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Why Is It Necessary to Ensure Your Blog Content is Unique

However, in this modern age, where social media marketing is playing a paramount role, a question that keeps popping up in the minds of marketers is that why is blogging still important?

Why Is It Necessary to Ensure Your Blog Content is Unique

Wednesday November 27, 2019,

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Blogging is an essential ingredient for businesses to grab more enterprises. Accompanied by a high tangible payoff and low barrier to entry, blogging is used as a prodigious marketing tool. It acts as ideal ballast for many brands involved in deploying varied marketing strategies. However, in this modern age, where social media marketing is playing a paramount role, a question that keeps popping up in the minds of marketers is that why is blogging still important? Well, the answer to this question is a roaring "yes." A well written, informative, and concise blog speaks for your brand.

According to recent studies, a business with a blog will be able to create 126% more leads as compared to a company with no blogs. Blogs add value to your brand and your customers. They are a great way to address your customers' needs and requirements. By creating a compelling yet unique blog, you will be soon on your way to generating more leads.

Why is Blogging Important?

To rank in Google's SERPs, blogging plays a pivotal role. Publishing a blog on your website improves your Google ranking to a whopping 434%. If you are looking for increasing traffic on your website or for expanding your customer base, then publish as many blogs as you can. Fresh, crisp content with regular updates will enhance your websites Google ranking dramatically. Also, a blog is a great way to build trust among your customers. By providing them with useful information, your customers perceive you as a trusted authority.

Blogging aids in keeping your target audience engaged, making them spend more time on your website. It is done by incorporating internal links in your blog. It involves creating links with the help of anchor text, that link your audience to relevant pages. Furthermore, blogging is not only limited to boosting up rankings in Google's SERPs, but it also tends to beef up your social media content. In an article for Moz, Larry Kim explored what the nature of the relationship is between search rankings and social shares is.

He says, "If you've done any SEO at all, you've probably noticed that the stories that rank well tend to have high social share counts."

So, what does it mean? The more substance you post on social media, the more engagement you will observe from your audience. So, when you combine your blogs containing high-quality information with your social media accounts, having a massive number of the target audiences, you reach the masses.

But with so many websites publication thousands of blogs each day, how can you guarantee that your blog will stand out? With over 440 million blogs written worldwide, the questions are, does your blog have what it takes to be unique?

If you feel like your blog is lacking some originality, then read on some following helpful tips.

1)     Enhance Your Blog Quality

Most blogs cater to a specific niche but, when written, lack authenticity. It causes your audience to lose interest leading to low engagement. To spin this around, you need to get rid of fluff content. Fluff or constructing a spin-off article is dull and boring. Your blog should reflect your passion for writing, expertise, and brand voice. Therefore, conduct proper research and write from your intuition. Don't rely on content already up on the internet. Carefully, cater to all questions asked by your audience and don't go off track. Stick to the topic and enjoy writing!

2)     Add in more Visuals

Blogging isn't just limited to writing exhaustive amounts of texts, displeasing your audience. You can always add visuals and give detailed illustrations to make them more appealing. Craft creative infographics that help explain your point in great detail. If anyone in your area is making use of text-based blog posts, then test out visuals like small videos or images. According to a study, a human brain process images 60,000 times faster than a text. Hence, including visual content, and you would observe the number on your leads or sales going up.

3)     Specialize in a Particular Niche

It’s favorable for your career as a writer, to know every kind of niche, but sometimes it backfires. For example, let's say you write brilliant travel articles, but what is the main thing which will help them stand out from other numerous travel articles out there. My guess would have expertise in a particular niche. If you are passionate about writing romantic travel blogs, then stick to it. You can then move forward into adding more genres into your travel blogs, but only if you struggle to gain traffic on your website. 

4)     Update, Update and Update

One way of making your blog unique is frequently posting. It helps to retain your existing visitors and excite them for coming back for more. Develop a posting schedule. This where a content calendar comes into play. Create one and stick to it. Don't know how to make one; take help from online tools or apps to schedule your posts according to your requirements. With frequent postings done on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis, customer engagement maximization will boost up.

5)     Post on a Variety of Platforms

Never stick to one platform while blogging. It limits the amount of reach your blog post is capable of grabbing. A lot of websites get hooked on WordPress, but why not go beyond this one platform and start posting for LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Facebook, and so on. If you want to win this blogging game, then you need to push your content across multiple platforms. Create social media accounts for all platforms and start posting!

Take Away

Blogging could be a very intimidating experience. Coming up with informative yet creative blogs that will hook you up with a massive amount of following and increase your customer base is an enormous challenge. It requires strategy, intuition, and a whole lot of creativity to construct unique exclusive blogs. So, read on the passage given above,  ponder upon the few tips provided, and ace this blogging race.