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Why People are Afraid of SEO

Why People are Afraid of SEO

Thursday June 27, 2019,

3 min Read


SEO is an essential part of the overall success of any business, and almost every business owner is aware of this fact. Still, they are too afraid to work on it. Most of the companies end up outsourcing it. This happens mainly because Search Engine Optimization is a nightmare for many people, and they somewhere believe that they can’t do it.

Due to this fear, they don’t even try once and leave their websites on the mercy of SEO agencies that have plenty of clients to look after. Let’s try to understand why people are so afraid of SEO and its processes:

1.    SEO is Complex:

seo complex

SEO is not a simple process which a person can learn by reading some articles or watching some videos on the internet. It requires regular efforts as well as trial and error. It is a very big term that consists of so many concepts.

It has many branches like on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Companies have to come up with innovative and unique strategies to achieve SEO goals. In short, there is no set formula to master SEO. It’s a very complex process which is full of technicalities.

2.    SEO Doesn’t Provide Immediate Results:

New business owners hesitate to try SEO because SEO tactics don’t provide immediate results. You have to wait for months, sometimes for years to get benefit from your SEO strategies, and people don’t have that much patience in Today’s time.

It also means that you won’t be able to decipher the accuracy of the SEO tactics that you are using for your website. For trial and error, you need to know that you are doing it wrong so that you can try another method. But in SEO, you will have to wait too long to know about your errors.

3.    SEO Never Remains Same:

The world of SEO is full of updates due to which you can’t be confident enough to say that you fully understand SEO. The SEO dynamics keep changing with time; which means the strategies that used to be very effective in last year may not be that much effective now or they can also be useless now.

All of this is very confusing for people who can’t focus totally on SEO. Business owners have too many tensions, and they can’t devote their whole time in understanding SEO updates. This is the reason the majority of new business owners never understand SEO and become afraid to experiment in that field.

4.    SEO Requires Consistent Maintenance: 

SEO is not like marketing campaigns that end in a set period and provide desirable results; if all the processes are done correctly. SEO asks for regular attention and consistent efforts. It’s not like that you solved one SEO related issue and it won’t come up ever again.

The path of SEO is full of regular challenges, mostly unique, which requires innovative solutions. In addition, you will have to update your website, its contents, its links and other areas regularly in SEO with help of a SEO expert.

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