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Why cracking a Digital Marketing Job is not easy in India anymore?

Understanding the landscape of digital marketing jobs in India

Why cracking a Digital Marketing Job is not easy in India anymore?

Thursday May 30, 2019,

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If you have heard of the Digital Marketing Jobs availability with its glittery side of best career option mentioned by experts however unable to find a decent paying job, this article is for you.

In the last 5 years Digital marketing term touched the mark of most popular streams of Jobs in India as it's been marketed likewise and many coaching institutes and agencies mushroomed from every nook and corner of the country offering Training and Digital marketing services in different genre be it SEO, Social Media, Email marketing, analytics, e-commerce, PPC and what not.

Below mentioned is the Google trends data on how popular Digital Marketing Jobs became in the last 5 years in India and it's regular ups and downs.

digital marketing jobs via google trends

Things being marketed as there is high demand in jobs with handsome packages and to an extent that is true but why there is a lack in right resources and companies are not hiring people with good packages?

below is the popularity of Digital marketing in the last 5 years.

digital marketing via google trends

Even when they have resources and packages to offer company still hire people in low payouts.

Let's decode today why there is a decline in interest for good digital marketing jobs and decent packages which were being exaggerated by online experts.

Career Shift of Individuals

This is one big reason why you might not be able to get a good job in digital marketing field.

Due to the sudden hype in the last five years more and more professionals left their existing technology/ sales jobs and started learning digital marketing and applying for new vacancies.

Online Penetration with Cheap Internet services

With the sudden in Internet services For low-cost including the launch of Reliance Jio services many people from India and abroad who lives in India started using Jio network and a big chunk of off-line audience came online and started using social and entertainment mediums.

Launch of Cheap Digital Marketing Courses for minting money

With the rise in interested candidates of learning digital marketing many agencies and business owners started providing cheap digital marketing courses that sometimes help not help a user With its full potential.

Due to the scenario more of the unskilled digital marketers rose in the last few years and due to less sufficiency and skill level employers started providing low package jobs to the individuals and that created a trend among companies to offer low packages.

There is no denying for the skilled digital marketers Packages are high and they have been paid well for their role as a digital marketing consultant across India and worldwide.

Every practitioner is a micro influencer

With the rise is cheap courses, unskilled online marketers and pushing entry level digital marketers for self branding, everyone started to become a micro influencer in their respective niches and as the experience is low, ecosystem is unbalancing with incorrect knowledge sharing and thus market is shifting to a low pay scale industry with average skills.

How to Solve the Issue

Hope you know now why there is a big gap in the market for digital marketing jobs, high packages and skilled workers.

Being a digital marketing consultant in Delhi India; I myself faced these issues sometimes with clients having good budget but not interested to pay due to market conditions.

Industry experts should start sharing knowledge rather working on stealth mode.

In my opinion there is no scarcity of digital marketing jobs for the right candidates and digital marketing can never be learnt by just learning mere courses.

It is more of a lifestyle we live for years, we think in such a way that marketing becomes a part of our life and we start growing with it.

Starting from general store owner pitch of new products to a MC Donald's up sell of Fries & Cold drinks with purchased burger, everything covers a marketing ecosystem around us.

To get a better job in digital marketing with a handsome package it's always required to become skilled in your respective domain.

Don't just learn digital marketing because you feel there is a hype in industry but to learn and start practicing tools and techniques with a growth hacking mindset that helps companies and yourself for a better career.