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Why is Magento better than other e-commerce platforms?

Why is Magento better than other e-commerce platforms?

Tuesday October 23, 2018,

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Why do you think the most prominent companies such as Paul Smith, Made.com, Kurt Geiger, Pepe Jeans, HP, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lee Europe, Liverpool F.C, Ford and many more have chosen Magento for their selling their products online?

The reason - Magneto is one of the most powerful and reliable platforms to run an e-commerce business. Hence it is clear that if you want to build an e-commerce website then Magento is the best choice. Magento Commerce was selected as the leading commerce solution for sixth consecutive year.

Scalability and flexibility

Magento was built keeping in mind the present and the future of e-commerce industry. It can virtually handle requirements of any size. The modular design of the platform reduces the complexity and allows to extend its functionality with ready-made or custom developed extensions.

With the help of Magento’s optimised checkout process and responsive designs, the business can grow faster as it provides more convenience to its customers. Magento is built on top of MVC and EAV architecture in order to provide scalability and modularity. These attributes make Magento a leading e-commerce platform.

Magento Community – Open Source

A platform cannot be at the forefront if it lacks support from a sufficient number of talented developers. Magento's worldwide community comprises more than 60,000 developers.

Since Magento Community is an open source platform, constant improvements and suggestions can be always expected. The Magento Community is the largest and the most active community than any other e-commerce platform.

SEO friendly

The URL's created by Magento can be optimised to be search engine friendly. This helps in listing your products on search engines like Google which actually is one way of marketing as the products will be appearing on customer searches. The HTML sitemap can also make the site more discoverable in the search engine results. Also, the platform allows you to add images to sitemap rather than just pages, making the SEO process easier.

By driving customers to your site directly from the search engines, you can have an edge over your competitors.

A well-organised back-end and a highly customisable front-end

Magento has a well-organised back-end where admins can easily add or remove products and effectively control the inventory. It has a sleek design and an intuitive interface that helps business owners with less or no technical knowledge to manage the whole process with ease.

The dashboard has tools to generate various kinds of reports based on different parameters. These reports can be used to analyse the business and make the required improvements.

There are thousands of themes and extensions available for Magento websites. Almost all kinds of extensions are available in Magento Marketplace. It is managed directly by Magento and since each extension should pass strict quality analysis, we can be sure that the extensions available there are up to the mark.

In addition to that, users can create and use their own custom themes that can resonate with their brand identity and mission. These themes and buttons can be created to be responsive and user-friendly. A clutter-free design ensures smooth customer shopping.


Security breaches are a nightmare for e-commerce business. Sensitive customer data such as credit card information, bank details, mobile number, email address, delivery address and so on are provided to the website. If these details are breached they can cause severe damage to business and customers. Since Magento is open source, suggestions for security fixes come from all over the world.

Magento is the most trusted and secure platform currently. The platform uses a strong encryption system – Advanced Encryption Standard AES – 256 and Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-256 to safeguard data. Therefore business owners and customers don't have to worry much about the security of the site. Magento officially releases new versions that bring performance upgrades and security enhancements.

Mobile Responsive

Most of the themes available in Magento Marketplace are developed to run flawlessly on all types of devices such as mobile phones and tablet devices. Therefore businesses don't have to worry much about customising their site for mobile phones.

Easy migration

The migration tool is capable of transferring the data across platforms. This includes data related to customers, products, orders, promo rules and many more. The time required for migrating data in Magento is comparatively less.