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Why Manufacturers Must Take a Proactive Approach to Electronics Products Safety

3 Top Reasons Why You Must Take a Proactive Approach towards Electronic Products

Why Manufacturers Must Take a Proactive Approach to Electronics Products Safety

Wednesday October 31, 2018,

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Today our life relies significantly on electronic devices. Right from computers, laptops, smartphones to refrigerators and others, we are surrounded by multiple electronic devices. They are convenient and play increasingly greater roles in the lives of almost everyone and in every home. But can electronic devices be harmful to our health? The answer is a yes if they do not meet the safety and compliance standards. But do you know that our government is also aware of it? They are doing all they can to protect us from the harmful effects of electronic devices. One of the ways by which our government is helping us is through creating effective laws to regulate these electronic products. These laws are designed in such a way that can reduce any kind of impact on the health of humans and the environment. The electronic device manufacturers have to abide by these laws as any harm to the environment caused by their products can lead to a damage beyond economical loss. Thus, product manufacturers should regularly subject their products to electronics product testing.

electronics product testing
electronics product testing

In this blog, we bring you 3 reasons why electronic goods manufacturers must take a proactive approach to product safety.

1. To stay up in the competition:

It is noted that big brands spend near 6% of their annual income on complying with safety regulations. This is a proof enough to show how important registration, labeling, declaration and certification are. If you as a manufacturer ignore the safety regulations or fiddle with them, there is no doubt that you will soon be out of the competition. It is a must to have safety certification if you want your brand’s name to be trustworthy.

2. Your product might get banned

Any violation to these laws can lead to beyond economical losses. Your product can get banned by the government in both domestic and international markets. You can imagine the kind of monetary loss you might have to go through. This is a market loss in a way. A ban on your product also hurts your company's reputation. Your product just does not sell even during the best-selling season of the year.

In fact, your entire operation line will get affected due to this. You will have to renew your product design, production will have to adjust to the loss caused by the scrapping.

3. Consumers are Always Right and Powerful

Gone are the days when consumers would suppress their grievances. The time has changed and so has consumers. Any harm to the environment caused by your product and you will have to bear the brunt. Then there are social media platforms that a consumer in any part of the world can use as an ideal weapon to share his or her opinion. Bad publicity is not considered good for product lines.

Electronic Testing Labs - First step in the Proactive approach:

Electrical Testing Labs in Delhi
Electrical Testing Labs in Delhi

These safety regulations can be a nightmare for manufacturers as there are so many factors to be kept in mind. To their relief, there are certified electronic product testing labs in Delhi that offer advanced electronic testing of all kinds of products. Equipped with the latest technology and highly skilled workers, these labs are the best guides for electronics goods manufacturers. With their acute knowledge of the safety protocols and policies, these labs conduct the most elaborate electronics product testing before granting a safety certificate. They even advise the manufacturers how best to meet the requirements and scale up the quality of their products.

If you will not stay friendly to the environment, environment will not stay friendly with your brand. It is high time that we now start taking a proactive approach to electronics product safety before it is too late.