artificial intelligence companies in India, mobile app development company to enterprise mobility solution company, the list of Chandigarh companies is quite long. So, improve the quality of your project, not only to generate value but to secure your investment in the light of future requirements.