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Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2019?

Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2019?

Friday April 12, 2019,

5 min Read

There are millions of web applications and websites developed every day but only a few of them gain popularity and enough visitors. Clearly, a website to get customers and visitors, it must have great navigation, striking features and most importantly an appealing design.

While there are a set of PHP frameworks for developing excellent websites and applications, in all of them Laravel gets the most attention from the Laravel developers India for easy and effective agile web development.

Developers as well as website owners need the process of development to be very clean, reusable and simple coding. Laravel is the PHP framework in order to fulfil such desires. Moreover, readability features and high flexibility make it an important platform for many for developing online applications and websites.

Laravel is one of the most trending frameworks on GitHub with more than 44900 stars (still increasing).

So, what is the reason behind this huge popularity of Laravel and how it manages all the things needed to develop web applications?

Let's find out in this writing that will provide the deep dive into the base of Laravel and reasons making Laravel the best PHP framework in 2019.

1. Supports MVC Architecture

Consider that transparency between presentation in development and business logic is important. Laravel is relied on Model View Controller (MVC) and has a big array of built-in-functions, MVC speed up the performance and provides better documentation.

MCV helps in better documentation, improving performance and already had various built-in functions. At Web Crayons, we have a strong team of Laravel developers for hire in order to provide all types of functional features offered by Laravel.

2. Programming Task Management and configuration

For any web application task management and configuration is very vital to complete the work on time. Either it is clearing the database, sending an email or any other task, a systematic managing of tasks always plays an important role.

For this within Laravel has command scheduler helps to easily define your command scheduler. On your server, only the corn entry will be added while utilizing the command scheduler.

This scheduler is called by Corn repeatedly. After the implementation of command, Laravel calculates scheduled tasks and executes all the pending tasks. In this way, Laravel provides ease in managing and scheduling the tasks.

3. Easy Installation

A pre-packaged Vagrant box known as Laravel Homestead offers a good development environment without the installation of PHP, as this box has the advantage to re-create.

It is simple to install and take very less time without disturbing other tasks running on the system. For a successful installation, it is suggested to hire Laravel developers from Web Crayons.

4. Blade Template

Blade is a robust and smooth Templating engine in Laravel. Blade does not limit in utilizing plain PHP code. Also, Blade does not include basically any weight your application. Users feel simple to pick or use this format when required.

Blade helps to write a multi-language application also it is actually quick since it caches the compiled perspectives. Blade effectively makes designs, extend them and include partials to beat redundancy of multiple documents.

5. Security

Using Laravel reliable techniques are very easy. As a password will never be saved in the form of a simple text in the DB. A token is always generated when a user logs-in which is not a hacker to get the unauthorized access of the web page. Laravel uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm for creating an encrypted password.

There are 9 security features available in Laravel are as follows:

  • Passwords Reminders and Rest
  • Encryption
  • Manually Logging in Users
  • Authentication Users
  • Protecting Routes
  • HTTP Basic Authentications
  • Authentication Drivers
  • Configuration
  • Storing Passwords

6. Packaging System

A packaging system manages the libraries and multiple support software that assist the web applications to automate the task. Packages are the best ways to boost the development process. Laravel utilizes a composer that performs as a redundancy manager to manage all the information required to handle packages. Laravel IDE helper, Debug bar and Image are some of the best packages.

7. Modular

Laravel framework is created on 20+ different Object Oriented libraries, which are not available in other PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Phalcon, Zend Framework 2, CakePHP and CodeIgniter. It permits the developers and you to develop modular, useful and responsive web applications. If you want to implement all these packages safely then hire Laravel developers in India.

8. Artisan Console

The command line interface of Laravel is known as Artisan. Normal uses of such interface include managing database migrations, package assets, generating and seeding boilerplate code for migrations, models and new controllers. It makes the developers free from developing proper code skeletons. By implementing new custom commands one can extend the capabilities and functionality of Artisan.

9. Object-Oriented Libraries

It is also one of the great features of the Laravel framework, which makes it the best PHP framework in 2019. It has many pre-installed object-oriented libraries. It has many advanced features such as encryption, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, Bcrypt hashing, resetting the password and monitoring active users.

10. Pagination

The paginator of Laravel paginates all the data from the database and offers the best development-friendly environment. Pagination assists applying different styles, changing URL parameter to your own and customization of moving the page length to config etc. Laravel paginator is combined with Eloquent ORM and query builder providing great flexibility usage of big databases.

Final words

We have seen some of the amazing features making Laravel are the best PHP framework. All these features make Laravel a unique and widely used development tool. In order to put the benefits of all these incredible features provided by Laravel hire Laravel web developer just by connecting with Web Crayons.