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Why iOS apps development is considered to be boon for business owners and consumers?

iOS has been consistent growth hacker for all business owners...No Doubt it's a boon for all stake holders.....

Why iOS apps development is considered to be boon for business owners and consumers?

Friday November 16, 2018,

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iOS a boon for all stakeholders
iOS a boon for all stakeholders

Ever since the introduction of the smart-phones, there has been no stopping in popularity of the mobile application. The digital market has been growing steadily which earlier focused only on Web Development has taken Mobile App Development as focal point.

Today even a small business man or an organisation has its own application because they understand the benefits of having an Application to reach out wider market and for better customer service. Among all the App Development Platforms, iOS app development is reaching new levels and is becoming the most preferable choice of mobile application development in the market because of its deeper impact on the digital world and for its amazing iOS app designs most entities within.

Instagram one of the most successful and popular social networking application was first launched on Apple and once after it success it was launch on other major platforms like Android and Windows. While one of the most popular children app maker Toca Boca has 18 apps in iOS and has only 1 app in Android platform. Many more apps like Mailbox, Tweetbot are still not available on Android Platform.

Wondering why these and many more application prefers iphone app development over other platforms? Why iPhone app programming is more preferred by the mobile app development company? Let’s examine all the reasons

High Standards:

Apple has assured some standards for the developers to launch the product on its platform just to maintain its royalty, class and trust of the user. Today every apple user known if there is an app on iOS platform than it has passed the quality and standard assurance and hence would surely be a good application. People who have trust on their ideas try to develop an amazing app which fits the standard of the iOS and than launch in the most trusted market. Due to the high standards users also welcomes the new application with the open hand and if the application is seriously good enough than its success chances goes much higher in iOS platform.

Time Consuming:

Android app development process engages longer codes and slow emulators which slowdowns the process of app development and increases the cost of development where the developer charges on hourly basis. Whereas iOS development is supported by swift code which enables shorter codes and faster emulators this fastens the process of development and hence becomes the first choice of mobile app development.


Apple is known for innovating its own technology like they have their own operating system: iOS, their own development environment: XCode. Even their own programming language: swift and technologies like apple watch to give its user better experience for its application.

Better Developer Tools and support:

Apple offer much better iPhone developer tools and support to the iOS developer to implement its idea in a better way compare to other platforms. Xcode and IntelliJ AppCode are the best iOS development tools which are much better tool than Android Development Studio.  


iOS application is considered to be one of the safest platforms for transaction and also said to be virus free platform. With the growing market of eCommerce everyone wants safe transaction of their money and iOS is the most preferred platform for the secured transactions over mobile phones. As it has the safest in-app purchase.


Android has different types of screen size and resolutions and hence apps needs to build as per different sizes and has to be tested on each screen size and the developer need to assured that it works properly in every size. Whereas iPhone app development are pretty much uniform with limited devices and versions.

Apple has lots of potential to grow much more in the near future, with the various features it offers to its user the number of users are also expected to raise in near future.

Key Features of iOS:

  • ARKit
  • Document Scanning in Notes
  • DND Feature during Driving
  • A Whole New Control Center
  • Sharing WiFi Password
  • Amazing Drag and Drop Option
  • Files App
  • Storing Messages in the iCloud
  • Multitasking with iPad
  • Twinning with apple watch

And many more.......


iOS application are considered to be more revenue generator and less time consuming as compare to other platforms, and with advancement in technology and the rate at which apple invest in its innovations the apple apps are considered the future of applications.

Business houses today known’s the importance of having their own application, and iOS offers variety of features for the business apps which are exclusively available on only iOS platforms which makes the case more stronger for iOS application development. Millions of people are already using iOS to conduct their business, to entertain themselves or play games and this number are expected to double in the near future. To put it in a nut shell, it’s a future of technology you are seeking for.