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Why Laravel Development is most preferred PHP Framework for Web Developers

Reasons for choosing the Laravel framework for the web application and why Laravel development is most preferred PHP Framework for Web Developers.

Why Laravel Development is most preferred PHP Framework for Web Developers

Thursday August 15, 2019,

3 min Read

Website development process has upgraded with the increasing technology evolution in the world. With the efficient technology and experienced service of web developers, the enterprise can get the updated status. PHP is one such technology that stands out due to its open-source nature, scalability and community support. Once the technology has been decide it’s time to choose the right PHP framework. One should choose the right PHP development framework for developing a website is not that easy task. You have to think twice or thrice for selection of framework based on the cost, security, easy development process and many other factors. PHP frameworks even come with in-built automated tasks to reduce the code. One best example for such framework is LARAVEL. 

Laravel is highly used open source PHP development framework used to design customized web applications easily and quickly. Most of the developers prefer Laravel because of it’s wonderful features and performance. There are 14 Laravel versions available and each new version makes the developers work more simpler with the advanced features.

Reasons for choosing Laravel framework for the web application:

  •  Easy and simple authentication: Laravel enables authentication feature for both website and application. For authentication process Laravel framework uses hashed password which means the passwords will never be saved as plain text in the database. Laravel framework offers several authentication methods for PHP developers to choose the best fit for the website. 

  • Object-oriented Approach: Laravel has the best features like object-oriented libraries and some pre-installed ones. This library is very easy to implement and has many advanced features like encryption, password resetting, active user check, hashing and many more. 

  • Congestion Control: In a website there may be overflow of online customers, messages from the same customers and even have influx of customers all at the same time, which means there is an increasing of too much data being processed in the website at once. But by using Laravel framework there will be a control on the traffic flow this means that the data is processed in batches to reduce congestion.  

  • Multiple file system support: Laravel has a built-in support for cloud storage system such as Amazon S3  and local storage. To give simple configuration you can use any local or cloud based storage, even all these systems can be utilized in one application to handle files from several locations. 

  • Artisan Console: Artisan is the built in console which works on behalf of developers. It works on redundant and tedious programming tasks automatically and handles the Laravel projects environment. Laravel developers can extend the functionality and capability of Artisan by implementing new custom commands. 

  • Excellent MVC Support:  Laravel supports excellent MVC  based architectural pattern. The Laravel documentation is clean and manages with multiple built-in functions that enhances the whole performance and enables developing applications of all sizes. 

  • Automatic package System: This feature detects the packages that users want to install. Some of the best packages are images, Laravel Debug bar and Laravel IDE helper. 

  • Unit and Caching Test: Caching is temporary data storage used to store data which can be retrieved quickly. The best caching back-ends like config/cache.php, Memcached and Redies, etc


From the above features of Laravel, it is to conclude that what makes Laravel Development a preferred PHP Framework for Web Developers. Laravel framework is the smart choice to use for the large enterprise web applications or customized applications. It provides the best secure and scalable web applications development.